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Marshal Khalifa Haftar Officially Announces Advance On Tripoli (Map)

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Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), announced on April 4 the start of a large-scale operation to recapture Libya’s capital, Tripoli, from the Libyan Government of National Accord (LGNA) and its militants.

“To our army, that’s stationed on all axis in Tripoli’s outskirt, today we, God’s willing, resume our victorious march … Today we answer the call of our people in our precious capital as we promised them … Our date with the glorious liberation has come, so step forward … And enter it [Tripoli] with peace,” the Libyan Marshal said in a voice message announcing the beginning of the long-awaited operation.

Few hours after Haftar’s announcement, the LNA captured the city of Gharyan, only 80km south of Tripoli, from pro-LGNA militants who withdrew. LNA forces were reportedly welcomed by the locals.

Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari, a spokesman for the LNA, confirmed the liberation of the city and said that Marshal Haftar is personally following the developments on the battlefield.

Marshal Khalifa Haftar Officially Announces Advance On Tripoli (Map)

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A day earlier, the LNA began massing its forces around Tripoli. Back then, the LGNA condemned the move in an official statement and announced general mobilization to protect its positions within and around the capital.

The LNA claims that its move to capture Tripoli is not a part of political struggle, but an operation against terrorists who are hiding there. If the army captures the Libyan capital, it will not likely work to neutralize the LGNA, but rather seek to reach a political agreement with it.

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**رآجّـيةّ آلَفُـردٍوٌسِ* * #
You can call me Al

That was 3 days ago; thank you, but do keep up.

**رآجّـيةّ آلَفُـردٍوٌسِ* * #
You can call me Al

HAHAHA Bravo to the LNA.

Meanwhile the twats that caused it want peace – https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/04/chief-deeply-concerned-military-escalation-libya-190404081217912.html


I’m reading from wikipedia that Khalfa Haftar was a dissident from Ghaddafi and trained by the CIA


why are the russians backing him ,if what you say is correct?


That’s what I want to know, I don’t know much about this conflict, this is the first time I hear his name actually, and reading this eventhough I don’t trust wikipedia doesn’t give me much confidence about him or the LNA. If you have more information or some good sources to read I would really apreciate that


sorry all I know is that he is getting help from the Russians


He actually fought for Gaddafi, but was captured by the Americans, they spent 10 years brainwashing him at CIA HQ in Virginia.
But he seems to be free of the American brainwashing, and is once again fighting for the Libyan people, instead of the American people.

Concrete Mike

The fools that overthrew ghaddaffi do not represent the american people.

More “boots on the ground ” nonsense.


I hope it’s that and he is not fighting for foreing interests. Do you know some good source to read about him or LNA?

You can call me Al

True. Now lookup links between Russia and him #.


I doubt you will be so supportive when you find these guys have alliances (at arms reach) to America, Egypt, and Russia? They fought with NATO air support against Gaddafi, too.


The FUKUS support the Government they installed in Libya.
These guys are their enemies, and therefore are enemies of FUKUS.
What part of the enemy of my enemy is my friend don’t you understand.
The only quarrel I have with the LNA is they have stated they won’t hurt the foreign carpetbaggers?
Their leader has actually killed Israelis in battle, a man to be admired.


There is zero support in any NATO country for any new military adventure in Libya. As by now everyone has realized that getting rid of Khadaffi was a mistake that opened the floodgates of migrants trying to come to Western Europe. Methinks they will huff and puff a little, but other then that they will be happy for someone to be in charge of the whole country again. Then at least a deal can be reached to stop the flow of migrants to Europe again.

This Is Bad

The current NATO – installed Government in Libya is nothing but smoke & mirrors. Rather a vague effort to pretend as if it is functional when it is not. What Libya need at this point is a Syria-esque intervention mainly from Russia, China & Iran mainly those three parties can turn everything around…. Libya is undoubtedly a lost cause they need a foreign state that will maintain a political and military balance.

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