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Mauritanian Security Forces Apprehend Foreigner Who Stormed Airliner In Nouakchott Airport

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Mauritanian Security Forces Apprehend Foreigner Who Stormed Airliner In Nouakchott Airport

File image, Source: Sahara Medias, Via RT

On March 25, Mauritanian security forces apprehended a foreigner who stormed an airliner of Mauritania Airlines in Nouakchott International Airport – Oumtounsy.

According to the Mauritanian News Agency, the hijacker stormed the airliner, which was empty at the time, to demand “compensation” form the Mauritanian government over an unclear personal issue.

“A man, who claims to be an American citizen, has threatened to burn down a Mauritanian air plane, of Amberear type, on the floor of Nouakchott International Airport – Oumtounsy,” the state-run news agency said in a report. “The hijacking operation has been successfully ended without damages.”

The identity of the hijacker is yet to be revealed. The Sahara Medias revealed that the man arrived in the country a day earlier coming from an unnamed “African capital.” The man was not apparently armed or in passion of any dangerous material.

Mauritanian security forces responded swiftly and efficiently to the incident. Reinforcements were quickly deployed at Nouakchott International Airport – Oumtounsy.

The motives of the hijacker appear to be personal. Nevertheless, Mauritanian authorities are yet to confirm this. More details will likely surface in the upcoming few days.


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Pave Way IV

He was trying to liberate the helpless, oppressed passengers from higher airfares and excessive baggage fees. The U.S. State Department announced the crazy man was now the internationally recognized president of the aircraft and demanded the former captain hand over the keys or face sanctions.

Two guys (insurrectionists) cleaning the empty aircraft were startled by the presidential visit and promptly beat their new leader with vacuum cleaner nozzles, demanding he leave. The new president barricaded himself in an overhead compartment and vowed to defend the small but comfortable Embraer E-Jet class aircraft to the death. He called on the rest of the airline’s fleet of ERJ-175’s to join him. Security was able to dislodge the president from the overhead bin and deport him to the baggage claim area, where he loudly claimed asylum as he had been overthrown in an illegal coup. A Mauritanian judge will consider his case tomorrow if the judge is able to get the afternoon off from Wal*Mart.

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