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Mass Protests Over Stabbing Incident Involving Migrants Turn Violent In Germany’s Chemnitz

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Mass Protests Over Stabbing Incident Involving Migrants Turn Violent In Germany's Chemnitz

AP Photo / Andreas Seidel

At least 20 people, including two police officers, have been injured in the ongoing mass protests in the Germany city of Chemnitz.

About 600 security forces were deployed to the streets to supress the estimated 6,000-strong rally separate condeming ethnic-driven crimes carried out by migrants in Germany. At the same time, about 1,500 left demonstrators also gathered to oppose the protest slamming demonstrators as “Nazis”.

The protests have been ongoing in Chemnitz since Sunday when a stabbing incident as a restult of which at least one person was killed and two others were wounded. Police described the incident as a brawl that involved around 10 people from “various nationalities.” However, the version provided by locals and local media is quite different.

According to available information:

  • A 35-year-old carpenter identified as Daniel Hillig and two his friends were attacked by a group of Arabs.
  • Hillig was stabbed about 25 times and died in hospital. His friends were also seriously injured and admitted to hospital.
  • According to prosecutors, the attack was carried out “with no justifiable reason”. However, some locals point out that the attack was carried out on ethnic grounds. Other local sources also said that the Germans tried to stand up for a woman who was being harassed. However, Polie claimed on Twitter, the investigation had found “no indications” yet that the conflict was preceded by harassment.
  • The District court of Chemnitz has issued an arrest warrant for a 23-year-old Syrian and a 22-year-old Iraqi who are suspected of the killing.

While the MSM claims that the situation started escalating when police revealed identities of the suspects, in reality, it has been tense for a long time. The main cause of the crisis is that German police mostly ignores the ethnic component in multiple crimes like attacks from molester motives, robberies, robberies with violence and sexual attacks. The controversy and displeasure caused by this situation can be easily observed in the social media.

The August 26 stabbing itself was not something extraordinary but it caused a new wave of tensions after police had attempted to hide the ethnicity of the attackers and their motives.

It’s strange to observe how the MSM and some political figures are attempting to describe the Chemnitz protesters as solely far-right activists and slam their actions as an example of radical nationalism. No doubts, the riots attracted some far-right supporters but they are first of all caused by the complicated situation in the region.

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Ooofff… yet another spin by SF to collectively denigrate migrants. Chemnitz is a hot bed of Neo-Nazism. While we don’t know what happened there, stabbings are generally rare in Germany. The brawl might have involved anything, even a question of who would be selling drugs there. The cliché stereotype ‘Arabs harass women’ is boring and not born out be facts. Also, migrants tend to be less criminal than the long standing local population. Unless we know more, let’s just wait and see. BTW, MSM? Why not watch local media on the matter? There was a similar spin-article by SF were allegedly a woman encountered her IS tormentor in Germany and returned to Syria! The irony of it! If somebody is identified as IS the person will be investigated and certainly not admitted to be near that woman. In German social institutions, the thing you have most is anti-violence help for women (unfortunately not for men, but that’s a different matter).

Mattias Dahlström

In Sweden immigrants are over represented in crime, especially violent crime and rape. Has been like this since the 80s.
“Also, migrants tend to be less criminal than the long standing local population” – only if you refer to east Asian immigrants.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I need no statistics to understand your point: simply, if you have any idea about dominant mentalities of origin and destination – you know there would be such disturbances. Social norms are different and even in legal and properly done migration – new comers need some time to adjust to the values of the hosts. It is pure act of treason if someone tries to hide or abolish rule of law, just because offender is a “new comer”. Here again, if you tell me that Serbs that immigrated to Sweden, back in 90s, were less represented in criminal activities than “long standing local population” (can’t stop laughing on this mantra… maaaaan.. how far all of this went…. wouu) I (as Serb) would think you should reduce LDS or THC intake. Because, even in the worst time of Yugoslavian drama: university professors, persons with higher education and/or good jobs were not equally represented in migrant flow, as other demographic groups, moving to the west (or north-west) — of course you will get more “low profile” immigrants if it comes in bigger wave and short time. Also, one have to be really high on (good) drugs to ignore simple fact that general attitude to the rule of law in Serbia (or Balkans in general) is on the same level as in Sweden… I mean, wtf is wrong with people today, that made them abolish common sense – just for this particular “case” of mass immigration. The crime is crime, cultures are cultures – if they are not different, we would not use plural on the first place — so, who allowed to this particular incoming population “package” to have such exceptional status? This is crazy as hell.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Davki, nice shot, I like people that challenge articles. I wasn’t there, never lived in Germany, just visited several times for business, and I do get impression you had closer look into German reality then my self. But, be careful with such generalization “migrants tend to be less criminal”, because it conflicts common sense and simple logic: many things that are illegal in Germany are completely cool in many societies of origin. Check this, here in Serbia we don’t even have general sense that there is anything wrong in downloading latest blockbuster via bit-torrent. You know when, my fellow Serbs that moved to Germany, realized that there is something bad in doing so? When they received 1500 EUR penalty, not before. So, imagine if it would be “improper” or “racist” to state publicly: “These Serbian migrants are stealing intellectual property over internet like crazy”? or imagine if it would be unofficial but enforced policy to avoid sending penalties for such crime in case it is done by a Serb? I would be mad as hell if I’m part of the “long standing local population”. There is no plausible way to convince me that Serbs are less represented then “long standing local population” (is it now forbidden to say: real Germans or what?!) in statistics of digital content piracy in German cyberspace. And there is no way to convince me that population that speaks no German, no English, arrived in Germany without passport, having prior cross-cultural education – just running from a war torn country – is less represented in committing sex crimes than “long standing local population”. Simply because: it is not a crime for them, until they get punished.
Btw. I visited some centers and had no impression these people were running from something, but running to something… it’s separate issue in the whole narrative, but would you mind to compare photos of long columns of Serbian refugees from Croatia (08/1995) and Albanian refugees from Kosovo (03/1999) with photos or what you can see by yourself if visit these “refugees”? Is that hard to notice some strange difference/anomalies there? No, I’m not talking about the race, but about dominant age groups and sex. You know, when civilians are really running from incoming military forces: all of them run, elders, males, females, kids… — and, check this: all these demographic segments are pretty equally represented in the “running party” and “staying party” – when it is real. On the other hand, the only type of migration where males go first and then bring their families is pure economic migration – when there is no life threat or similar urgency involved. So, the whole *hit is full of cracks – I don’t claim to understand what really is going on here, but: beware, the crap you just defended smells equally bad as the one you offended — for me: both are just and obvious craps, and I still wonder who planted all that crap pile, all around the Europe and where the f* they are leading us. (or better to say: you guys, as we are just transit zone)

Tudor Miron

I understand that you like current situation with migrants and security in Germany?


He wants to ‘wait and see’, in the medical profession, this is called abandoning the patient.

Enlightened Truth Seeker

He is a racial stranger, a foreigner to Europe. Of course he wants to ‘wait and see’- that’s always the strategy until they say ‘well it’s done, how could we change it now’?

I look forward to when we join with Iran and Syria and wipe these ‘people’ from the Earth.

Enlightened Truth Seeker

Subhuman dog. I am not in the least surprised by the name you choose to go under. You will meet punishment by the true Germans soon enough.


That’s quite the self delusional self defense, lose the denial, meet the reality:

‘The cliché stereotype ‘Arabs harass women’ is boring and not born out be facts.’


‘Also, migrants tend to be less criminal than the long standing local population.’


‘There was a similar spin-article by SF were allegedly a woman encountered her IS tormentor in Germany and returned to Syria! The irony of it! If somebody is identified as IS the person will be investigated and certainly not admitted to be near that woman.’

This is where your denial really went terminal. Who are you to contest the Yazidi woman’s claimed testimony? The report about her story appeared in numerous international media platforms. With regard to ISIS member in EU, the EU states really do not know the exact numbers of ISIS members that have entered and or returned to Europe – and nor can they realistically have controlled the inflow under Merkel’s open borders policy, and nor could EU national police forces in any way subsequently identify and investigate all them all.






Davki, it was always tried to put any person not falling in line with the official way of thinking in the box of far right, neonazis etc. It makes it easy for others to condemn them and their activities, as these names and categories are perceived negatively.
However, in a majority of cases there are only a few neonazis in otherwise norma peoples demonstration, but with these neonazis spotted, the whole expression of opinion of normal people is deemed to be neonazi influenced, hence the whole demonstration becomes a neonazi demonstration.
In Germany a sudden demonstration, caused by any event of interest to the people, is lawful.
In the MSM this sudden demonstration in Chemnitz is described as a mob gathering, chasing foreigners etc, which is far from reality. A criminalization of demonstrators, which are practicing their civil rights is ongoing, pushed by the government and their entities. The question must be allowed, if Germany is still a democracy.


Reap what you sow, EU.

Rex drabble

I often feel the same but it is the ordinary citizen who is paying the price with their lives whilst the perpetrators are comfortable,protected by their own security


Eastern Germans remain far less indoctrinated with the multi-culturalism political ideology/mantra/cult than in the west – the latter have been inter-generationally bombarded with political concept from above for decades. Thus in east they are both less susceptible to the cultural guilt campaigning that is core component of the ideology, and more likely to see fit to defend themselves and communities from an obvious uptake in politically imported cross-cultural violence. Many eastern Germans experienced life under an extremist ideology, and fully understand the full long term consequences of having such political movements gaining full sway over their society and lives.

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