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Map Update: Syrian Army’s Advance In Southern Idlib On December 22, 2019

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Map Update: Syrian Army's Advance In Southern Idlib On December 22, 2019

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The Syrian Army is developing its rapid advance in southern Idlib. On December 22, government forces liberated over 10 villages in the region from radical militant groups. MORE HERE


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  1. John says:

    They are moving well. This is a repeat of what happened in the last SAA offensive in Idlib; tickle them over in Latakia so they focus there, soften them up, make them move around, make them feed reinforcements which are destroyed, wipe out supply points and make it all look like they are getting nowhere. Masterful execution.

    1. You can call me Al says:

      Well explained John.

  2. Andrei says:

    Blow up that Turkish post…
    They have no rights to be in Syria…. they are supporting terrorists…they are robbing the country from natural resources.
    Send them home…

    1. michaelj72a says:

      good lord, you know that Syria isn’t going to directly attack any Turkish outposts… The whole strategy will be to either negotiate their withdrawal, or else surround and isolate the posts.

      Turkey is fighting a losing game in certain parts of Syria, and apparently gaining and solidifying its support (like in Afrin) in others

  3. Doctor Attitude's Wrestling says:

    Why does the map at the bottom right read 98/10/01 (October 1st, 1998)? Weird.

    1. Z.P. says:

      Either “ISW News” has pirated Windows XP with not adjusted date and time on screen capture .

      or some aliens trying to pass the message…form other galaxy

  4. Liberal guy says:

    Ass will be burned in large numbers of the scums that’s for sure

  5. gustavo says:

    Let us hope that SAA-Russia aerospace force continue in this way. Erdogan.of course, will ask Putin to stop this offensive, and hopefully, Putin will stop pleasing Erdogan.

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