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Marine Veteran Warns Trump: ‘You’re Being Duped’ on Syria

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According to a former marine, he voted for Trump “to make America great again, not make the Middle East great again.”

Marine Veteran Warns Trump: ‘You're Being Duped’ on Syria

Photo: Twitter / AngeloJohnGage

Marine veteran Angelo John Gage, who served two tours in Iraq, has warned US President Donald Trump that he is being “duped” about Syria, as well as that the most part of Trump’s supporters will not endorse change of the regime in the Arab country. Gage posted a video message, addressed to the US President, on his Twitter.

The veteran claimed that the US President was cozying up to the same media and the deep state that has tried to destroy him at every turn, as well as noted that he voted for Trump “to make America great again, not make the Middle East great again.”

“We have no interest in Syria….we have to focus on our own country and you’re being distracted and duped – it’s so obvious – it’s blatantly obvious how ridiculous this narrative is and how fake it is,” Gage said.

“They lied about your taxes, they lied about Russian collusion, they lied about DNC rigging, they lied about everything and you’re falling for this – now they’re telling the truth about Syria, magically just for you,” he added.

“A lot of us voted for you because you’re supposed to be the ‘no war’ candidate – Hillary would have gotten us to war, you know that – yet here you are four months into your administration and you want to consider military action?” the veteran asked.

Gage asked the US President why he trusts the same intelligence sources that have repeatedly misinformed about weapons of mass destruction in the past.

“You work for us, Mr. President – we voted for you because you were supposed to take care of us – none of us want to go to Syria….even if it was true it has nothing to do with us,” the former marine added, believing that Syrian militants were behind the chemical attack on the Syrian province of Idlib.

“You should know better, you’re supposed to be the strategic mastermind, but you’re falling for the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen – be smart, do the right thing and put America first,” Gage concluded.

Gage’s statements express the point of view, which was had by country’s military and veterans before Barack Obama’s threat to invade Syria in 2013. At that time, servicemen published photos on social media, vowing that they would not act as “Al-Qaeda’s air force” to help terrorists to capture the country.

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It is said that a nation deserves the leaders it gets. Clinton is abominable in all senses of the word. Trump is lacking in language skills, general knowledge and also courage in now seems.

The fake Al Nusra videos disseminated by the fake White Helmets gang is obvious to a complete moron. Trump is a bit brighter than that, so he is either being blackmailed or bribed.


But on the other hand: Perhaps Trump has taken the wind out of their sails. The liberals and MSM who like to accuse him of being too friendly with Russia (or their interest like Syria). He also want’s to show that he did what Obama did not. Not that I agree with this action at all ! I am sure the airbase will be back in action very soon.


The Russians say that this attack must have been in logistical preparation BEFORE the chemical incident in Idlib. I tend to agree – it was a set up. The videos are purely for the msm to mould public opinion.

John Whitehot

technically the attack was surely picked from a series of options, and of course it was pre-planned – considering that Syria, North Korea, Iran and so on are on the rogue countries list since years, it can be stated without doubt that the US has prepared lots of plans to strike those countries, especially the fixed installations.

It’s a rather normal thing though – it’s pretty much routine that all the worlds military plan their strikes at some point before launching them. Probably something got lost in the translation, as I don’t see this particular issue being a valid point against the attack if – viewed through a technical standpoint.


You are right John. But the point really is that everything about this incident was prepared in advance. Jihadist tweeting two days before, “rebel” reports written and published in Guardian on the same day. it was all prepared in advance. Military-technically this is not a big deal, as you say, but the false impression created in media is that everything has been a reaction to the chemical incident. More like pre-reaction.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this is about stupidity, there’s much more at play here than someone might think. You think it was a coincidence they said last week that toppling Assad wasn’t their top priority anymore? A distraction, nothing more. Like a way of saying “oh well, we were all about cooperation and then Assad went and did that”. The moment Trump said his opinion of the regime changed was the point of no return. Again, it didn’t change per se, it was just a play for the masses because his domestic enemies know Syria is a topic Trump has no power over. This was their way of resuming what was inevitably going to happen had Clinton won the election. Trump just figured he might as well sacrifice Syria (up to what degree we’ve yet to see) and save his face. Even though he won the elections, his place is no more secure than it was before and he knows it.


Sorry but you cant be that smart if you dedicated yourself to Trump!


Voting is not dedicating. And there was only one other choice in case you didn’t notice, H.R. Clinton.


I referred to “Because i busted my ass along my fellow veterans … to put you in power” and not merely voting. But good for him to waking up …


Most of these US Presidents are the greatest fools, besides a few ones, like Regan and Kennedy. How they got the votes from these supporters ?? just plain silly President and listen to all the craps.

Suyanto Ng

Problem with democrazy, before vote and get elected, most candidate like shining armored knight and look promising after that they work for deep state, oligarch, mobs etc, all happen across the globe. Did you think they really honestly work for you? The voter interest?

Basu Deb

To stop war means changing a lot of things. Who are going to do that? It’s money everywhere. Besides other things the president has to work as the main sales agent for arms dealers. That’s his pivotal role. I have followed Assad’ s speeches and interviews. Nothing like a tyrant. Intelligent, rational, concrete. Nothing hollow. The US presidents are the opposite. They cannot say clearly why Saudi is their friend and Syria is not. Only awareness of the American people can some day change the scenario. We all have to work hard for many years.

Ionescu Angela

What awareness? It seems that American peoples possess no awareness. I was a fan of Trump until now, when I realized that’s another puppet in warmonger’s hands. My hope is that the veterans of America, that have extensive knowledge on whats happened must step in front and tell the truth to their fellow citizens, like Mr.Gage does.


Does a drop-off in conservative grass-roots support matter?

Yes – but only in the short run.

No – if the long run fulfills all hopes.

Pres. Trump more or less does what he says. While remaining flexible. Threatens much at first, technique to settle lower. Well known.

Ask yourself:

1. How to gain support for your judge, and control legal system favorable to your plans

2. How to be ‘forced’ to seek rapprochement with Pres. Putin in areas of common interest and have USA public accept that. And be seen as wise, and a peacemaker.

3. How to kill as many terrorists as possible with least cost of American lives and treasure (hint: see 2 above)

4. How to insert USA into the peace process in Syria without appearing as “me too”, so to speak

5. How to deliver to interests of Sunni (Syria, Turkey etc) and Shia (Iran, Iraq) in cause of much greater peace.

6. How arrange conditions for 2 state peace that gives some dignity to Palestinian arabs that all parties can accept (also see 2 above)

7. How to support home-coming USA military personnel while taking China’s areas of interest into account (hint: use Russian system of separate portfolios of interests, where disagreement in one portfolio does not poison mutual interests in another.)

Pres. Trump is smart, very smart. He is a citizen of Europe (so to speak) as well as USA. He does not hesitate to use deception to achieve a greater aim. He is socially adept. He has children. He has the potential to leave a great legacy.

Outrage is natural. Please, think ahead.


God bless this soldier. Kudos for his brave words. He nailed and he speaks truth.

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