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MAPNA Group Is Going To Build Five New Power Plants For Aleppo City

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MAPNA Group Is Going To Build Five New Power Plants For Aleppo City

The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

MAPNA Group, an Iranian company involved in development and execution of thermal and renewable power plants, oil & gas, railway transportation and other industrial projects will build five new 25 MW power plants in order to supply Aleppo city with electricity.

MAPNA Group began working in Syria 12 years ago. Despite the Syrian crisis it didn’t stop operating in the country.

Now when the situation is returning back to normal, MAPNA Group has resumed development of the Jandol power plant. Its steam section has been commissioned and delivered and MAPNA Group is now at a final stage of the bulding of this power plant.

The  company is currently working on new projects. For example, it’s developing five units of 25 MW for Aleppo city. Aleppo has the population of more than 2,5 million residents, but the electricity is still supplied via motor generators.

MAPNA Group is also negotiating another project with the Syrian Ministry of Electricity. The project includes 25 MW power plant for the city of Banyas and a 450 MW power plant for Latakia province.

Director of MAPNA Group is Syria added: by running Banyas and Latakia power plants a part of Syrian coastline power shortage will be resolved.

The Syrian government has problems with financing these projects. So, MAPNA Group provides funds for implementing projects. Some funds are provided in the form of investments. Some projects are financed by the company itself. Others are in development thanks to a credit line provided by MAPNA Group to the Syrian government.


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Inb4 Israel claims those powerplants are just a cover for developing nukes.

Manuel Sag

Made my day <3


Rocket factories.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are same power plants as the ones in the Binyas region , Israel sees everything as a threat even nostrils as possible weapons systems waiting to be developed.

Pave Way IV

Better surround those things with S-400s. The US always goes after infrastructure to punish civilians.


The Power Plant chimney’s look suspiciously like S400 launching tubes to me :) Its obviously all an Iranian plot to use civilian infrastructure to threaten Israel that only wishes to live peacefully on the stolen lands they are currently squatting on.

Israel is as always Deeply Deeply Worried.

Jan Tjarks

No multinational companies from the USA sucking the life out of the country by “rebuilding” it? =)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Syria only does business with those who supported it through the tough times and NATO and GCC countries are excluded in the current rebuilding process. The US and the others can’t invest or they could lose the investments via reparations for damages and forfeiture of all monies invested in the region.

Wahid Algiers

The only investors and partners will be Iran and Russia followed by some friendly or neutral states.

Pave Way IV

Ironically enough, US sanctions against Syria prohibit any US companies from doing anything in Syria even if they wanted to. Worse yet, IMF bankers are frozen out of the loan shark business in Syria. All the money will be coming from Russia or Asia.

The US is only interested in the light, sweet crude oilfields in the east (Deir EzZor and east of the Euphrates). Coalition jets have been bombing pump jacks and wellheads in that area every day for years. They had hoped to get the SDF to steal those before the SAA showed up to reclaim them, but now that plan is failing. The rebuilt Deir EzZor and eastern fields were suppose to finance the new US puppet SDFistan state. Which sucks for me, because that means the US taxpayers will finance it instead.

Jan Tjarks

Well, only after a takeover the US companies would have had full access to do their business, like in Iraq after the war of the three lies.

Nevertheless, it still sucks more for the Syrians, who have to suffer being pawns of the geopolitical chessboard. At the same time the cold civil war in the USA seems to get hotter too.

As such, if you only have to suffer the tax payments, you are already lucky. =)


Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to build a Big Nuclear Power Plant to provide electricity to Aleppo and Latakia?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have plenty of Natural Gas and using it to power electricity is an effective way of being energy efficient, while sometimes it may not look it but technology is being developed even to recover the lost energy which is about 2/3 in generation. Electricity loses over 70% it’s power through leakage which naturally occurs along the transmission lines.

Nuclear energy once the rods are used needs to disposed of which the US still can’t get rid of it’s nuclear waste. The believe that it’s efficient way of producing power as its opponents to it’s use and the disposal has always been controversial and damaging to the environment. The problem would they be able to keep it safe from Mossad tampering and sabotaging as what happened in Japan. Then the answer is obvious as to why they don’t use as they had tried before hand and it was sabotaged by Israel.


So better to build the power plant close to the city so loss is smaller!


so then, buy Pansir s1’s, BUK M3’s, S-300’s/400’s, TOR’s, Iskander -k. If the Israeli’s dare, they’ll be fucked up within 1 minute!

Iskander travels at 6km per second!

Israeli airbases have no chance!


Not really as Israel would love to bomb that and a nuclear plant would only become a burden in war ,plus of course any terror attacks that are unlikely to abate for some time.. They have a history of doing so. It would also put far too much power resources into a single item.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA and Israel are the only world threat countries.Rule by racist whites who camouflage behind the Bible to bring people closer to killed.Same system used in Africa to annexing black people’s land and stealing raw material and mineral resources.In the sixties up to now missionaries in the name of volunteers force us to closed our eyes and talk some one that we don’t see and bomb US.Their used to rape our sister’s and mother’s in front of us and tell us that their are white angels send by God and we used to believed .Because we never new or saw this white gosh things.If we hear the aeroplane sound then the Israelis will tell us Torah is angry and is coming then we will run and hide in the caves or trees.Their used to cut out flesh and send it for experiments just to find out what burns to become black.


Jews are not white.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Jew are white we Africans are black like night.



Cheryl Brandon

Well done MAPNA! iran, you are really kicking arses! I hope you can employ 505 or more Syrian electricians/physicists and other techs? Thanks for getting in early; Keep all the EU and USA people out! Good plan.

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