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MAY 2021

Map Update: Syrian Troops Restoring Control Over Al-Bukamal, Advancing In Euphrates Valley

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According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have restored control over the cityof al-Bukamal near the border with Iraq and advanced against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley.

The SAA, Hezbollah and their allies are now working to secure the captured areas in al-Bukamal. A large part of ISIS members had reportedly withdrawn from the area.

Map Update: Syrian Troops Restoring Control Over Al-Bukamal, Advancing In Euphrates Valley

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  1. Lupus says:

    Whoooohooo!!! Lets celebrate again! ????????????

    1. Ice Icegold says:

      Cheers m8!!!??✌????
      only 20 km left to make a big pocket.
      Make Syria red again!!!?

      1. Lupus says:


    2. Solomon Krupacek says:

      only for your joy the SAA will lose again the town. Then taki it and you can celebrate 3rd time. :)))

      1. Lupus says:

        nooooooo!!! not again! ?

        1. Solomon Krupacek says:

          i agree

          1. Ice Icegold says:

            you agree only with yourself.
            you full of bullshit.

          2. Solomon Krupacek says:


          3. Ice Icegold says:


        2. Ice Icegold says:

          why no not again!!!? It’s a pleasure listening to him crying like a baby that doesn’t know how to lose a game.

      2. Ice Icegold says:

        don’t cry so loud ????

      3. Barba_Papa says:

        I’m starting to enjoy your sense of trollish humor. :)

  2. Chris says:


  3. Joe Doe says:

    If SAA want too capture rest of the Oil Fields they will have to cross the river or PMU and SAA can make a move from Iraq on the eastern part of the river, but again SAA has huge packet in western part of the river and need clean the packet, otherwise ISIS will attack front line sooner or later. SAA should have enough power due both

    1. gustavo says:

      SAA will not cross Euphrates river and stop SDF because of LAvrov-Kerry agreement.

  4. Hezbollah_Iran says:

    F*king Kurds they took all the Omar Oil fields

    1. Garga says:

      Don’t worry, they can’t eat it, they can’t take it with them. One way or another, these fields will return to Syria.

    2. Blaubeere says:

      Even if the Kurds will take the oil fields, it will not help them very much. To make use of it, they must sell the crude oil, or they have to turn the oil into some more advanced products. At the moment, I do not see any opportunity. Who should buy the oil, and how should the oil be transported to the customer? I don’t think Syria will buy its own oil from the Kurds, and Iraq has oil by itself. And while ISIS oil trade through Turkey was tolerated for a while, I cannot imagine that Turkish authorities will tolerate Kurdish oil trade. So, the only opportunity I see is that the US would force Iraq to allow Kurdish oil trade, or that the US themselves act as fence. We will see. The other opportunity is that the Kurds want to use the oild fields as a kind of bargaining chip for negotiations with the Syrian government. Anyhow, they will be forced to give the oil fields back to Syria, sooner or later. All the areas they have captured with the help of the US, in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir-Ezzor, are not Kurdish territory at all, and it will be difficult for them to stay there for a longer time.

  5. Serious says:

    Syrians trusted kurds, trusted americans, french, …..

    Can’t understand why people act like that. If you trust a wrong person, don’t be surprised by the consequences.

    Stop being naive. Being naive is being stupid. And being stupid doesn’t help.

    1. Blaubeere says:

      I don’t think Assad or the Syrians are naive. They just have to be careful and act slowly. The help by the Russians is not unlimited, and the SAA is exhausted. How many soldiers, policemen, etc. did Syria already lose? I think 100,000 or even more. :-(

      1. Serious says:

        They are naive. Iranians are not naive.

        How many Syrians have died ?? Surely 700000 or 800000.

  6. Elider Barrientos says:

    Porque no cruzan el rio

    1. Moussa Saab says:

      They got no time for that, there is a big bubble to burst in the West

    2. gustavo says:

      SAA no cruzó a tiempo el rio en Deir Ezzor, ni en Al Yamadin, ni aquí lo hará porque muy probablemente hay un trato llevado acabo entre Lavrov y Kerry, en donde la parte norte del rio le va a pertenecer a los kurdos (títeres de USA) , y la parte sur a Syria. ¿ Partición de Siria ?.. probablemente.

  7. Jasminko Grdic says:

    PMU need to come from South Syria and take the 4 Oil fields for start. Next is PMU take Omar Field , because SAA can not attack now SDF but Iraqi can :P

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      President Assad will surely be recognised as the saviour of Syria and the nemesis of the American Empire in the Middle East.

      1. gustavo says:

        Russia-Hezbolah-Iran together with Syria army are the saviors of Syria. It is wrong totally to forget about hte other ones.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          That goes without saying, however if President Assad had fled to exile his country would have crumbled in the face of US/Israeli proxy terrorism before Syria’s stalwart allies were able to deploy in strength.

  8. Attrition47 says:

    “Ooh-aah Hezbollah!”….you know the rest…;O)

  9. R3mba says:

    ffuck yea!!!!!!!!!!

  10. gustavo says:

    There is nothing to celebrate at the moment. After ISIS-Daesh be defected, Nustra-AlQaeda be exterminated, all pocket moderated terrorists be eliminated, SDF be sent to its original position, Turkies go home. Then there is really something to celebrate. But, this looks very far away, mainly because Russia do not want to stop Israel-USA-NATO at all.

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