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Map Update: Syrian Army Retakes Control Of Assad Bin Al-Furat School, Nearby Points From ISIS In Southern Damascus


The Syrian Army and its allies have liberated the Assad Bin Al-Furat school, the UNRWA school, the Jazeera roundabout and multiple nearby points from ISIS in southern Damascus. MORE ABOUT

Map Update: Syrian Army Retakes Control Of Assad Bin Al-Furat School, Nearby Points From ISIS In Southern Damascus

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  • Michał Hunicz

    ISIS is probably without fresh food, water, ammunition or heavy equipment. But these fanatics will fight to death. Morons.

    • I ask you and the shiites who sold themselves to the devil: Is there problem with Abu Bakr? Wake up. https://youtu.be/sqiNAdzt8-Q?t=6m23s

      • Yui2

        So, how does it feel to fight to death for Allah, but also know that all you do curiously aligns perfectly well with Israel’s foreign policy?

        • max

          In a few weeks the only IS pocket will be the little one protected by Israëli forces nearby golan hights.
          that is whats left of the Holy empire they promised..

        • Vitex


          • Vitex

            Yes, let’s hear why all you brave Sunnis aren’t liberating Al Quds instead of giving the defenders of Syria a hard time?

      • jerrydrakejr

        You think I sold the soul to the devil just because I’m not a Sunni?
        I do not think that you sold the soul to the devil because you are a Sunni, you are just a asshole!

      • Manofjustice

        They always use the same tactics , put flags of foreign countries/religions/groups, foreign names, pretend to be turkish,kurdish, sunni, shia, christian, american etc and start spreading sh*it like diseases ! RATS !!!

      • Oscar Silva Martinez

        Was there a problem with Mohamed Ali??? noooooooo, he flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee!!! LOL!!!

      • Mike

        Israel is nearby, why don’t you Muslim civilian murdering cowards go fight them, I guess you don’t bite the hands that feed you.

    • Allah said: That do not think, those who are slain in the path of Allah as dead, but they’re alive and Allah sustains them, without any hesitation.

      • DaBoiiiii

        Funny you use this quote, and you would kill a Muslim who asks intercession from the dead because they are dead, and not alive. You Scum are full of contradictions.

      • FlorianGeyer

        I hardly think that you will be meeting any virgins soon , as the most dangerous activity for you is tapping a keyboard :)

      • j. jaxson

        i can see them now looking to chop heads off in heaven and
        the jews making nasty deals with their father satan.

      • Sadde

        Would like to see you sustained by Allay then, without any hesitation …

      • Mike

        You don’t worship Allah or God, you worship Zion, the West and ultimately Satan himself, you are psychopath embedded that trolls for a death cult.

    • FlorianGeyer

      They will doubtless have plenty of Saudi supplied Captagon Tablets to dull their pain and brains.

    • Barba_Papa

      They don’t have much choice. All the Green Daesh headchoppers still have Idlib and Daraa to withdraw too. ISIS has nothing. The desert in the East? That’s hardly ISIS territory, that’s just empty desert. Surrendering to Assad? That’s a one way ticket to Assad’s prisons. And what goes on in Assad’s prison in no small way helped fuel the Arab spring in Syria. So in that sense they have not much alternative but to fight to the death. And lets hope the SAA and RuAF will soon give them what they want.



  • Rob

    America and Israel both are notorous terrorist states. I don’t know how the world communities let them to produce and keep Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and its delivery systems for the killing of world humanity. I think the world community is totally powerless. This is not democracy.