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MAPNA Group Is Going To Build Five New Power Plants For Aleppo City


MAPNA Group Is Going To Build Five New Power Plants For Aleppo City

The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

MAPNA Group, an Iranian company involved in development and execution of thermal and renewable power plants, oil & gas, railway transportation and other industrial projects will build five new 25 MW power plants in order to supply Aleppo city with electricity.

MAPNA Group began working in Syria 12 years ago. Despite the Syrian crisis it didn’t stop operating in the country.

Now when the situation is returning back to normal, MAPNA Group has resumed development of the Jandol power plant. Its steam section has been commissioned and delivered and MAPNA Group is now at a final stage of the bulding of this power plant.

The  company is currently working on new projects. For example, it’s developing five units of 25 MW for Aleppo city. Aleppo has the population of more than 2,5 million residents, but the electricity is still supplied via motor generators.

MAPNA Group is also negotiating another project with the Syrian Ministry of Electricity. The project includes 25 MW power plant for the city of Banyas and a 450 MW power plant for Latakia province.

Director of MAPNA Group is Syria added: by running Banyas and Latakia power plants a part of Syrian coastline power shortage will be resolved.

The Syrian government has problems with financing these projects. So, MAPNA Group provides funds for implementing projects. Some funds are provided in the form of investments. Some projects are financed by the company itself. Others are in development thanks to a credit line provided by MAPNA Group to the Syrian government.




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