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Map Update: Tiger Forces Progress Against ISIS In Eastern Aleppo

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On Monday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces made more gains against ISIS terrorists in the eastern part of the province of Aleppo. The Tiger Forces captured Jamiliyah, Rasm al-Hammam, Mahsanah, Qanawiyah, Kherbet Marzah and the so-called 2nd Farm.

Considering the current progress, government troops will likely reach the ISIS stronghold of Maskanah located near the Raqqah province border within this week.

Map Update: Tiger Forces Progress Against ISIS In Eastern Aleppo

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SAA moving down the rail line west of Maskanah looks like a good move (farmland).
Also if Daesh trash can be killed at the sugar factory, this would be a sweet victory.


Haha “sweet” indeed!

John Brown

The Tigers are not really advancing there are no reports of clashes (battles), they are just moving into territory vacated by ISIS which is pretty much most of what the Kurds have done as up until now, as ISIS has been directed the majority of its military arms against the SAA until these past couple of weeks. In some cases ISIS is retreating faster then the SAA can advance. Its a good sign of ISIS collapse and makes it easier for the SAA.


You’re mincing words though. History is full of military advances where the losing side was vacating territory. In fact this is the preferred method of advance because it means the losing side has lost the means to put up an effective resistance.

As earlier this year when the advance stalled at the Jirah airbase the question now becomes though, where will ISIS make its stand? Maskanah or will that be a delaying action, just like they did at Deir Hafer?


Wherever ISIS’ handlers choose, when they decide they are no longer valuable lol


As I mentioned earlier, attrition/siege warfare is methodical; the recent Syrian successes have made much of this ground untenable so it’s there for the taking. The fight for it was won earlier this month and the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers are falling back to places they can defend and after fighting an expensive delaying action at Maskaneh, will possibly try to embroil the Syrians (Official) with the Kurds nearer Raqqah. The Officials need to keep conserving their manpower by substituting firepower, which works better in the open and leave the Kurdish question open.

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