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JUNE 2023

Marine Le Pen Invited to Attend Celebrations of Navy Day in Russia’s Sevastopol

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Marine Le Pen Invited to Attend Celebrations of Navy Day in Russia's Sevastopol

Photo: Alexey Pavlishak / TASS

President of France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen has received an invitation to attend celebrations of the Russian Navy Day in Sevastopol from July 29 to August 2. The invitation has been sent by Chairman of State Duma’s defense committee Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, the TASS news agency reported on July 5.

“On this day [July 31], guests from all parts of the world will come to Sevastopol. The atmosphere of celebrations goes deeply to the soul of every person,’ Vladimir Komoyedov wrote in the letter to Le Pen. “This is an unforgettable day in the life of every person who managed to visit Hero City Sevastopol on Navy Day,” Komoyedov said.

The admiral promised that Marine Le Pen would remember the visit to Crimea.

“Over the last two years, Europe has discussed the Crimean topic and resulting sanctions. One might get an impression that most European politicians are participating in a global show ‘Who will bite Russia the strongest’,” Komoyedov noted, adding that Le Pen’s statement on readiness to recognize Crimea’s reunification with Russia once again underlines “independence and principles of a real politician.”

Komoyedov emphasized that mutual understanding and respect toward each other are key to the prosperity and progress.

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This seems very significant. Marine Le Pen is openly courted by Russia, in a place and time that arises from the deep heart of Russia. It seems like a great honor granted, a very solemn time to bond with this leader from an old and storied European nation.

France and Russia will re-make their alliance here, bonding in the heart and in the marrow, and the details will follow, in the working days that come after. This is wonderful news.

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