Map: YPG, FSA and ISIS Rumble around Azaz in Northern Syria



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Map by miladvisor

Following heavy clashes, the Kurdish YPG (SDF) repeled an attempts of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its allies to capture the town of Tal Rifat. Separately the militants made an attempt to capture Ayn Daqnah. There is no confirmed information about the situation there.

According to pro-FSA sources the attempt to sieze Tal Rifaat pursued a goal to protect Western flank of Kaljibrin which remains the only supply line to Marea. Thus, the FSA & jihadists attacks on YPG  units is a part of the “wider plan” to counter ISIS in Northern Syria.  [SF editor: It sounds hillarious, but this is an official version of the FSA supporters.]

ISIS militants put pressure on the town of Marea (controlled by the FSA & jihadists) after the recent gains against the “moderate rebels” in the area. ISIS captured 5 villages from the the Free Syrian Army and Jabhat Al-Shamiya.

Howver, if ISIS takes Marea and further, it could conduct the situation that the terrorist group will have to counter both YPG and “moderate rebels” in this area. Thus, ISIS will likely halt the advances in the western direction when Marea is captured. The crucial logstical hub of Azaz will likely become the next target of the group.


Map by QalaatAlMudiq


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