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JULY 2020

Map Update: Turkish-led Forces’ Gains In Battle Against Libyan National Army Since June 1, 2020


Map Update: Turkish-led Forces' Gains In Battle Against Libyan National Army Since June 1, 2020

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Forces of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord and Syrian militants supported by the Turkish military have been developing their advance on positions of the Libyan National Army in northern Libya.




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  • Badis Badis

    This is not over yet .

  • abuqahwa

    By any military or geopolitical measure this is a massive, humiliating defeat for the LNA and HoR government .The outcome has been obvious since the Quisling gangster Bey of Tripoli Sarraj Effendi sold out to the Ottoman invaders and the LNA completely failed to progress on its victories 12 months ago. Now it is too late. Just like the Israelis, facts on the ground have been created, there is no way the LNA will be able to reverse these, the best that can be hoped for is an uneasy ceasefire and later partition of Libya. The Sirt Basin oilfields or so-called Oil Crescent are the ultimate prize – if the Turks continue their momentum they will seize these (already reports of western oilfields al-Sharara and el-Feel (Murzuq) under GNA attack-(unconfirmed) and then it is really game over for LNA. So much for their vaunted support from Egypt, UAE, Russia, France because when the chips were down these cowards abandoned LNA in a heartbeat. Libya destroyed – again – NATO cheering.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Well just as I thought months ago, Tripoli was never going to be allowed to fall, Misrata was therefore a more viable objective.

    • Kohlhaas

      I agree you on that, if they had focused on Misrata and other small cities they could won this. Tripoli became Stalingrad for LNA, now their lines collapsed and they can’t even regroup properly.