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Map Update: Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Ash-Shafah, Advance On Albu Badran In Euphrates Valley

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured the village of Ash-Shafah from ISIS in the Euphrates Valley, according to pro-Kurdish sources. The SDF has advanced on ISIS positions in the village of Albu Badran in the same area.

The situation is developing.

Map Update: Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Ash-Shafah, Advance On Albu Badran In Euphrates Valley

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s amazing what the SDF can do now most of the Kurds have pulled out of Hajin, the Kurds start leaving and the non Kurdish SDF starts winning. The pocket of 1,500 Isis fighter have run out of magic potion after 8 months, there’s nothing left in the vat and they can’t fight anymore without that magic potion, they’re about to lose soon.
But the Kurds stole some of that magic potion before they left Hajin, they’re going to use it to fight against the Turks when they invade, not straight away, but after a little while when things are looking bad, then they’ll pull out that store of magic potion and do what the Isis fighters did, and HTS in Idlib too, they’ll become superhuman as well, giving them the ability to punch out Turkish tanks with their bare fists and smash the Turks to pieces.
Well if everyone seems to have believes Isis did what they did for 8 months, and HTS is now doing the same thing too, why wouldn’t everyone believe the Kurds could do the same thing to the Turks when they have to, I think they can and will, but not with some magic potion helping them, something else.

Bill Wilson

Turkey is too chicken shit to invade Northern Syria where the Kurds/SDF have been trained and amply supplied and supported by Coalition forces. They have years of fighting experience against ISIS and will be defending ground that they’re familiar with so could wreak havoc to Turkish armor while coalition air forces keep the Turkish air force grounded. Turkey was able to seize Afrin since the Kurds there were fewer in numbers and not supplied weapons by the coalition forces.
I think that the last ISIS pocket along the Euphrates is now cratering faster due to so many smarter fighters and leaders slipping out at night or during bad weather across the river or the eastern desert to hide with supporters along the west bank and in Iraq. Captured ISIS fighters have told the SDF that commanders have been disappearing without having a designated successor, so the Syrian and Iraqi fighters argue over which nationality should take their place then issue conflicting orders to the fighters in the field that usually ignore both and stay where they’re at to do as they see fit. Some sneak away to surrender to the SDF while others take off in trucks to conduct raids and get wiped out by the coalition air forces during their return back to their positions.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan for all his faults and he has many, hasn’t been a chicken shit at all, the exact opposite in fact, of all parties involved in Syria he’s been by far the most Courageous, and the dumbest at the same time. I’d like to know what you think a brave man really is if you think Erdogan’s a coward. I despise him for what’s been happening in Syria, but he’s got more balls than any other politician I’ve ever seen full stop, we disagree there, and he’s madman as well as being brave, which is even worse.
Back when the SAA took back Deir ez Zor city from Isis, Isis had lots and lots of practice crossing the river undetected, I’m sure they’re doing exactly what you say they are, in fact they could probably sneak out their whole army if they wanted to, that’s if they had anywhere to escape to over the river, I think the SAA has finally bolstered up their side of the river so that makes moving anything more than a few people hard for Isis now.
Just a few more days to go and they won’t be here at all.


Did you see the Afrin battle ? lmao. Kurds are just puppets and basically, they just swapped land with ISIS and made no battle.


Isn’t that amazing that the “coalition” spent 1 year in this tiny area while the same coalition was grabbing lands at the speed of light at one moment ? lmao. It seems that USA doesn’t want to detroy her own child. Indeed, USA is having hard time searching for a way to stay in Syria.

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