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Map Update: Syrian Army Liberates Part Of Hajr al-Aswad In Southern Damascus From ISIS


On May 5, the Syrian Army and its allies liberated the key area of Hajr al-Aswad in southern Damascus from ISIS. The operation became a result of the previous successes of the government forces in the area. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Syrian Army Liberates Part Of Hajr al-Aswad In Southern Damascus From ISIS

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  • David Bedford

    Israel and the USA suck cock!

    • neil barron

      So your an expert at it !

      • Rob Centros

        No, the U.S. and Israel are.

      • David Bedford

        I learned from the best, your mum. ;)

    • digital82711

      No, our corrupt Zionist Jewish-controlled politicians do. Real Americans support Assad against the takfiri jihadist scum.

  • Michał Hunicz

    On the road to Daraa boys!

    • Cedric Hunter

      Daraa boys. Get to Daraa after all this.

  • Shadow Blade
  • Barba_Papa

    So……, I don’t know about you guys, but I for one am curious as to what happened to the ISIS rats in that pocket. Did they all die? Seems doubtful considering it happened so quickly. Did they surrender? Surrendering to Assad seems not as popular a choice to ISIS rats as surrendering to the Kurds. Who at least give them a sweet deal, whereas Assad’s prisons are renowned for their ‘hospitality’. Or maybe, what seems more likely, most ISIS rats evaded being cut off in this pocket and escaped to the main pocket before it was cut off. And the Syrian army took a mostly empty pocket. Nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary, shortening frontlines is always good. But I reckon that when you’re fighting ISIS to the death it will take some time. If it goes to quickly I wonder where all the rats have gone.

    • Ono&Dsz

      I agree with you.. there was fighting but not what was expecting.. it seems that final fight would be in center of Yarmouk… and hope this time without buses…take them all under the ground

    • Bill Wilson

      There probably weren’t many ISIS fighters left in that camp to begin with and those from neighboring areas that joined them had slipped out earlier or are doing so now.

  • Rob

    Due to fear the Israeli migrants have pissed in their trousers. These ISIS morons spied on Damascus for so long for Netanyahu and MI6.