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Map Update: Syrian Army’s Recent Gains In Southern Idlib

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Map Update: Syrian Army's Recent Gains In Southern Idlib

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Since the resumption of offensive operations in southern Idlib on February 23, Syrian government forces have liberated the villages of Hantutin, Shekh Damis, Kafr Sajna and Naqir from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked groups in southern Idlib.


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I assume the initial goals are Zawiyah and Arabain mountains?

I hope the M4 and everything south of it can liberated in the coming weeks.

Assad must stay

yes M4 should be top offensive priority now


There is no liberation there but russian and chiits affiliated occupation working for dictatorship and destroying by the way the country . How you can liberate territories from free syrians, bunch of stupids?????!!! Liberation would be The Golan occupied by israelis jews.

Fair treatment

You are delusional. This part of Syria is fully controlled by terrorists.. Why they don’t allow civilians to leave.?? They are terrorists created by different states to destabilize regions and countries.. Turkey and USA are main supporters of such radical groups. If eventually Syria army will retake entire region of Idlib, will give a devastating blow to terrorists and their supporters, And Alqaeda will be almost totally annihilated. This people they don’t deserve to breathe air in our earth. They are aliens. Pure evil. Satanic cult..

Bobo Voxar

do something for Syria… take your jihadist scum and go liberate Golans… i am sure that SAA will do no problems at all … but let to know your masters do not shoot on you because you go just liberate your soil…


I gather that you are the village idiot where you live.


Concrete Mike

Your calling us bunch of stupids? Your the goatfucker not us buddy!

Gary Sellars

Shut your filthy mouth, Wahabbi scumbag baby killer.

The SAA is coming, and it will KILL every one of your faggot terrorists.

Xoli Xoli

Keep on pushing and liberate antarib and Kafr Lusin.Squeeze Erdogan out from Syria.


Hopefully the Turks have learned their lesson about how far they can push the Russians. Which isn’t very far. And will wise up and get with the program and make a positive contribution to getting the Syrian war wound down. Including getting the US out. So that everyone can move on to getting the root problem solved. Which is Jews and Israel.

Jim Bim

The Turks actions/reactions shows why they did not fulfill the agreement. They will not fulfill new agreements. The Turks are only loyal to the terrorist groups, whom they whole heartily support and defend.


Nah, the Turks aren’t loyal to them, but they are unwilling or unable to bring them to heel and they most definitely don’t want them to flee into Turkey. Keeping them in Idlib is the preferred Turkish option, and one that gives them some bargaining chips on the negotiating table.

Jim Bim

Turkey has no bargaining chip left on the negotiating table. Most of the terrorists in Idlib and northern Syria, came through Turkey. until 2015, Turkey made business with ISIS ( weapons for oil ), Russia smashed all the tankers. The only thing Turkey has left is getting out of Idlib without their troops and gear getting destroyed.


As long as you hold territory and an armed forces that can cause trouble you have a bargaining chip on the negotiating table. If you hold no territory and your proxy army is defeated you have nothing to negotiate with.


If you wanted to annihilate Al Qaida and friends it would have made sense to cut them off from Afrin and drive to the major border crossing to cut them off from Turkey. But methinks the objective now is to slowly push them out of Idlib into Afrin. Because a battle of annihilation would see shitloads of them flee into Turkey, which is the last thing that the Turks want. So I reckon that the strategy to retake Idlib does try to give the Turks a way out so they are not forced into actually launching a counterinvasion into Idlib to save their headchopper allies from annihilation.

ivan cohen

this is the time for kosher nostra and the sultan erdogan to come home before lose their faces completely. …and this is also the time for americans to go home because the hunt is starting, the hunt for evil rogue mercenaries, and the axis of evil to not lose more of their assets, their faces, …and much of their money which is finishing

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