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Map Update: Syrian Army Repelled Militants’ Counter-Attack On Hamamiat, Kafr Nabudah

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In the second half of May 13, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its Turkish-backed allies launched a large-scale counter-attack on the advancing Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces in northwestern Hama. Militants employed a large number of infantry supported by at least 4 battle tanks and several other armoured vehicles.

According to initial reports, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces delivered a blow to the SAA killing up to 10 soldiers and entered the villages of Hamamiat and Kafr Nabudah. However, they were not able to develop their initial success. The SAA, backed up by Syrian and Russian aircraft, re-groupped and launched a push to take back the previous positions. By May 14, after a series of intense clashes, militants had retreated.

According to pro-government sources, up to 10 pieces of militant military equipment were eliminated. Nonetheless, this number remains unconfirmed.

Map Update: Syrian Army Repelled Militants' Counter-Attack On Hamamiat, Kafr Nabudah

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Shadow Blade

Jesus christ how many counter-attacks did they do this week?


Lots! And expect more of them to come. Because they don’t have anywhere else to go. Turkey sure as hell won’t let them cross its borders. For all Erdogan’s love of Jihadis in Syria he doesn’t want them to be on Turkey’s soil. He is not that crazy.

But these counter attacks are a good thing. The more that offer themselves up to be killed now, the less there will be later on. the days of endless reinforcements coming in are over. This is it. This is their last stand. Their battle of the Oder river, the last stand before the layer of the Fascist beast in Berlin, in this case the Jihadi beast in Idlib City. An animal wounded and trapped in a corner will fight the hardest as it has nowhere to go. And from what I’ve gathered the SAA still hasn’t captured the mountains overlooking Kafr Nabudah, which is what allows the Jihadis to launch counterattacks in the first place. If the SAA had these mountains they could impose fire control and stop the Jihadis massing before launching their counter attacks.


its obvious they will fight to the end, they are fanatics, they have committed war crimes and they know there is nowhere to run. i would except tow greater surveillance by drones and immediate air force response. it was a great opportunity to destroy those tanks. they have them well hidden and now they got them out in the open.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Duncan Cameron

Much better to kill jihadis from prepared positions especially with pre ranged artillery and rockets than having to do the same at jihadi fortifications like in Latakia

Concrete Mike

Latakia will be a tough nut to crack, Hopefully it will be liberated from the east so the jihadi defenses can be used an an anvil.

For now let Al Nusra throw away its men and equipment, just like they did at the artillery academy in Aleppo, like you said, SAA is in a good position now.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hopefully soon al nusra ceases to exist completely

John Whitehot

eventually it will happen.

klove and light

lolololololololol i wont comment this bs anymore…….we are Talking/writing About a Tiny , very Tiny bit of land in n.hama….. LOL

Maybe u all should stop beiing in Fantasy land and take a fucking good look at the current map of syria u smartasses….

SYRIA is partioned !!!!!! period!!!!!
and all is set for the big standoff between the proud persians and their allied Forces from hezbollah and the Evil shit of the universe jews which as usual will use the stupid drug infested paedophile Evil Nation of the USA to do their dirty work.

Those jihadi pricks u all are writing About are as interesting and important like 1 dead fish on the shores of Florida.They a merely a pawn on the Chess board of the Evil satanic jews.Not more.than Cannon foder if u want.

Whats of strategic importance in syria now, is AL-Tanf for 2 reasons…..1. it blocks direct link between Iran/iraq and syria/lebanon and even more important the USA Evil asshole Forces have M142 Himars Systems stationed there.
This System is a Ground to Ground Missiles System with a range of 300km, but also a Ground to air defense System when using the SLAMRAAM Missiles.This Military Hardware has Nothing to do with Fighting terrorists, but has everything to do as a strategic weapon placed in a strategic place against the Government of Syria.

And as the past years have shown…the syrian Government is great at crying About the Evil americans at the UN or elsewhere (thats Nothing knew we all know that the USA is a Nation of scum and dumbwits) but they are not remotley interested in Fighting this Evil satanic occupation force.And if history has taught as one Thing About the american assholes…. Vietnam,Lebanon etc…

U have to make them leave….make them die, cause there is one Thing the fucked up pussy americans cant stomach DEAD AMERICAN PRICKS………

look at Japan…..still there after 70 years lol
look at Germany still there after 70 years lol
look at italy still there after 70 years lol
and the list goes on and on…

and quess what….they wont leave..period!

Ist the bigger Picture…the jewish satanic plan for all of us….
a one world governmnet, with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish Leadership….

ALL nations that RECOGNIZE the Evil satanic fake created Nation of Israel are part of the Agenda…including Russia and China and eu and uk etc…..

u Folks tend to Forget what happened a week ago , less what happend 1 year or 2 years ago.Might i remind everybody, that it was RUSSIA/Putin which gave the green light for 1. the turkish Invasion of afrin and Idlib, and 2 the numerous (over 30) bs agrrements with the worst headchooping motherfuckers on this planet were everytime hezbollah and SAA had them cornered in ie. douma,aleppo the russians made the Agreement of free travel with light weapons and their fucked up families to IDLIB!!!!!
Thats a fucking fact.
SAA is now Fighting against the same pricks which they had cornered in 1 and 2 years ago but were let to travel freely and happily i might add to Idlib….were they regrouped , rearmed.
Then u had this bs Agreement of demilitarized Zone LOLOLOLOLOL great an agreemant with the worst headchoopers, that opps what a fucking surprise the headchoppers broke the Agreement on day 1 but under wise thinking of the russians, the SAA was prevented for MONTHS attacking These jihadi motherfuckers………now with the war on the horizon between the USA Forces and Persia it becomes perfectly clear why SAA was constantly prevented fromn attacking These jihadi Forces……

its all About strategy and backstabbing……make sure that the resistance have enemy Forces on their Turf…they do now including several Missiles with chemical weapons which they will use when their masters in tel aviv tell them to.

ps. they tried the same in lebanon but hezbollah is way to strong for them which piked in the , for the whole world to see, Arrest and incarceration of the sunni dual Saudi/lebanese Citizen who was/is president of lebanon Saad Hariri.

ps. in iraq they have succeded….the USA has Right now ..05.2019 28 bases in iraq , troop numbers between 16,000 and 28,000 and an embassy in Bagdad with unbelievable 16,000 employees.

and u will all see, after the nuclear Exchange(faked between russia and USA-with fake i mean a war that has an exact plan on where and what will be hit through Agreements between Russia and USA) and the total economic breakdown of the Worlds economy……the jew will come Forward.as soon as his temple is built,to make peace for all -sarcasm out.- ….thats theri plan..and it is going splendid for them, beacuse most Folks cant imagine that something can be that Evil, that satanic.Yes ..the jew!

John Whitehot

hell this so boring.

klove and light

RT/almasdar news

Russian FM accuses US of preparing to use nuclear weapon in Europe
By deploying nuclear weapons in Europe, the United States is preparing to use them with permission of non-nuclear European states, Vladimir Ermakov, the director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at the Russian Foreign Ministry, told Sputnik.
“Unfortunately, some countries dependent on Washington pretend that nothing is happening, or are simply afraid of even thinking about the provocative nature of the fact that in the 21st century there is a preparation for the use of nuclear weapons with participation non-nuclear states on the territory of Europe,” Ermakov said.

dice are rolling……

klove and light

Saudi halts pumping on major oil pipeline after Yemeni drone strike
Tue May 14, 2019 11:20AM [Updated: Tue May 14, 2019 12:14PM ]
HomeMiddle EastSaudi Arabia

and the dice keeps on rolling

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