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Map Update: Syrian Army’s Gains In Southern Idlib Following Liberation Of Khan Shaykhun


Map Update: Syrian Army's Gains In Southern Idlib Following Liberation Of Khan Shaykhun

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Following the liberation of Khan Shaykhun, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have carried out a limited offensive operation in southern Idlib liberating more areas from militants.




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    Nice straight front line with hills controlled.
    SAA can concentrate and move forces easier now with shorter front line.

    • Ronald

      Ya but there is that ‘observation post just west of Sayyadi and Ajas, that needs to be absorbed by the SAA. We need that, ” moving look “.

      • xTheWarrior22

        It can easily be surrounded.

        • Ronald

          I like your attitude.

          • xTheWarrior22

            Thanks :)

    • Joe Dickson

      Russia forced a ceasefire on them, now Turkish terrorists will regroup and fortify.

      • PZIVJ

        The last ceasefire did not last very long.
        This SE area has a lot of open farmland, allowing any “fortified” villages to be flanked.

      • EmilyEnso

        regroup and fortify.

        And pull back to do it.
        Nice one Russia.
        SAA will be reinforcing and consolidating.
        Just a breather….

    • jorge

      And, by the way, the guerrilla war in Afrin is being intensified. So, straight front line in the south, and in the north…

      • PZIVJ

        Seems the Jihadist, FSA, etc are losing their willingness to fight.
        Lack of support and bad morale may be a problem for the rats. This is a plus. :)

  • David Parker

    How is Erdogan going to get his dogs out of Morek? At the very least they are fair game for a few loads of 500# bombs as long as they remain in Syria.
    Perhaps Assad should dress them in orange coveralls and stage a public beheading of these invaders just like Erdogan’s CIA head-choppers did to the Christians and Syrian civilians in their “caliphate”. Hear the pigs squeal. Maybe burn a few of them alive with Nelson and Minnie Mandela “necklaces”.
    Terrorists are always brave when torturing women, children, and captives. It would be very entertaining and enlightening to see how they die when it is their turn.

  • gustavo

    Totally in agreement with the video shown here. However, it looks like that there will be another “intelligent” ceasefire agreement lead by Putin-Erdogan due to Turkey (NATO member) will buy from Russia Su-57 planes (more Russia technology to NATO). Bad bad news for Syria people with this “intelligent” ceasefire agreement.

    • jorge

      Only in your head, Gustavo.

  • abuqahwa

    TSK bases at OP T-8 (west Sayyadi) , OP T-10 (north Maydan Ghazal) and of course OP T-9 (Morek) will remain as part of Sochi Accord – The SAA Limit of Advance just happens to be the line of 30 Northing ( see old map) which marks the northern (inner) boundary of the so-called de-escalation zone. Co-incidence or not I always feared that the SAA operation would be stopped precisely along this Line of Contact.The TSK Base at Heish on M5 is outside the zone. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7fee23506a9c5b0b17adeca645996258cb603d2eb636b6907099b07cf1764190.jpg

  • goingbrokes

    Nice big chunk they took back out of Hama/Idlib!