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Map Update: Syrian Army Is Outflanking Saraqib From Western Direction

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Map Update: Syrian Army Is Outflanking Saraqib From Western Direction

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The Syrian Army liberated the villages of San, Jobas, Zakar, Dadikh and Kafr Batikh southwest of the militant stronghold of Saraqib in the province of Idlib. Government forces are now working to outflank Saraqib from the western direction and to cut off militants in the town from their counterparts in the rest of the province.


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Zionism = EVIL

4 Turkeys have just been killed and 9 wounded in a precise SAA artillery barrage.

klove and light

perfect start into the week

Assad must stay

lol yea i read that


source pls

Xoli Xoli

Attack Turkey is the only deterrent. Because Turkey wants to weaken Syrians through camouflage behind terrorists. Kill more Turkey troops and destroy their artillery as well.


It looks like 5 more Turkish ‘observation posts’ are about to become Turkish holiday resorts. Soon they will become the world’s biggest holiday resort chain. Idlib Holidays. Come join us in our fantastic resorts, where you get to roast kebabs, enjoy the sun and detoxify from the modern world as there is fuck all else to do as the resorts are kept secluded from the outside world by Syrian groundskeepers who keep the outside world out and the guests in. It’s like the Eagles song, you can check out any time, you just can never leave.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They can in bodybags.


They make perfect (easy to get) hostages in the case of any greater conflicts between SAA and Turk army. Great tactical move Turks!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The SAA just attacked the Turkish OB post located on the M4 highway just to the west of Saraqib, so it’s starting to turn into a war now, the Turks are hitting SAA positions and the SAA are hitting Turkish positions, what’s next, a full on Turkish invasion, maybe. We have to de escalate the situation as fast as we can, the UN might be of some help and the Arab league can play a part too, anything and anyone we can find to help should be asked to help now. Assad’s new found friend the UN may help by ending all humanitarian aid to Idlib immediately instead of in 6 months time, they don’t like sending aid workers into warzones, and the Arab League have thousands of peacekeepers ready to help Assad and create a non militarized zone in Idlib [and they won’t be kissing the terrorists arses], so we do have some options available if things get any worse than they are now. But sadly it’s looking like a dog’s breakfast now and sadly I don’t things will improve by tomorrow, just get worse.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Erdogan is a lying piece of trash. He should go suck Trump’s little dick. He’s been crushed in Syria. He has no heart and no morals. He’s a little man, as is the Jewish dictator.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump wouldn’t let him, neither will Putin anymore. And make no mistake, Turkey isn’t crushed in Syria by a long shot, even without Russian support Turkey is still more than capable of turning the tide of battle if they want to, the Turks don’t need to attack the Russians, just the Syrians, so don’t think we’re out of the woods just yet. Erdogan will be hanged by the Turks themselves, and that’s despite the fact they don’t have the death penalty in Turkey, but they’ll make an exception for Erdogan when they need to, 50% of the Turks absolutely love Erdogan, but the other 50% would be more than happy to see him hanged.


Turkish observation posts are good Russian move because with this move Turkey is excluded from military actions inside Idlib. Turkey is in Idlib, by agreement, to ensure peace trough observation posts, I think 12 of them by agreement and now about 20. So, SAA advance, Turkey place new observation posts, SAA isolate them and so on. The moment Turkey takes action that violates the agreement, it will lose the right to be in Idlib at all. The strategic move is – you better let them there as peacekeepers than as an invading force. Remember, in northeast Syria, they entered Syria as an attacking force and made a lot of (future) problems for the SAA.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you don’t see the Turks as an existing invasion force you’re not on the same page as the president of Syria is, he doesn’t call them peacekeepers, he calls them the same thing that Amnesty International have started calling them, an occupying force that commits numerous war crimes and acts of terrorism, human rights abuses, ethnic cleansing, and ILLEGAL OCCUPATION, that’s what they really are.


You do not follow me. I personally hate Turks for what they have done to my people troughout history and I have no any moral dilemma about idea to exterminate them. What I say is – like when you give a baby a pacifier, they were also given a “pacifier” to look out for, while SAA does its job. Now, when Turks woke up, it is too late for them to do anything to change outcome of this campagne.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I hope you’re right but I’m not so sure the Turks will give up so easily.


The Turks fell into the trap and took the bait, they thought that a new SAA attack would come from the east, so they added a new observation post to the east of the city of Saraqib and ignored the western direction of the city. Now the distance to Ariha is only about 8.5 km. The distance to Nayrab, which is located north of the M4 highway, is about 2.5 km. Attack and capture Nayrab then the M4 highway will be automatically cut off, so terrorist reinforcements coming from the west via the M4 highway will be stopped.


good news!!

Assad must stay

Very good SAA keep outflanking them and cutting them off and continue being a steel wall that the rats smack themselves dead into hahahaha


Exaactly, this is what I though it was going to happen. Now, Turkey terrorists and Turkish themselves will be trapped and destroyed, if Putin allows it.

Ray Douglas

The Russians are no fools when it comes to tactics but I would be concerned about the SAA getting caught too far in front and leaving space behind for a pincer move.


nice development




Jeezus, it’s great to see the SAA getting closer and closer to Idlib City.

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