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Map Update: Syrian Army Is Pushing To Rescue Another Turkish Observation Post From Al-Qaeda

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Map Update: Syrian Army Is Pushing To Rescue Another Turkish Observation Post From Al-Qaeda

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Units of Syrian government forces, led by the Tiger Forces, are rapidly advancing along the M5 highway in the direction of the militant-held  town of Al-Eis in southwestern Aleppo. Over the past day, government forces have liberated over 10 settlements and deployed in a striking distance from al-Eis itself.

Al-Eis is the stronghold of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other terrorist groups. A Turkish observation post is also located there. The post has been established to monitor the ceasefire regime established by the Astana agreements. Nonetheless, it seems that terrorists, officially excluded from the ceasefire, tricked the Turkish Army and  drew them into a trap. So, now the Turkish observation post is located a step away from al-Qaeda positions.

The Syrian Army to the rescue!


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Karen Bartlett

“Syrian Army to the rescue”!


I’ve got a better idea. The Turks can rescue themselves and go eat their kebabs somewhere else


Hahahaha…..save them good! But be aware that Erdo is not sending his army just to watch. He wants blood like every sultan.


It seems Erdogan won’t stop until he gets a bloody nose. Like what Iran did to the US. Since Russia’s doing it is too dangerous for world peace, then Syria should. After all, they are defending their territory. The fact that Turkey has the largest toys and the largest army, it doesn’t mean much in the absence of experience. In 1979, China invaded Vietnam to “give them a lesson”. Vietnam, fresh from having kicked Yankee ass, gave China a lesson instead.

James Kira

Turkey is borderline between all groups.

It should just follow HTS lead or runs the risk of murtardedness like the rest of the world.

“All apostacised except three [AQ HTS Taliban].”

Concrete Mike

Shut up goat fucker.

James Kira


Harry Smith

Hey James Kira is it halal or haram to take weapons from USA?

James Kira

Good question Harry Smith, it actually depends on intentions completely.

For example an Angel(as) could send a weapon to both a Believer and a kufar, but if the kufar uses it for good then he is rewarded, while a Believer intentionally uses it to kill an innocent, then he is rewarded 2x a punishment for hypocrisy.

So the usa giving weapons with the intention to cause harm is punished while the Believer who uses it for good is rewarded.

There is a caveat though for example taking or accepting money, is sometimes haram, if the taking of it is part of a perpetually bad cycle or ecosystem.

So in general its not good to accept anything from a kufar or even to associate because kufar are like diseases which can spread.

Using a weapon to attack is riskier than to defend, because defense is more lenient upon its means.

For example Rebels attacked by asshead can actually take refuge in kikerael if worse comes to worse.

Whereas for asshead to run to russia like a wuss, is actually ok, but to invite russia into Syria and use russia to attack anyone inside Syria, is heinous apostacy.

So I hope I answered your question, that every action and law depends on intention which is why Believers fear God(swt), say BismAllah(swt) (In the Name of God(swt)) before doing anything, because that is the intention.

The root of any countrys law whether japan or americuck, is actually intention itself.

Harry Smith

Hahaha, stupid khavarij! Prepare to be very badly surprised in the grave!

James Kira

See, even questions and answers are rewarded depending on our intentions.

For example, I studied Shia Hadith like a mofo going all the way to Iran.

But when I left, because iranians were cucked, I found out that Shia no matter what end up in Heaven, those who pay their respects to Imam Reza(as) get a free pass over the razor edged bridge over hell across to Heaven.

And while in Turkey I learned that Mujahedeen after Martyrdom, is like a door opening in the grave, to Heaven.

The only caveat I can think of for Shia, is apostacy, which you iranian traitors allied with russia with against innocent civilians.

Thats why I say iranians are cucked for giving their wives to russia. Big mistake.

Harry Smith

Didn’t you learned in Turkey that is prohibited for Muslims to be allies with Christians or Jews if they are allies of each other? Go and ask your teacher why Turkey is in NATO while USA is the main Israel’s ally. Indeed you are khawarij if you can not see the obvious.

PS I am Russian not Iranian.

James Kira

Turkey was allied before Erdogan, and iran claims to not be allied, but in spirit is.

In Erdogans heart is to hate having to negotiate with kikes americunts and commie phaghots.

In irans cucky heart is to be phaggots and cuck their wives to fake christian commies with their fake Muslim army.

Muslims in russias army are apostates, and apostacy is one of the most complicated and severe crimes.

Im a philosopher, and Ive decided that russian philosophers are the most useless of thinkers in the world, simply because they are kufar and at best luke warm or fake christians.

putins still a commie and therefore haram.

In Turkey I saw that Turkey mistakenly believed obama was Jesus(as) but also that Turkey had a plan to infiltrate america.

So go f7ck yourself you iranian cucked out commie.

Harry Smith

Muslim ruler is obligated to rule in accordance with the Quran. If Turkey is still in NATO that means Turkey rulers are kafirs. BTW no one homosexual was executed after thy tried their parade in Istanbul. That says a lot.


Turks are renown for being Back Stabbers and Shit Stabbers.


It is important to note that Muslims taxed and murdered people to spread their religion. It was a tool l of rulers and warlords to mentally enslave the population. Islam itself has this taxes and verses which allow the murder and oppression of non believers. The same history applies to Christians and Jews.

Christianity has its interpretations which allowed and still allow this murderous conquest to flourish. The same history applies to Christian and Jews. The thieving capitalists forced people into the religion at point of a sword and gun barrel. Down with all empires, capitalist murdering thieving warlord pillagers and their religious tools of oppression and murder – Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

James Kira

Sure, look at saudi arabia, it costs 5k to go there from japan.

Judaism Christianity Islam are dope Religions with dope Prophets(as), and a Dope Creator(swt).

Martyrdom is what all Believers want while cucks fear death and Mujahedeen.

My name is James after the Apostles(as), the Greatest Martyrs against the jews and romans.

netanyahu the pope and binned salmon are apostates, just as putin assad and iranians. They are cowards supported by cowards. nato and russia can go f7ck themselves and their new years and christmas that all you athiest cucks celebrate religiously.


Why keep bothering with these stupid observation posts? It really is a joke at this point.

Assad must stay

Hahahaha i know, it reminds me of building a bunker or missile turret in the middle of nowhere in real time strategy games like StarCraft in order to get a feel for what the other players are up to

Xoli Xoli

Bomb Turkeys convoy and Erdogan S-400 completely.

Tudor Miron

Good one! Lol.


good news!! :)

Assad must stay

Screw the observation post, go for taftanaz airbase!!!!


Also Russians by installing their bases in Latakia, prevented Turkish and Israeli clash in that region, preventing unnecessary casualties for both of them.

good american

Humorous article, thumbs up. But joking aside, this is actually how the US shapes narrative, turning things upside down and getting the uninformed to believe. I could show this article to some of my friends and they would think the Turks really are in danger and that Pres. Assad must not be so bad if he’s saving the soldiers of his neighbor from the evil al-quaeda whose weapons come from over-running US bases 6 years ago in Iraq.
Narrative is like clay, it’s all about how it’s shaped.


The positive thing is that the US Military and Government Idiocracy both lack any sense of humour. :)

This has always been a trait of stupid people, ignorant people,Libtards and radicals, including Greta bloody Thunberg.


I fully expect that the Syrian ambassador to the UN will soon declare that the SAA is obliged under the UN ‘Right to Protect’ legislation to ensure the safety of the Turkish forces that are hopelessly ‘Lost in Idlib’ after taking map reading lessons from US Military Experts.

The Turks have unwittingly found themselves in an area that is currently infested with Wahabi and Zionist vagabonds.

The SAA will closely protect the Turks and give them an escort to their home country. The Syrian Government is also producing a map with easy to read information that clearly shows the border with Syria and Turkey.


It looks like the offensive will be limited by the Aleppo-Hama highway.

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