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JUNE 2021

Massive Fire Broke Out At Tehran Oil Refinery (Videos)

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Massive Fire Broke Out At Tehran Oil Refinery (Videos)

Screen grab from one of the fire videos (https://youtu.be/VTTw9v7EHE8)

On June 2, a massive fire broke out at the Tondguyan refinery which is located in the southern outskirts of the Iranian capital Tehran.

According to the Iranian media, ambulances and firefighters were quickly dispatched to the oil refinery, where all operations were ceased. So far, no casualties have been reported.

Mansour Darajati, head of Tehran’s crisis management organization, told state TV that a leak at a liquid gas pipeline at the facility had sparked the fire. Darajati added that an investigation into the fire would be launched.

Meanwhile, Shaker Khafaii, head of the Tehran Oil Refining Company, which runs the state-owned refinery, ruled out the possibility of sabotage.

Earlier today, the Iranian Navy largest vessel IRIS Kharg sank in the Gulf of Oman as a result of a mysterious fire. The details of the incident are yet to be revealed.

Over the last few months, a series of fires broke out in high-value facilities across Iran. In a number of cases, sabotage by the Israeli intelligence or other enemies of Iran was suspected. Nevertheless, Tehran has not made any official accusations yet.


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End of the Days

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Those spreading lies about our rightful return from exile in Europe, Russia and the US to our promised land, like you, need to be hunted like the nazi swine after WW2. This vile and violent antiseminitism is disgusting.

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Penis Lover Holm

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Jens Holm

God given right. Another believer of fairytales to support your fake cause and so many gods to choose from for both winners and losers in history. The world is turning against you liars as many are waking up to your fake stories. You have no god given right to anything as your belief is just as fake as your name.. Go cry a river of tears in the desert , it may help make something grow as nothing grows here with your lies.


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Peter Wallace

Need to be hunted like Nazi swine . That means the Zionists that have been propagandised just like the German people , stolen the land and property of the Palestinians just like the Nazis did , incarcerated people in ghettos in Gaza just like the Warsaw ghetto that the Germans did so when you say be hunted like tha Nazi swine you really mean the Zionists need to be hunted as they are no different to the Nazis that have taught them how to treat people. If you can’t see what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is no different to what the Germans did to your supposed tribe then you are blind and naïve.

Peter Wallace

Go learn some truth from Israeli Jews living in Israel about Gaza. Bet you don’t have the balls to even try. https://www.btselem.org/

Peter Wallace

How about you listen to a REAL holocaust survivor speak . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC36i3NRJgI

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“These are great days my children.”

They sure are. Netanyahu is out and an Arab party is part of the coalition that kicks his arse outta office.


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Peter Wallace

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RT : Bibi’s done? Anti-Netanyahu coalition notifies Israeli president that it has formed new government after Arab party joins

There’s dancing in the streets.

Fog of War

The theater continues. Entertained yet ?

– Pentagon recommends US military uses Chinese drones despite bipartisan opposition and fears of espionage –



Did you really use Russia Today as a “reliable” source? Don’t be a fucking idiot, go find a non-biased source of information – NOT government backed media.

Kenneth M Underwood

Don’t you know anything dude? No, obviously not.

Peter Wallace

Where do you find a non biased media outlet . Every MSM is biased one way or the other and all are controlled by the government. That came about after the Vietnam war where they blamed the media for losing the war so went out to control the narrative where it suits them. The owners and / or editors were made an offer they can’t refuse and any reporter that steps out of line is sacked. Reports from once respected sources have been shown to have been contaminated over and over again. A non biased source is pretty damn hard to find and then they are showered in shit to reduce their credibility so in the end people must use multiple sources and try and assess what is true , partly true or complete cleverly disguised bullcrap. RT has a bias but is generally more truthful than most US MSM because they know they are under the microscope whereas the US media claim they are not news outlets but entertainment channels so can say whatever crap they like. You came to this site for one of two reasons. To find some truth about what is going on in the ME that you won’t get in the MSM or you came to abuse those that also do that. Your name alone tells which side of the fence you are standing when you arrived without any thought of being objective in assessing what you read here be it biased , bent or true. That being the case other than the similarly minded trolls no one believes a word you say nor do they give a flying fuk what you say. This site over the years has seen crap like yourself come and go in droves when they work out the pointlessness of attempting to foul the site.. I was going to ask when are you going but really I don’t care because you offer nothing but poison so why would I even bother to drink from your cup..


Sure… we’ll go with your favourite sources like CNN?


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USA should learn from Israel on how to deal with the Russian and Chinese thugs

Peter Wallace

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Potato Man

I said it before and I say it again, Iran NEED to deal with MEK terrorists.
They will never be safe if those fuking rats can work in very important sites in Iran.
The nuclear site…guess what, it was a MEK terrorist that placed a bomb.

Don’t say shit like “ohhh it was Mossad, CIA, and MI6″…NO, MEK has been the main player in Iran for a long time.
No Dual citizenship or anti-government dogs should be allowed anywhere near important sites in any country.

Raptar Driver

The Persians have been under constant attack In one way or another since 1979. How long they can keep resisting basically surrounded and infiltrated is anyone’s guess.


Urban Moving Systems?! Is that you, again?!

Pisrael is a JOKE

Israeli opposition led by Islamists heads agree to form gov’t, boot Netanyahu out. Yair Lapid told President Reuven Rivlin in an email: “I am honored to inform you that I have succeeded in forming a government.”

Potato Man

It doesn’t matter who is the clown at the top just like in the US.

Fog of War

Iranian jet crashes, boat sinks, refinery goes up in flames. All accidents I’m sure.

Potato Man

Hacker attacks US meat factory – gas lines just in few weeks, which cost the US more than all the things you mentioned LMFAO. Russia did I’m sure.

The ship was older than you, jet accidents happen 2-3 yankees die each year, “refinery goes up” welcome to M.E motherfuker.

Potato Man

Here is a story: “And still asking for more: US senator says Israel to request $1bn in additional aid”.
PressTV: “Being already the largest recipient of assistance from Washington, with an annual $3.8bn in US military aid, does not stop Israel from asking for more. Now a US senator has unveiled that the Tel Aviv regime is preparing a request for an additional $1 billion to the Pentagon to replenish its missile system following the latest war on the besieged Gaza Strip.”

As we all know how poor these apes really are… the funny thing is someone said BiBi-isis asked for it to buy the other team.

None of you

If you thinks that all the fires wich is happening in Iran are not made by a foreign state you are to stupid to answer.
Yes the fires are made by technology far beyond the capabilities of Iran or any country in Middle East apart from Israel.
Western civilization have military technology that will blow you away.
Next future wars will be won by countries with the most advanced technologies.
It won’t be anymore soldiers on the ground. We will fight enemies from comfort of our living room.

The Objective

Iran has the habit of ruling out sabotage even before any investigation takes place – only to confirm after weeks or months that it was indeed sabotage.
From the pattern of past events, this is more likely to be sabotage than accident.
Over 500 oil-trucks catching fire on the Iran-Afghan border, reprisal attacks by Iranian militias in Iraq, ship incidents at see, explosions at nuclear sites, largest naval ship sinking, and now a massive fire outbreak at Iran’s oil infrastructure. This is highly unlikely to be an accident. Saudi Arabia could be taking a part or at least supporting the Israelis as much as it could (as payback for September 2019).
The biggest mistake Iran would make is support a Shiite militia in Afghanistan against the Taliban.
I’m getting more and more convinced that Afghanistan would be used to overthrow the Iranian regime. It is Iran’s underbelly and the best place from which the Israelis can create a nationwide chaos in Iran without even needing America’s help. No wonder the U.S proceeded to withdraw from Afghanistan despite overwhelming objection in the MSM, Russia, China, and Iran.
We must watch what happens in Afghanistan closely after the U.S completes its withdrawal. I read a few days ago that the council of Shiite scholars of Afghanistan say they are not against an Afghanistan ruled by Sharia. I interpret this as an attempt to reach out to the Taliban with assurances that they need not worry about a Shiite rebellion like in the past. If this is indeed the case, then there’s hope that Iran can survive this trap that’s being set for Iran in Afghanistan.
Imagine missiles flying from Afghanistan into Iran. Missiles that Israel and Saudi Arabia will freely provide. Iran’s oil infrastructure could be destroyed in a matter of months. Its nuclear sites would be targeted and this may force the Iranian armed forces to invade Afghanistan to stop it. But we all know what the result would be – a nightmarish quagmire for the IRGC. Many Iranian soldiers would die as they lack the airpower America used to push back overwhelming Taliban attacks. They won’t be able to capture and hold even a tenth of Afghanistan from the Taliban. Yet, the missiles will keep flying into Iran.

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