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Map Update: US-backed Forces Advancing On Remaining ISIS Positions In Euphrates Valley

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition, are advancing on the remaining positions of ISIS in the Euphrates Valley, in the Syrina province of Deir Ezzor.

According to pro-SDF sources, the US-backed force has captured the village of Baghuz and advanced on the settlements of Baghuz Forqani and Shajah.

At the same time, sporadic clashes continue near the ISIS-held village of Hajin, which according to local sources is currently the key ISIS stronghold in the area.

The goal of the US-backed operation in the area is to force ISIS units to withdraw from the Euphrates Valley to the northern desert, near the Syrian-Iraqi border. This will allow the US-led coalition to limit the ISIS influence in the area and to get freedom of actions there.

Map Update: US-backed Forces Advancing On Remaining ISIS Positions In Euphrates Valley

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Michał Hunicz

Retreat to desert? To SDF-held areas? Oh wait, I almost forgot that they are not enemies, but actually partners in the conflict.

You can call me Al

Yep, I think the author is a little in cloud za za land at the moment.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Retreat to the waiting arms of the SAA you mean, Assad’s already set up a welcoming party to greet any fleeing Isis fighters that are silly enough to cross the Euphrates. I think there’s more chance they’ll head north to join their brothers in Al-Hasakah, there’s no welcoming party on that side of the Euphrates to contend with, just friendly Kurds and Yankees, though they might have to dodge a few Iraqi bombs on the way.


I know how it works.

When you want something, you write on a paper and then it’s yours. That’s what Americans do. They go to US congress, write something on a paper and then they go take it.

It’s exactly like the bible process.


Sounds like Zionistan only they don’t write it down first just take it


They always right it first and then, they take it. The paper is the proof they it belongs to them. XD.

Peter Krueminch

It would appear there was an agreement between Russia & the US for the Euphrates to be the demarcation line, right through to the Iraqi border and that this has been communicated in no uncertain terms to the Syrians. Otherwise surely the Syrians themselves would have tried to take this area before the US stooges got there. They’ve had plenty of time.

Bill Wilson

It was the practical thing to do since all of the few bridges that crossed the Euphrates had been destroyed and the only ways over were roads on top of two dams deep inside ISIS territory. Assad and the Kurds have been co-operating since all the fighting had started since that allowed Assad to deploy his limited capable forces elsewhere. He had to bring those in to lift the siege at Deir Azzor then run ISIS out along the west bank of the river then redeployed them back in the west once those areas were secured by less experienced units. Those oil & gas fields east of the river are out of commission and aren’t worth bringing back online since Assad no longer has any buyers for their low grade very heavy sour crude so it made no sense to cross the river to retake those while ISIS was present there in strength.


Everything so easy, no casualties, no wounded, no recordings of fire fights, no information, just few humvees that this YPG-PKK terrorist are driving around and “allegedly” they are fighting someone, but whom, there is no one. Not even one reported wounded or KIA nothing. So typical from US proxies.

Pave Way IV

No problem. ISIS (by SDF and locals reckoning) has a few thousand fighters in that Lower Euphrates Valley pocket. Last week, CENTCOM said that increasing numbers of them are now choosing to surrender. So it should be no problem for CENTCOM and the SDF to produce proof to the world that they have some combination of 2000 – 5000 ISIS prisoners and corpses at the conclusion of ‘Operation Roundup’ (I’m serious – that’s really what they’re calling it). Unfortunately, CENTCOM is about as trustworthy with statistics as their bosses in the Pentagon are trustworthy about financial accounting. And SDF isn’t trustworthy about anything.

Show me the ISIS chimps/bodies if you’re not traitors and terrorist supporters, CENTCOM. Better yet, show officials from Russia, Syria and Iraq. I’ll take their word any day over your usual pathetic propaganda to us little people here in the US. Wait – it’s all classified, so you can’t tell us, right? F’king traitors.


Yep, games galore. I agree. A good day to you Pave.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There’s no way there’s 2000+ Isis fighters in this small pocket, they’d be jammed in like sardines. In the large pocket to the north there would be at least 2000+ maybe 5000+ but not here, no possible way.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

April 30, 3 Isis fighters killed but not in combat, assassinated at checkpoint near Hajin. Not one other casualty reported by Isis in this area over the last 3 weeks though, that is unusual.

Bobo Voxar

when all rats evacuated before?… no problem… main atribute of this picture are 4 oil wells …


South front, there many doubts about this SDF operation, so, please investigate what really is going on. Who are the SDF unities involved, how many men they have, how many ISIS fighters are in front of them, casualties, etc. By the way, you can’t contact the SAA and ask also their opinion?

jerry hamilton


It’s Barn Dance Night with free beer.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Operation should have been called “Square dance” and not Round-Up as that is a phrase you use to get your partner to the “square dance”. Welcome to the world of the US of hiring publicists for the military and end up to name the operations,been like that since Ruder Global was hired.


This is a very narrow area, so US warplanes operating out of Iraq and the Mediterranean will have to be letting the Assad government know what they’re doing each time they fly out on a mission. As some reports have said, the Russian/SAA and the US lead coalitions are secretly cooperating on in the fight against ISIS while still overtly opposing each other on unrelated issues.

Pave Way IV

The US has not had any diplomatic relations with Syria since 2012. Like any spoiled little brat (or dangerous psychopath), my country does not talk to Assad or the SAA about anything because it doesn’t like them. The US will ‘deconflict’ with Russia, but doesn’t like them either. It’s just that Russia has various types of ICBMs pointed at Washington D.C., so we don’t want to piss them off too much.


Amazing how interested they are in the Euphrates….

Alexander Lyapunov

Should it not be more on the western side of it, if you’re thinking of Greater Israel?

Pave Way IV

Israel doesn’t want to have hostile neighbors on its border – it’s just thinking ahead. Sure, it still needs to kill everyone in Syria or drive them out as refugees to get to the Euphrates. It’s working on that project now with it’s special expeditionary forces, also known as (((CENTCOM))).

When Syria has been sufficiently destroyed and depopulated, Israel can move in and take all the land up to the Euphrates. Apparently their evil god said they could have it (or so they claim). When that land-grab happens, they’ll already have a fully-cucked, obedient, bought-and-paid-for Kurdish slave colony – SDFistan – on the east side of the Euphrates growing food and pumping stolen oil for them.

Bonus: A US trained, equipped and paid army of 30,000 ‘Border Security Forces’ ex-head-choppers along the Jordan, Iraqi and SDFistan borders – ready to put on their ISIS costumes at a moment’s notice to destroy any potential threats to Greater Israel (basically, all Shia and Sunnis in the Middle East). The long, secured border will be kind of like having a ready-made UNDOF zone around their newly-stolen land without those annoying anti-Semitic UN types interfering with the security of Israel. Turkey has gone off-script, so it may need some regime-changing and splitting-up to be a proper neighbor of Greater Israel.

Alexander Lyapunov

Is it not more logical to secure their own geographic borders before worrying about their neighbours?

Pave Way IV

Um… isn’t that kind of what they did with the Sinai, West Bank and Golan Heights? It secures its borders by grabbing someone else’s land on the other side, ethnically cleansing (when possible), occupying it and then declaring a new border. Barbed wire, mines and machine guns do the rest.

Beyond the ‘new’ border, it’s usually the UN’s job to maintain a little physical security buffer further protecting Israel after their land-grabs. UN members have been paying for UNDOF guards since 1974 to keep Syria at bay along their stolen Golan Heights land, and paying UNIFIL guards since 1978 to keep Hezbollah away from Israel in south Lebanon. I use the term ‘guards’ loosely – the UN merely acts as a future land-theft placeholder force (kind of like ISIS) until Israel decides to make its move through the UN ‘peacekeeping’ zones for more water, land, oil or whatever.

And let’s not forget that Israel has worked tirelessly to usurp the US Constitution and buy the loyalty of enough US politicians to guarantee Israel’s ever-expanding borders in perpetuity – and regime-change any neighbor governments that might pose a threat.

Overall, I would say Israel has already done a bang-up job of securing their borders.


Basically, I agree with you. However, there have been some new developments that cannot be whitewashed.

Russia, China, India and a bunch of smaller players are going their own way and this will eventually erode da plan. The Arabs themselves are nolonger afraid and are getting better weaponry and excellent experience. The IDF troops shooting really lightly armed or unarmed protestors, are going to look laughing stock when they run and fold under real duress. Which leads to a couple of other points.

US citizens are not going to fight en masse for Israel. No matter what the President says or a handful of other politicians think, it is not happening. Worse still, Israel has contracted the CAD (casualty averse disease). It would not take thousands of IDF guys going KIA, for an eruption from the Israeli public to begin a real freak out. A few hundred would due, ala Lebanon 2006.

In short, the game that has been played and which you well summarized, is on it’s last legs. The world is moving on and only the eventual losers are hanging to it for dear life. I wish well to you Pave Way.

أبو ياسر

With AIIah you cannot lose.

أبو ياسر

Jihad is a holy duty made obligatory upon all Muslims by Allah, the Almighty. The Muslims should defend themselves if being attacked in order to preserve their faith, spread Islam, and stand against tyrants and oppressors. Allah made jihad obligatory, in all its forms, whether it is the jihad of society or self, speaking a word for the sake of preserving Islamic call Da’wah, or defending the sanctuaries of the Muslim nation. Jihad is considered among the best forms of worship with Allah, the Most High.

The martyr who sacrifices himself and dies for the sake of his faith finds his place in Paradise. He receives blessings from the prophets and the righteous. He is alive and provided for by Allah, The Exalted.

Alexis Goldwasser

If you think IS is fighting for Allahs sake, you are sorely mistaken, my friend. Shalom

أبو ياسر

I don’t believe the Russian propaganda that IS are zionist (lol) or pro American. If so why they fight the Americans since zarqawi? Why they fight the traitors? Why they fight the jew infested Russia?

Julian Clegg

Whose interests does Daesh (“Islamic State”) really serve? Judge for yourself:

“The West should seek the further weakening of Islamic State, but not its destruction”

“The West yearns for stability, and holds out a naive hope that the military defeat of IS will be instrumental in reaching that goal. But stability is not a value in and of itself. It is desirable only if it serves our interests.”

– Israeli professor Efraim Inbar

Source: The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake https://besacenter.org/perspectives-papers/destruction-islamic-state-strategic-mistake/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Ways to defeat an opponent are easy like using their own weaknesses against them in this case Muslim Brotherhood Salafists and Wahhabis are rather easy here as they rely on support from the West and Israel and are easily used like good goyim they are. Now discussing the reasons why they are is their own money,a sense of gain, my feelings are hurt by a past ancestor’s act etc.Now are they tribal barbarians you bet your bottom dollar they are and you may understand even less as you sit too close to the fire with this regard.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Those are the fake news sites and no vetted information , just because they say so isn’t an argument just an opinion. Argumentum ad populum and argumentum ad logicum(Fallacies) is not evidence of supporting facts.

Pave Way IV

Damn – only two posts before you earn my block. That’s like a new snackbar troll record.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes follow Hempher your great leader and author of your version of the Koran , no interpretations of the Koran were ever allowed by fake or real Scholars and forbade by Mohammed himself. Live the lie by a British Jewish spy from the 1700’s sounds great and Petra is the holy site you blasphemer.


Psycho bastard

You can call me Al

With Allah, your kids and Donkeys cannot win – you are blocked you vile POS.

Alexis Goldwasser

Is this what the people in the military call a blue on blue attack? Lol


SF, I do not understand why you would allow isis propaganda on your site. The more the SAA advances and cleans the land of Syria the more the “key-board army” from Hell aviv is active and now we have isis. Even if we block them one by one they will still post their delusions. Is it not time for you guys to protect your reputation?


Weel they do say “According to pro-SDF sources” so just use your understanding of the situation to know what does it mean.


I am not commenting on the article but the commentators; just look around.


ISIS just joins to SDF (USA-puppets), that is all.

Tony B.

The goal is to steal Syria’s oil, plain and simple.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The goal of the US-backed operation in the area is to force ISIS units to withdraw from the Euphrates Valley to the northern desert, near the Syrian-Iraqi border”, Instead of isolating them here between Assad’s, Iraqi’s and the Kurdish forces. Great goal, let them slip away and join the main bulk of their force in the open deserts of Al-Hasakah, to hide like rats and to live and fight another day, great goal. I’ll bet the Iraqis aren’t happy if this is really the goal of this operation. They can’t eliminate the last pocket of Isis in Iraq until the pocket in Syrian Al-Hasakah is eliminated first, and the US is about to send them more fleeing fighters, great goal, truly brilliant.

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