Massive Evidence That The 2016 US Election Is Being Rigged Right Now


The mainstream media would like you to think election fraud and vote rigging never happen in the US.



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  • For those who are young and politically inexperienced, massive voter fraud may seem shocking. But massive voter fraud is as American as apple pie. Look up Boss Tweed and Richard Daley. The reason that the US government won’t issue visas to international election observers (while they demand that other sovereign countries submit to election monitoring) is because such massive voter fraud would be documented and exposed to the rest of the world.

  • Marathon-Youth

    We have had elections questioned for a long time, the “Hanging Chads” episode being one example.

    But what is at stake now is the future of America. Vote for the wrong person and America will see her last days including the fate of the dollar. In such an event “voter fraud” amounts to deciding if America lives or dies.

  • cheetah88

    everyone should watch the documentary called ‘hacking democracy’