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MAY 2021

Massive Protests Rock Serbian Capital As Government Blames ‘Foreign Influence’ For Instigating Instability

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Thousands of Serbs have been demonstrating since July 7 in response to President Aleksandar Vucic’s decision to impose a curfew in the country’s capital, Belgrade.

People clashed with police and stormed the National Assembly building several hours after it was announced that a curfew will be reinstated in the Serbian capital under the pretext of a new spike in Covid-19 cases. Clashes left at least 43 police officers injured, including one with a skull fracture. Police officers actively used tear-gas and force in an attempt to disperse protests. Authorities claim that only about 20 protesters were injured by these actions. Activists claim that this number is underestimated.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic described the protests in Belgrade as “political violence” influenced from abroad. The president accused “members of right-wing organizations” of instigating the violence.

“The decent citizens, whose dissatisfaction [with the new curfew] was understandable, withdrew [from the protest] and the extremists took over.”

Thus, the Serbian President wants to demonstrate that some ‘foreign forces’ are using the protests to undermine his course.

On the other hand, supporters of protests insist that the government imposed a curfew in Belgrade in an attempt to keep the situation under control as it pushes forward with some controversial decisions that find little understanding among the country’s patriotic segment.

On July 7, President Vucic announced that the new Serbian government will be formed till August 20-25. He added that the current primie minister, Ana Brnabic, will likely keep her post. Earlier, on June 26, the President announced that Serbia can join the European Union by 2026. This statement was made following his meeting with European leaders in Brussels. Vucic emphasized that this government has a great motivation to ‘strengthen the European path’ of Serbia. In the same comments, he note that the government wants to get additional EU funding for infrastructure projects, but for this it’s needed to develop further the negotiations with the current leadership of Kosvo. Experts allso noted that the further raproachment with NATO, and even a possible move to join the military bloc are likely steps on the Serbian path to the ‘European integration’.

Such actions of the government caused a strong criticism among the part of the Serbian population that still knows a bit of history, like the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia or the NATO support to Kosovo radicals. From this point of view, actions of the current Serbian political leadership in Belgrade are an apparent attempt to supress the opposition to the slowly but steadily appearing pro-Western and pro-NATO course of the country.


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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    This stupid cunt Vucic has mishandled the situation. He should have invited Russians and Chinese in on day one. He is bipolar fuckwit, tries to kiss deadbeat EU arse when he can. The NATO cunts destroyed Yugoslavia and are totally hostile to Serbia. The only option Serbia has is to align with Russia, China and Iran.

    1. Paul says:

      In your dreams you ba$t@rd sh$@

    2. Cromwell says:

      What gets me is Vucic and the other asshole before him who i can’t remember the name of could have done just that,got closer to Russia for the economy and defence,if there were Russian bases in Serbia the Reich dare not attack ever again,the Serbs should also let the tanks roll into Kosovo and liberate it from those drug dealing terrorist gangsters,if any Albanians don’t like it they can head for Albania.

      1. Zoran says:

        Your knowledge on Serbia is superficial, so are your conclusions as well…
        Vucic is puppet installed in power by the West (for the West) just like all others before him.
        Like all puppets he has role to play.
        Serbia’s “Bulldozer” color revolution in year 2000 was the 1.st of all color revolutions that took power away from Miloshevic and Serbia’s independence.
        Ever since, Serbia is just psi-op testing lab for CIA, MI6 and similar…..
        Everything “deep state” does globally they test it first in places like Serbia.
        There are plenty of things behind that long story and I am not going to start to explain it now. Too complicated.

        1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

          All the “orange revolutions” are being carried out by the US embassy in each country … in 2008 in Athens … now in Belgrade.
          Only two countries resisted the Third Reich in Europe Serbia and Greece … Serbia paid for it with its bombing by NATO and Greece pays for it financially with loans and memoranda. The Serbs were bombed … the Greeks were destroyed financially. Germany must be completely dismantled this time, and so must those behind it.

        2. Cromwell says:

          Thats what i said in my post,didn’t you read it?

          1. Zoran says:

            “Vucic and the other asshole before him …..could have done just that,got closer to Russia for the economy and defence….”

            Those are your words aren’t they?

            The answer is: No Vucic and the “other asshole” couldn’t possibly have done that since they are puppets installed by the West. And that is so because they are spineless puppets who always do what they have been told (why they are installed in power for).
            I hope this clarifies the problem..
            For your info today Vucic is even slowly turning against Russians…badmouthing them…. despite popularity of Russians among the Serb people.

    3. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

      The well-known, (communicative), Cia-MI6 Center, which operates from Sarajevo, has launched several hundred “spontaneous”…under the guidance of the (subsidized) T / O station “N1”, to create chaos in Belgrade…..is the same “international mechanism” that informed us about the “spontaneous popular uprisings against Trump”.And his name is Sorros.

    4. Saso Mange says:

      It was Vucich who was part of Milosevich regime in 1990’s. Serbia was western pawn who started all wars, 1990 Slovenia, then Croatia and Bosnia with Kosovo to finish in 1992 and 1999 respectively.

      Today, western pawn Vucich is leading Serbia. Enough said. Yugoslavia would survive if it wasn’t for Milosevich, Vucic, Seselj and rest of genocidal regime which committed worst atrocities in Europe after WW2. I am not sure that Russia, China or Iran especially would need ‘friends’ like that who try to kiss everyone’s ass.

      1. Cromwell says:

        You are talking Bollcoks!! the break up of the FRY was a plan by the Germans and the Americans to start with,Milosovic started nothing,he was trying to save the Country from breaking up,those Bosnian Muslims and the Croats collaborated in the break up like they collaborated with the Nazis.

    5. Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel says:

      Turkey will eventually align itself with GCC bcos Muslim Brotherhood ideology fits more with salafi ideology…..russia china serbia iran on one side…..
      usa, india ,japan, EU, GCC on the other side…dis will be d new world order in dis cold war 2.0

  2. opet ja says:

    We are against traitors and criminals led by brothers Vuchic. They completely destroyed Serbia in any way. These anti Covid 19 measures are just the drop. People here every day see how Serbia is being destroyed for 8 years.

    1. jo says:

      Speak for yourself, the people had their say in the election. Few hundreds useful idiots just trying embarrass their country and that is that.

      1. Nebojsa says:

        These elections were nothing but a dictatorial show. Their credibitlity is the same as for the Cuban elections. There are almost no free media in Serbia. Vučić addresses the public almost every day with his pathetic performances. On the mainstream media you can see nobody but Vučić. He lies about our successes in the economy, he lies about everything. He invents data. He says that our hospitals are better than the German ones and that our economy is the best in Europe. Such a madman and poor man has never ruled the Serbs in history.

        1. jo says:

          And you are for anarchy?
          Or which politician is a good choice for you?

          1. Nebojsa says:

            No, I do not support any kind of anarchy. I don’t think your question has any point. I’m for the system which will enable our institutions to work. Nowdays, Vučić is everything in this miserable country. He is the presitent, the primeminister, the patriarch, the best law student in the history and so on. Our country has no institutions. We do not have independent courts. We are highly indebted country with destroyed economy. We don’t need any leader because we are not the heard. Each year, some 30-40.000 people are leaving the country. All this happened because our institutions are out of function, they almost do not exist.

      2. Cromwell says:

        Believe me from what i have seen over the past few years its the government who have embarrassed the Country and themselves,i they continue Serbia won’t exist in a few years.

    2. Saso Mange says:

      It’s more like you’ve been destroyed for last 30+ years and now remnants of Milosevic regime are doing the same shit to Serbia. Being largest in population and territory (with Kosovo) Serbia could and should have been leader among equals in Yugoslavia but wet dream about Greater Serbia has backfired and only looser are the people.

      1. Cromwell says:

        There was no dream of greater Serbia,there was a dream of keeping what they had,but there is a dream of greater Albania.

        1. Saso Mange says:

          There are surely fans of greater Albania but Albania wasn’t involved in Yugoslav wars so i am not sure what is your point?

  3. Tommy Jensen says:

    Same story.
    When we Americans do something about it we are wrong, and when we dont do anything about it we are also wrong.
    Could you please make up your mind…..sheeple!

    1. Cromwell says:

      When you do something about what?

    2. Anduin Lothar says:

      Vucic is American number 1 man in Balkans!

  4. Rhodium 10 says:

    All pro western goverment of Serbia have been traitors…have sent Serbians to La Hague…have given away Kosovo….have given away Montenegro to NATO….in exchange of Nothing!

  5. Cromwell says:

    Vucic is a bloody quisling,but why do Serbs keep voting for these traitors?what Serb with any self respect collaborate with the US and Nato,only thing that surprises me is some of these people haven’t had their heads blown off,its very difficult to work out just what is going on in Serbia,i know its riddled with the CIA,Belgrade was bombed for 78days by those Nato criminals anyone who wants to collaborate with them is a traitor,its that simple,remember that other traitor Dinjij he had his head blown off,he was a disgrace i believe living in Montenegro when Serbia was being bombed,he was attacking Milosovic on western TV when his Country was at war,he asked for it.

    1. Fog of War says:

      Its not who votes that counts, its who counts the votes that really matters.

  6. Kamīrusan says:

    The US might wanna send those that worked on the Ukraine Coup to Serbia or else, they might miss the opportunity to spread their democracy there

    1. Cromwell says:

      They have already been in Serbia thats why its in the state it is today,they were called Otpor,a Soros and CIA funded bunch of quislings,they also showed up in Kiev.

    2. Anduin Lothar says:

      Vucic is American number 1 man in Balkans!

  7. Lone Ranger says:

    CIA or Soros funded?

    1. Dinko Zorić says:

      Neither, people got fed up. Seems that right-wing protesters are at the front doing most mayhem but lots of ordinary people on the street.

    2. Nebojsa says:

      No. Ordinary citizens. It was all spontaneously. The main problem are hooligans sponsored by the regime. Football fans and hooligans are among the most loyal allies of the regime. Some of them even have the companies that make business with the state. The regime seems to be losing control. People are less and less afraid.

    3. Anduin Lothar says:

      Vucic is American number 1 man in Balkans!!!

  8. Nebojsa says:

    I would try to explain current situation is Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić has destroyed all institutions in our country during his eight year rule. He and his brother, together with several high ranked government officials are leaders of the criminal organization. Their main goal is to steal as much as they can and as long as they can. All money flows in the country are under their control. They have created entire network of companies and even non-government organisations in order take funds from the budget – from the state level down to the smallest and poorest municipality in Serbia. Aleksandar Vučić has come to the power because of the promise given to Angela Merkel that he will solve the Kosovo problem. Of course, that means Kosovo will became a full member of the UN and internationaly recognized state. From the other hand, he has promised Vladimir Putin that Serbia will not recognize Kosovo and that will ask for the Russian help in the UN and other international institutions. In the meantime, Serbia has been strongly affected by the Corona virus. Our health care system is on the verge of collapse. Authorities are hiding data on the number of infected and dead. In order for the elections to take place, Vučić declared victory over the virus. He won a convincing majority in the elections. Due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation, two days ago he addressed the citizens and said that he would reintroduce police hour in Belgrade during the upcoming weekend. This caused anger among the citizens, who are fed up with everyday lies by the regime. Thousands took to the streets demanding the truth. The regime, in cooperation with hooligans, provoked violence and blamed the protesters and the opposition for that. The police intervention was incredibly brutal. In my opinion, the situation will get worse. The people are angry and realized that Vučić is not omnipotent. People are slowly getting rid of fear because they are worried about the pandemic and the worsening economic situation. Let’s hope that the army and the police will start to disobey the dictator and that Serbia will find the strength to fight the pandemic and the upcoming severe economic crisis.

    1. χρηστος says:

      i’ve read your explanation very carefully. my only ‘objection’ anout this is in a form of question….all these events, the violent protests, clashes with the police etc, dont they remind you of the ‘orange revolution’ in Ukraine? what was the result of that? murderers took the opportunity to butcher people , civil servants, snipers were shooting both policemen and protestors. the events in Serbia i think are very similar , i expect an escalation soon. maybe the road to elections will open soon ,you will get rid of a corrupt government but who will take its place?a loyal US puppet ?and even so at what cost in human lives?

      1. Nebojsa says:

        I don’t think there is the same situation as it has happened in Ukraine. The violence has been initiated by the hooligans and other groups loyal to the government. In Ukraine, “The Orange Revolution” has occured because the West wanted to break the ties the country had with Russia. In Serbia, we already have a puppet government. I don’t know if you had information, but Serbia is technically already in the NATO. We have signed the SOFA agreement which guarentees free passage through our territory and diplomatic immunity to their troops. At the same time, our government is not ready to give diplomatic immunity to the Russian humanitarian center located in Niš. You sad that we have a corrupt government. If the corruption is our biggest problem, it would be great. In fact, things are much worse. Almost all countries cope with corruption. Unfortunately, Serbia is not a state anymore. Our state has been stolen by the dictator. We do not have institutions. Economic problems are enormous. Most of the people earn about 300 EUR a month. For example, fuel in serbia is more expensive than in Austria. The government gives huge subsidies to foreign companies where workers work in miserable conditions. Agricultural land is being sold to Arab investors. For example, the Chinese are building a tire factory on the agricultural land that was given to them. The dirtiest technologies are imported to Serbia. The health care system is in a terrible state. A large number of young people have never been abroad. In many parts of the country, infrastructure is crumbling. There are no toilets in schools, no soap in hospitals. A large number of ministers have purchased diplomas or plagiarized their doctorates. Large state-owned companies are run by semi-literate people loyal to the ruling party. Public sector employees are often forced to participate in ruling party rallies. Today’s Serbia is most reminiscent of Central Asian dictatorships.

        I apologize if I was too extensive, but I tried to present the situation in Serbia. I love my country and my people, but unfortunately, that country was stolen from us. Only we can bring her back. We can no longer tolerate the humiliation, lies and theft that have been going on for years.

        What wil hapen mainly depends on Vučić. He is currently in an awkward situation. He has already given in and shown weakness, which is not good for him. If he uses force, it will not be good for him either. In the end, however, normal citizens who want to live in a normal country will win.

  9. jo says:

    I do not agree with the opinion of SF this time. Vucic never said that want to join NATO, he did not impose sanctions on Russia despite great pressures, after a long time he modernizes the army. Most important of all
    he is the only serious politician in Serbia which maintains good relations with China, Russia and western countries and after all has the great support of the people for it.

    1. Anduin Lothar says:

      Vucic is American number 1 man in Balkans!!

  10. M.A. Lamett says:

    Seems like another color revolution attempt to make little Serbia forcefully join the globalist Nato slavery club. Like they did in Kosovo and Montenegro and Macedonia. The Balkans and the entire eastern Europe has a very high strategic importance for Nato (read it as US) and western EU powers like Germany and even France. German sphere of influence and economic power zone is the eastern EU (Romania, Bulgaria etc.) and the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania etc.). Russians also want to have influence in the region for evident border proximity reasons. The globalist (aka anglozionist like Britain and the US) want to see their influence growing for better world dominance. Even Turkey has historical interests in the region and has some influence in Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina. Small and large powers are there for their own interests. The Balkan countries like Serbia are stuck in between global geo-strategic tectonic plates, as was always the case throughout the entire near history of Europe. Those countries are the ones which get the most beating all the time, I am afraid.

  11. Goran Grubić HardyVeles says:

    I dissagree with few points here . We’ll never join NATO, and probably EU neither. Whatever Vucic might say in public statements, I know he knows this. He’s just clever in political sense but no one in goverment likes EU, especialy NATO. Regarding the protests: 9/10 attenders were apolitical in motives, but someone manipulated events to create chaos (police was also too slow on the first night)

  12. Ivanus59 says:

    Vučić loves to cry in the media and play the victim in any possible situation, we are all fed up with this shit. His government has only itself to blame for the anger from the population! The sad thing is that both the opposition parties are also filled with thieves, liars and angry sectarians so the normal people have no one to vote for, that’s why we had less then 50% of people going out to elections, I would have voted for the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia but since the regime didn’t allow them to run in the elections I had no one to vote for.
    The lockdown measures this idiotic regime wanted to put forward are just to torment the population and they are not effective, since if you forbid the people from going ANYWHERE EXCEPT TO WORK during the weekend that means you will end up with more crowded malls and banks and more crowds EVERYWHERE (on non-lockdown times) since people have a smaller time window to do their stuff in and we can’t just STOP our lives ffs…
    Not just that but summer is the time when most people get their exercise outside, and forcing people stay in home is damaging their health, a lot less people will do exercises in the winter when it’s raining, cold and dark always.
    IF there really is some “foreign interference” then he should name exactly which country it’s coming from! But since it’s all a bullshit excuse he can’t name any, or doesn’t have the guts to do it which is equally pathetic.

  13. Raptar Driver says:

    Pussy mouth has had his time to further degrade Serbs.
    Get rid of the western installed pretend democracy’s and bring back Serbian socialism. Protect the rights of all Serbs including Serbs who dont think they are Serbs, Croatians, Slovenian’s Serbian Muslims.

  14. Anduin Lothar says:

    Vucic is American number 1 man in Balkans!

  15. Sasha says:

    “Foreign Influence” = NATO, USA, & Ukraine.

  16. Sasha says:

    Global News is neocon propaganda that doesn’t report anything non-NATO.
    They do not amend their “Syria Chemical Weapons”, nor show the US goading China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia into shooting them, refuse to amend the “Russian” (Ukrainian) hacking/election interference.

    Seriously, fuck them. Please report them for propaganda every day, thank you.

  17. Sasha says:

    Global News is neocon propaganda that doesn’t report anything non-NATO.

    They do not amend their “Syria Chemical Weapons”, nor show the US goading China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia into shooting them, refuse to amend the “Russian” (Ukrainian) hacking/election interference, and refuse to report that Trump stole $601MN from Venezuela for the great wall of America.

    Seriously, fuck them. Please report them for propaganda every day, thank you.

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