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Massacre In Deir Ezzor: ISIS Terrorists Kill Ten Oil Workers, Sheepherders & Syrian Soldier At Fake Checkpoint (Photos)

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Massacre In Deir Ezzor: ISIS Terrorists Kill Ten Oil Workers, Sheepherders & Syrian Soldier At Fake Checkpoint (Photos)

Illustrative image.

On December 2, ISIS terrorists massacred ten people after setting up a fake checkpoint on a key road in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, which is controlled by Syrian government forces.

The terrorists managed to reach the road, which links the towns of al-Madhul and al-Bu Juma’a, after a successful infiltration. There, they set up their checkpoint for a good while.

At the checkpoint, the terrorists stopped a mini truck that was carrying two local sheepherders, a mini van carrying seven workers of the Syrian Petroleum Company who were returning from al-Kharatah oil field, and a motorcycle with a service member from the Syrian Arab Army 17th Division.

All ten people were executed by ISIS terrorists, who set the dead bodies and the vehicles on fire before withdrawing back to Deir Ezzor’s western desert.

Following the deadly attack, the National Defense Forces (NDF) deployed a large force along al-Madhul-al-Bu Jama’a road. NDF fighters rescued a man who was wounded by ISIS terrorists and they are currently working to secure the area.

ISIS stepped up its operations in the government-held part of Deir Ezzor recently. On November 13, at least seven fighters of a tribal pro-government formation known as “Usud al-Sharqiyah” were killed in an ambush set by the terrorist group’s cells near the town of al-Masrab in the northern countryside of the governorate.

Syrian government forces and their allies, including the Russian Aerospace Forces, will likely respond to ISIS massacre in western Deir Ezzor very soon. A large-scale operation to clear and secure the region seems very possible.


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Chris Gr

NDF is Syrian not Iranian. Iranian are the Baqir Brigade.

jens holm

Thats only partly correct. The starters and a lot of equipment was helped by the Quds Forces.

Some very familier Qasem Suleimani was main in it. He is not in heaven yet. Even the Pope in Rome deny entrence.

jens holm

Thats right. ghe force is educated or very inspired by Iranian anti guerilla warfare, which makes sense, they are exact there.

Chris Gr

Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans and Pakis are different groupies. NDF are the Syrian shabiha.

Chris Gr

Iranians will have to face many enemies in the future. See that the Chinese are cooperating with the Saudis?

Michel LeBlanc

Only fools wish for war, you will get more than you bargained for

Also, Israel will.never be safe, because its stolen land from day 1. You will ALWAYS habe somebody trying to kick you out, because your an ethnic cleansing invader.

jens holm

Thats not correct. Clever ones mainly in the mad versions wish for war. They keep their seats by fear and often bajonets too.

Im so tired of the 72 years of dispute. As Young I worked with retardos for a while. They were more clever thenYou.

The israelians has known Your point of view even before that state was made.

Half of the refugees in the world are muslims. You instead should change those facts. You made them for fun to be spendables only.

jens holm

You see it as a historic land of Yours. I think thats wrong. So many has ruled that area and the jews only has temporary cpuntries there and many years ago.

The incommers are Jews but the history also says, they all left in a sober way as emmigrants selling their things and property.

By that You dont own it anymore. Most areas was taken from others too.

jens holm

They not even try to make friends and not even among themselves.

jens holm

Very much is for internal control. Its like that in Israel too evenit also is diferent.

Chris Gr

Iranians sometimes are losing their minds. They were supplied by the West and Israel during the Cold War in order for communism and Arab socialism to be stopped but now they are overeacting just like Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan. They are ungrateful to the core.


STFU you head hacking child killing animal.

jens holm

It most be in the very nasty area west of Tabqa airport and the dam. There are many small oil sources there.

It was and probatly still is mined all over. It was one of those many areas, whare the Assads told the Americans and SDF that they should not try to steal the oil from them.

It was and are a big low populated area, which has big ISIS support. It was taken both from west and by the slow stupidist adcance from the north by Assads.

Unfortunatly ISIS still seemes to be there. We again are not told those ISIS people also are Syrians and has some support there.

I expect some here says ISIS is runned by americans and jews from Al Tanf. So many are more then blindfolded abkut things trusting the SANAtorium create labs news.

Chris Gr

ISIS is not even Syrian in the first place.


These “ISIS” are probably disguised SAS or SEALS carrying out a murder operation to terrorize Syrians. There is nothing the UK/US psychopaths will not do to hang on to their fading globalist ambitions.

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