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Map Update: Syrian Army’s Advance on ISIS in Homs


Yesterday, the Syrian army launched an advance against the ISIS terrorist group in the direction of the Sha`ar gas field. By now, the pro-government forces have taken control of the Sawwan Hill and set a foothold for further advances in the area.

Map Update: Syrian Army's Advance on ISIS in Homs

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  • Iran had better realize that if the Zionist-forces of evil win in Syria, that Iran is next up on their hit list.
    If I were Iran, I would go ahead and mobilize a new 7,000 strong forces and go take Homs and Aleppo for good, and start digging in defenses around Damascus against an Israel advance.
    Place plenty of advances rockets with Multiple Reentry Payloads for a strong deterrent against any further advances by the UK/Israeli alliance.