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Map Update: Syrian Army Is In Only About 3km From Khan Shaykhun

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Map Update: Syrian Army Is In Only About 3km From Khan Shaykhun

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Late on August 14, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies liberated the villages of Umm Zaytunah and Kafr Tab from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in southern Idlib. Therefore, SAA units deployed just in 3km from the entrance to the strategic town of Khan Shaykhun.


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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Jacob Wohl

dont get your hopes up too high antisemite


Not sure where you get off calling people an antisemite, but you obviously don’t know your history.

Syrians are semites. Thats why jews are semitic. The Hebrew people originally came from the land of aram, which is the upper Mesopotamia lands of syria. The rivers of aram refer to the kabir and balikh rivers , tributaries of the euphrates.

So anyone supporting syria’s war against militants and foreign fighters from turkey and gulf arabs is actually pro-semitic. Turks are not semites. Gulf arabs, who are descendants of sumer and elam, are not semites either. They adopted arabic only later. Making them semitic speakers, but not semitic people.

All true semites look like syrians. They include syrians, palestinians, jordanians, western iraqi, hejaz arabs, and north yemeni. And to the extant jews are still descendants of the original diaspora, semites includes jews too.

Lena Jones

Wohl is a wannabe semite, like ALL khazarian convert jews. Semite-envy is what they all suffer from.


Look at his boi, he is a bot
Zionist – Trump Supporter – Conservative – Youngest Hedge Fund Manager – Youngest Investor

Zionism = EVIL

The Jew idiot is a desperate spammer and has been blocked for ages, but has nothing better to do than post sheer nonsense by using multiple accounts, he is a PUNK and a convicted Talmudic perverted sicko fraudster like Epstein.

Lena Jones

I’d forgive him if he were a mere “bot”, but fact is that he is a living terrorist spreading jewish supremicism and hate.

Concrete Mike

Youngest winner of the douchebag of the year award!


troll blocked

Zionism = EVIL
Saso Mange

he is a piece of human trash, nothing more nothing less


Wohl is a good guy and excellent comedian :)))

Lena Jones

Don’t get your hopes up too high anti-gentile Christ-killer.


Didn’t the Romans crucify Christ? I know that the jews took part in the persecution but it was the Romans that killed him.

Zionism = EVIL

Jews are backstabbers and sold out Jesus to the Romans and hence the term JUDAS KISS was invented when they killed Jesus.

Lena Jones

Yeah the rabbis pretty much persistently BEGGED AND BEGGED AND BEGGED the Romans to kill Jesus – the Romans TWICE investigated Jesus and found him NOT to be a threat to Caesar like the rabbis accused him, and in the end, the brow-beaten Romans asked the jews to choose between the crucifixion of Jesus and the jewish murderer Barabbas and the jews chose to give Barabbas his freedom instead (it’s in the bible). This is typical of jews: coerce, harangue and arrange for others to do their dirty work.


Real like in Iraq, Syria and… Iran.


It is false the Sanhedrin condemned to death Jesus, the Jewish people refused the grace of Pilate. They killed s. Stephen and sent to death s. Paul. Isis killing Christians in Mosul and Ninive did work for jews.comment image


Not antisemite, khazar, anti zionists. BSD Israel will bury you, racists.

Hasbara Hunter

You are the ANTISEMITE in here you Filthy Khazarian AshkeZioNazi… You Parasites Kill Semitic Palestinians…

By Way of Deception Thou Shalt do War…

Concrete Mike

Fuck you dont caĺl us what you are!! We see how you treat black jews from ethiopia!

Saso Mange

when you finally meet true antisemite and when he pounds your arse then you will be sorry for insulting decent people with such labels

you do not even know what anti semitism is because all that you know is the so called ”new anti semitism” which is widely promoted by zionist scumbags since late 1980’s.

zionism is fascism and you are antisemitic actually, by spreading such hatred you are endangering Jewish people around the world but then, Israel loves that because they might immigrate there. You people are laughable.

Jacob Wohl

that’s why I train in boxing and Krav Maga. But believe me, I know exactly what I see when people call me ‘soap bar’ on here. That’s blatant antisemitism referring to the Holocaust, unless you want to call it otherwise in your fairy-tale world

Saso Mange

Syrian sovereignty is antisemitic, your words. Yes, because they want their land back. Golan is Syrian land. That’s why you hate Syria. If you steal something and the owner wants it back – its you who is the problem.

No the original owner. You trivialize antisemitism. Krav maga and boxing wont help you against street thugs. Those martial arts and boxing are rich kids pleasure i will beat up any master black belt with only street experience. Take care.


How is the ‘Assad must stay’ commeter an ‘anti-semite’, exactly? Feel free to explain how you came to such conclusions in detail. The cited commenter’s remark, immediately above, merely offered a tactical military opinion – regarding the Syrian Army’s next move forward in southern Idlib – on what basis do you claim commenter to be an ‘anti-semite’?


Nicely done but this is where guile can pay dividends. Hold back, let the US head-chopping, heart-eating, rapers and slavers reinforce the town and then outflank it to the north instead of attacking head on; perhaps attack somewhere else instead. Wait for the counter-attack and deluge it with firepower. Operation Epsom a-go-go.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yea maybe, i think they should close the gap between hobit and sukayk, cutting off the M5 highway and attacking khan sheykun from east and west simultaneously

Zionism = EVIL

The Syrian strategy is working well and according to independent reports the Turkeys who have around 300 cannon fodder around Khan Shaykhun are about to be encircled and cut off.

Turkish forces on the verge of being encircled in northern Hama

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – The recent advances by the Syrian Arab
Army (SAA) in northern Hama and southern Idlib has left a large number
of militants and several Turkish soldiers on the verge of being
encircled in this region.

Over the last 48 hours, the Syrian Arab Army has managed to advance to the western outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun,while another military force makes the push towards the city’s eastern flank placing the critical highway in artillery range.

Jacob Wohl

yeah and rebels will counterattack and re-liberate these villages by tomorrow, guaranteed

Lena Jones

You wanna bet your rat-infested farm on that?! Freaking loser! Historic Palestine is next.

Quenten Bruce

How ya going mate? Lovely day to smell the roses aye? You do know that 60% of the world thinks the US is the biggest threat to international security owot?


What happened to the wraith? Did you wake up to yourself? Hopefully you will continue to wake up to the evil you believe in and support.

Concrete Mike

Fat chance tony, its jihadi bbq time, your too stupid to notice that yiur butt buddies have veem getting crushed for yeara now, when did Al Nusrah gain any ground in the last 3 yeears, 4 years.

You terrorist supporting shit sandwich!

Hasbara Hunter


Zionism = EVIL

The Zionist fucks are in serious trouble as Russia has just handed over its Tal Al-Harara hilltop position on the Golan to the Hezbollah. This was a strategic base that overlooks Zionist occupied Golan.

Hasbara Hunter

Them Russians are me Brothers…them is doin’ a Good Job…


These are not rebels seeking some kind of government reform but extremist militants. We know how Israel deals with opposition do you expect Syria to simply surrender!!

Zionism = EVIL

This is a good strategy to squeeze M5 north-south Axis and cut off the Turkeys terrorist supply routes. The area under the headchoppers nominal control is very small now, perhaps less than 2200 sq kms and should be bombed to hell. The interesting development is the cohesion and growing capability of the SAA, which is now conducting large scale combined arms operations with Russian air support, mostly on its own. Another very informative information either deliberately or inadvertently given out by Hezbollah senior leadership about its excellent shape and huge size today. Hezbollah now has an official strength of 65,000 highly trained troops with a reserve of another 150,000 and is capable of completely destroying the Zionist entity. The Lebanese Shia population is now pushing upwards of 2.5 million and most of it is very young with a median age of 18 years, a large pool of fighters to recruit from.

IRGC commander says Hezbollah can ‘wipe Zionist regime of the map by itself’

Earlier, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the Zionist regime that
Israel would be on the “verge of vanishing” in the event of a new war against the 65,000 strong Lebanese national resistance group.

Saso Mange

Hezbollah is penciline for Zionism :)

Zionism = EVIL

True, more like a permanent enema for Zionist cancer :)

Saso Mange

Fun fact, Zionists made Hezbollah because they invaded Lebanon. Now they cry about it. Such crazy people they are cancer of this world, Zionist movement.

Saso Mange

Decent tactics. I like the way they break up militant territory and then deal with minor groups. Well done SAA.


excellente news!! :)

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys are in a pickle too as their supply conduit for the headchoppers is being squeezed and they will be surrounded soon if they don’t flee. They have only thin skinned APC suitable for the mountain winding roads and the SAA can make mincemeat of those.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m sure the SAA can smell the rebels fear from 3 km away.

Lord Humongous

I’m an American, disabled veteran. I fully support SAA in their heroic efforts to retrieve their country from these vile terrorists. As far as East of the Euphrates is concerned, frankly, we should not be there, Turkey either. The Kurd will stand, or fall on their own. We should let the Kurds negotiate their own agreements with Damascus. Lastly, of course the United States should pull out of Al Tanf. No need for us to be there, period.

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