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JUNE 2021

Mass Grave Of FSA Fighters Uncovered In Syria’s Afrin Area

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Mass Grave Of FSA Fighters Uncovered In Syria's Afrin Area

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On March 24, fighters of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and locals uncovered a mass grave of FSA fighters near the town of Maydanki north of the city of Afrin, according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi.

The source said that the grave had contained the bodies of more than 70 FSA fighters who had been killed by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) during a failed attack on the village of Ayn Daqnah, east of Afrin, in 2016.

Back then, the YPG paraded the bodies of the FSA fighters on trucks all around Afrin in an act, which was criticized by many Syrian activists.

Syrian opposition activists said that the bodies of the FSA fighters will be moved to a cemetery in the city of Azaz, east of the Afrin area, where they will be buried, in accordance with the Islamic Sharia law.

Several Syrian Kurdish leaders believed that the failed FSA attack on Ayn Daqnah had been the main Turkish attack on Afrin area and had ignored several warnings that the attack had been only a “reconnaissance by fire”. These warning became a reality more than a year later when the Turkish Army launched its real military operation in Afrin on January 20.

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They should have mixed these remains with dog shit.

Amine Mansouri

you mean they should have mixed you with the remains…..


They paraded the bodies. A year later the same are done to them with executions posted online.
This is why you should stay civilized and especially so in times of chaos.


Lol civilized with FSA islamist head choppers and heart-eaters? Since when did those fucktards respect civility?


Then both just the same barbarian. World War both the first and the second escalating into absolute atrocities because both uses the mindset of ends justify the means.


You have a very twisted way of looking at things, for you aggressors and defenders are on the same level.
The end does SOMETIMES justify the means, it DEPENDS on the situation and your goals or means. If FSA massacres civilians of Shiia villages, then the SAA massacres the terrorists who killed all those people, by YOUR LOGIC then the SAA and FSA are the SAME just because they both used violence, just to achieve DIFFERENT goal???
Germans attacked my country, Serbia, in both Wars and tried to annihilate us as an independent country under FALSE PRETEXT just as USA tries to annihilate independent countries under false pretext as well. So please no shit like “both uses the mindset of ends justify the means”.


Don’t put words in my mouth i never equated aggressors and defenders.

Look did SAA partake in body desecration ? If they did then they shouldn’t. SAA honors their end of the bargain as far as i know and they have evacuated the militants and their relative even if they regularly terrorizing the population and i should ask were that a stupid decision to you ?

If yes then you’re wrong. By doing so they keep unmasking who is uninterested engaging into civil peaceful political settlement, who is hellbent into creating chaos, who is with ulterior agenda, and lastly who is never keep their words. Now these people are the real target while the others that can reach compromise are party to a peaceful settlement.

Janice O'Connor

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In retaliation to that parade, the FSA mutilated the body of a Kurdish girl, “Barin Kobani” in early February. I doubt if anybody heard a peep from the MSM, that was an early sign for me to notice how the US and are on-board with the Turkish attack on Afrin and sold out Rojava Kurds to Erdogan in order to keep the eastern Syria under so-called SDF.
Are you kidding me? The same MSM who shoved YPJ fighters as the ultimate roll model for females? Now ignoring mutilation of one of them and the consequent lies of FSA which easily got blown?

Let’s not forget that the Kurds did not mutilate FSA bodies, didn’t hang them and didn’t crucify them. Just took a stroll in the town before dumping them in a hole.
Now let’s see if the MSM takes that story or not.

Video of the mutilated girl. Warning, graphic video.


YPJ is just PR project not some fighting forces so naturally their gruesome ends are to be omitted since it will defeat their whole purpose in rallying public support. If these were known there would be wide condemnations for YPG for ‘exposing the women to danger’.


YPG ‘leaders’ sent girls and young boys for annihilation. And where their leaders now ?
All fleed before TAF arrived.
YPG is nothing but another big mouth , coward and opportunist Middle Eastern armed gang.


I think I need to clear something. I’m no pro-Kurd (the type of PKK, YPD, PJAK, KRG, etc) by any stretch of imagination.

There’s no one more cowardly than PKK (and it’s spin-offs) leaders. A bunch of opportunist savages who pollute the impressionable and naive minds of young Kurdish boys and girls in order to achieve their own goals which has nothing to do with the so-called “Kurdish nation”.
They ruin the lives of their young from early age by depicting some in-obtainable utopia for them and then point at the very nations which they live among as the obstacles to achieve that. They implant a very powerful hatred of anything Turkish, Arab and Iranian in the minds of their children and fill it with a bunch of lies about the “historical and ancient Kurdistan”.
Have you been to Erbil or Suleymaniyeh? Have you met a Kurd from Van or Diyar Bekir in Turkey? The sheer amount of this hatred is astonishing and to be frank, pitiful, when you realize that how stupid one can get.

Now YPJ is just a PR spin, something that only exists on papers BUT do you think if a Kurdish girl gets killed by SAA artillery and by mistake (with no mutilation or any disrespect towards her body), the MSM remains silent? There are numerous pictures of former ISIS members now with FSA and under Turkish command (the same thing as SDF), which would receive 24/7 coverage by MSM if they weren’t onboard.


Well i think we should just wait SDF own statement regarding this in lieu of the USA.


There is reason to doubt this report, it’s the FSA reporting on crimes against the FSA. Although it appears to be based in fact, I’d bet that some details are exaggerated.

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