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MAY 2021

Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In Greater Middle East As Of March 23, 2020

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Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In Greater Middle East As Of March 23, 2020

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A closer look at the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the Greater Middle East on March 23, 2020.


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  1. Habib says:

    Lebanon left off the Map lol. You know the country with 14,000 German soldiers on stand by and 60% of the land is owned by vatican city.

  2. hvaiallverden says:

    Weimar redux, yup, one thing is the middle east, the other is the imperial banana republic, Dumbf…istan.
    They have just made some of the most insane statements I have read, I have to go back to 2008, but this time its much, much worse, QE-infinite, etc, and most of the people have nothing, what little they have, will be gone next week, and the rich, have the FeD.
    So, I dont bother to read much right now, because the numbers are cocked, the hype gone into warp drive, the typos is war time sized and in the comentary field people are sobbing, and snitch on your neighbor before they snitch on you, just go out an charf, and see what happens, and the from before scrapped to the bare bones hostpital system is of course overloaded, that isnt rocket science, and the bailouts/austeritys goes to the same f…. whom refuses to pay tax, this so called epidemic looks more and more like an Grand Theft Everything 2.0 the steroid version, than anything else.
    And if I had any doubt about this been an weaponised shit storm, I am right now, dead certain it is, to much inconsictensys to consider this to be a simple virus storm aka the anual flu, since its been clear it comes in several strains, and that alone should ring some bells.
    And I found the speculations about Sarin, to be creapingly acurate, because of the fact it seems that this was flying under the radar long before it surfaces in China, and the strain in Europa/Iran isnt the same.
    Then we have people whom stil dont get it, the Impisses wars are NOT ment to be won, but to continue to either they own us all, or crashes wile trying, wars are meant to be won, get it, its about making cash cows, period.
    This corona, is exactly the same, the philosophy is chaos, and when that kicks in, since QE ad infinitum is runing, buy up everything else, and when this hoax/shitstorm is over, our world is lost.

    And then we have scums, nations like Bulgaria and Romania whom is blocking aid to Iran, yeah, good to know, that this f…. are rotten to their core, never forget this and they have shown their true faces, bloody bastards and we all know that the Trumpstein & Co and evil, but their bitches are showing up this days, and I hope their nations remain in the ditch for the entire future, they deserve it all.

    But I leave it there, and if times do get worse, since people need to have something to eat, aka down to the basics, I hope that some of you have relatives with an farm, or large enough property to grown your own food, and swap with others, or since Yankikes hate the word socilaism, I recomend to sit down in your comunity, with other farmers or food growers, even in the citys/subs, agree to diversify, and shere the crops, and if possible fish, etc, to eggs, aka trade, and remeber when you where laughed at because of mircro farms, or was an preper, this time, it may be the difference betwee living and just surviving.
    I have my plans, but for now I will not move, once the shit do indeed hit the fan I will move right away, and from then on, be an rock hard realist.
    Think, people and summer is coming, buy seeds etc, and start doing something, a little is much better than nothing, and food can be grown everywhere, vertical or horisontal, just do it, and diversify, you dont need 100 tomato plants, some few is usualy more than sufficient, etc, and talk to the elders, usualy they know much more, since they grew up in an world witch was different than what we have to day.
    I told you, two things WE the people need to adjust this war on us all, touches and gallows, burn them down and hang em all.

    Take care.


    1. Jake321 says:

      For years, the Islamist Iranians have been screaming “Death to America!” “Death to Israel!” Now no one has to scream “Death to Iran!” We can all just watch it. Allah be Praised! And next month Russia. Ain’t Karma great!

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