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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Syrian Forces Establish Control Of About Half Of Rastan Pocket

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Syrian forces have re-established control of an area east of the M5 highway in the Rastan pocket in northern Homs after militants have withdrawn from the area. About 30 villages are located in the part of the pocket currently controlled by the Syrian Army and its allies.

Security forces and army started entering the eastern part of the pocket on May 15. According to pro-government sources, much more areas will be formally liberated by government forces within 1-3 days.

Map Update: Syrian Forces Establish Control Of About Half Of Rastan Pocket

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Great News, rats out Defenders of the Nation in control. Erdogan unfortunately trying to establish Idlib as a Turkish headchoppers enclave. Hope SAA and it’s Allies have a plan to smash his dream…


i can assure u there was a deal made! AASham (turkish proxies) vs HTS!

Even this website talked about it 6months a go! turks will push 30km from the turkish border southward! the SAA will take the rest! turkey was important for Syria to keep Idlib pocket at bay whilst the SAA were battling on other fronts! AASham will go to war with HTS in Idlib on a much bigger scale! this is why all other smaller FSA rebel groups are leaving HTS and joining AASham!

Turkey will be taking some land from Syria! Especially Afrin and the al-bab region! This deal would have been made for Turkey’s cooperation!

Dr. Pro Liv

I do not know about you but I have impression that so little is happening in Syria from military point of view… lately.
This is just routine operation for regular troupes and pro SAA militias. Where are the “Tigers”?


Catching a much needed break perhaps to rest, recover, regroup, work in new recruits? Lots of useful things they could be doing right now that don’t involve fighting.

Dr. Pro Liv

True. But than all that just confirms that serious fighting is done always by the same people. Depleted, wounded, worn out.
And it looks like that is quite small number of them left after all these battles.


When an army has such elite units they tend to be more in demand and see more action then others. During WWII in the German army the Waffen SS was used like that, as did regular army panzer divisions, and the paratroop divisions. In WWI the Canadian and Australian/New Zealand Corps were also highly in demand as they enjoyed a reputation of excellence that outmatched the regular British army. Any force that consists primarily of highly motivated volunteers tends to perform above average, although I reckon that the Tigers perform way better then is normally the case because the performance of the main Syrian army is on average a lot worse.

As for attrition I reckon that they get first pick and priority on receiving new recruits, equipment and other supplies. Such is usually the case with elite units.

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