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Map Update: Syrian Army Progress Along Road Between Resafa And Sukhna

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in eastern Syria. Government forces, led by the Syrian Army Tiger Forces and Raqqah tribal forces, are advancing against ISIS along the road between the government-held town of Resafa and the ISIS-held town of Sukhna.

The Syrian military and its allies are seeking to isolate ISIS units isolating in the eastern Hama countryside. This may become possible if they are able to capture the town of Sukhna and to secure the road between Sukhna and Resafa.

Map Update: Syrian Army Progress Along Road Between Resafa And Sukhna

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Love Petro’s maps, they show the oilfields too, Isis setting fire to the one East of Resafa now.

Joe Doe

I agree


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Joe Doe

SAA should continue parallel South along those two roads in direction to Sukhna. Than close the packet and clean the huge packet going from East to West before going East. This will aouflane the ISIS from behind and from side.

Miguel Redondo

–ISIL’s oil trade takes big hit as Syrian Army troops advance in southern Raqqa–


One dumb question…. Who is the trading partner? Which territory is used in the transport? Can they send truck convoys through syrian government territory? – not credible. Through kurdish held territory into Turkey? That was the old route , still working? Only possible with USA consent. Through Irak? Same, US and Irak consent necessary.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Trading partners are Turkey, US,Israel ,Kurds and the oil was transported to Northern Iraq thru Northern Syria via US/Kurdish checkpoints and middle men . The pipeline in Northern Iraq is still open for business Barzani’s are biggest thieves their and responsible for the rise of ISIS , especially since their US masters wanted it .

Jens Holm

Same evil liar rubbish from You as usual.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stop pretending you are just another Kurdish fraud .

Jens Holm

according to terra Cutter below its probatly ballons or those minidrones.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Wow , you are such a Kurdish Camel jumper and get butt hurt so easily , cry some more .

Solomon Krupacek

assad, the conqueror


Pál Póli

Could they somehow beef up the forces in Deir Ezzor by airdropping a few hundred soldiers and heavy equipment? That way they could expand the territory toward the government held lines?

Gregory Louis

Breaking out of any well organized siege is very difficult which is why breakouts aren’t common and breaking the siege is better like Aleppo or kuwerais military airbase the Saa are also cut in half from each other which makes breaking out go through a process of bringing forces together which any modern force can see and breaking ISIS defenselines but to where? Suhkna is the closest ISIS town near SAA lines


The time to break out is when a relief army is close by, filling the enclave with troops only adds to supply problems.

Jens Holm

thats right


They can’t airdrop armored vehicles and tons of fuel, so there can’t be a strong attack from within. A supply route needs to be established first.

Jens Holm

They cant support them and hasnt people which can do that to. Im expecting, they very soon will stop or retreat, beacuse they cant distribute that spread out.


Good to see TF moving east of Resafa as well. Great strategy!

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