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Mark Levin Delivers Devastating Proof That Obama Spied On Trump Campaign: “The Evidence Is Overwhelming…Six Federal Agencies Involved”

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Mark Levin Delivers Devastating Proof That Obama Spied On Trump Campaign: “The Evidence Is Overwhelming…Six Federal Agencies Involved”

Originally appeared at The Daily Sheeple

The left-leaning mainstream media has spent the last 24 hours marginilizing yesterday’s Tweets from President Donald Trump indicating that the Obama administration was actively wire tapping phones in Trump Tower ahead of the November election. Jokes, insults and spin have been the order of the day as popular liberal mouthpieces have trashed the President, his staff and radio host Mark Levin who initially broke the story earlier in the week.

But no matter how much they spin, it is becoming crystal clear that President Obama’s administration did, in fact, involve themselves in electronic spying of Trump and his surrogates in an effort to link him to Russian influence.

Levin, who was  referred to as a ‘hack’ on CNN this Saturday, was no die-hard supporter of Trump during the campaign season. As a Constitutional attorney, the radio host is often found making well documented arguments on his show. In an interview with Fox & Friends on Sunday, Levin hit back at those who deny any involvement into wire tapping of Trump’s staff by the Obama White House.

The evidence, as you’ll see in the video segments below, is simply undeniable and lays  out a devastating case utilizing publicly available documents and investigations that prove without a shadow of a doubt that President Obama inserted himself into a free election in an effort to stifle and delegitimize Trump’s Presidential aspirations. Six federal agencies were involved, including FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and the Director of National Intelligence:

The evidence is overwhelming… this is not about President Trump’s tweeting… this is about Obama’s spying… And the question isn’t whether it spied… we know they went to the FISA court twice… it’s the extent of the spying… that is, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates… and I want to walk you through this, the American people… this is all public…

The evidence, much of it sourced from anti-Trump mainstream websites, shows that President Trump was right on target with his claims on Saturday that Obama was directly involved.

The reaction on social media was almost instant:

Following Levin’s report, we’re left with the same question for President Trump that we had yesterday when we noted that Barrack Obama actually tapped all of our phones. President Trump, what are YOU going to do about it?

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Lets see if anything happens.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Which makes Obama’s anti Russian witch hunt/blame game even more reprehensible.

Brad Isherwood


The Russians Hack Democracy card is pure lies,
Sessions via the above sponsor proves how malevolent the Obama/Hillary crowd are.

It’s the old Mccarthyism Card being replayed…..lie…rinse…repeat.

Carol Davidek-Waller

It’s also a way to divert attention away from the fact that the Obama/Clintonistas were the ones interfering with the election from the primaries right through to November. Many of their activities were criminal.


Too stupid to realize that going on “CNN” will get you nothing but bullshit…

You need to put it out on the internet in a big way… Don’t bother with the MSM… Besides, noone watches TV anymore… ^.^

Michael Burman

Seriously, you quote “Fox & Friends” as source for anything? Mickey Mouse is more reliable source for hot political news and it doesn’t matter how old episode you watch.

John Whitehot

cnn and co aren’t more reliable by any chance. Moreover, they did not “quote Fox” but described how this Mark Levin proved beyond doubts that the Obama administration has spied Trump’s campaign utilizing national intelligence assets.
He should be brought before a Grand Jury and forced to reveal who were the other people responsible for attempting a subversion of the democratic order.

Michael Burman

I wasn’t talking about CNN / co / American journalist at all. Did you actually read the Mark Levin’s comments at all?

He did not have any proves, instead what he does is trying to do is “evidence by absence”. In other words, he has no knowledge of what really happened but by trying to ask “correct question” (from the viewer’s point of view – Fox watchers) he tries to imply something must be correct because no one disputed it.

That has nothing to do with proving.

John Whitehot

it’s much more evidence than the amount that has been brought to prove that Russia meddled in the US election.


(((Mark Levin))) is another agent of Israel posing as an “American Patriot”. His job is to brainwash the mostly low IQ uneducated Whites into a Jew created ideology of “Conservatism” which economically speaking is nothing more than rule by billionaire Jewish Oligarchs. Nearly everything he says or discusses is ultimately geared toward advancing the interests of Israel and the Zionist Oligarchs in the US at the expense of the American people and the world at large. The base of his audience of uneducated blue collar White workers who generally speaking have little to no knowledge about the world they live.

Allan Saunders

In effect, NYT has been reporting that there has been surveillance, as though it were unsurprising: http://www.moonofalabama.org/2017/03/nyt-blames-trump-for-reading-its-reports.html

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