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Massive ISIS Attack In Yemen’s Aden. 20 Policemen Killed


Massive ISIS Attack In Yemen's Aden. 20 Policemen Killed

On November 5, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) of ISIS attacked the convoy of Brigadier General Shalal Shaya near the headquarter of the Yemeni Police in Aden city, according to the Saudi al-Arabiya TV.

Brig. Gen. Shaya is a security director of the southern Aden province. Al-Arabiya TV said that he survived the attack.

Al-Arabiya added that a group of ISIS fighters and suicide bombers attacked the police headquarters after the VBIED exploded. A Yemeni official told al-Arabiya that ISIS fighters managed to storm the headquarters and two ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up inside it, setting it on fire.

The Yemeni official reveled that 20 Yemeni policemen and officers were killed in the attack. However, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that over 50 Yemeni policemen were killed.

Aden city was captured by the Saudi-led coalition and pro-Hadi forces on July 22, 2015. Since then, the city has been targeted by ISIS and al-Qaeda on several occasions. Back on October 5, 2015, the headquarters of the UAE Army in Aden was targeted by ISIS. 13 UAE soldiers were killed in the attack.

The Saudi-led coalition is still doing nothing to counter the growing ISIS influence in eastern and northern Yemen. Due to this the country might become one of the places, which ISIS may use as a foothold after the terrorist organization collapses in Iraq and Syria.



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  • Gabriel Hollows

    ISIS is just a brand after all. You can take any group of mercenaries or gangsters, give them US weapons and promise them a fortune. There, you have ISIS.

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  • Moussa Saab

    ISIS is causing less civilian casualties in their attacks than SA

  • χρηστος

    where the saudis fail isis kicks in and causes major damage