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Map Update: Syrian Army Fortifying Its Positions In Northeastern Syria

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Map Update: Syrian Army Fortifying Its Positions In Northeastern Syria

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The Syrian Army is establishing military posts near the villages of Mrayjat, al-Bustan, Suwaydiyah Gharbiyah, Shamsiyah, Hub al-Hawa and Ain Diwar in the province of al-Hasakah. MORE HERE


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Integrate into Syria or become irrelevant.


I wonder where does Trump want to export the Syrian oil

Pave Way IV

Tankered to Iraqi ‘Kurdistan’ via the Barzani Mafia who use US taxpayers money to pay some below-market price. After that, it goes across the border to Erdogan’s brother-in-law, who adds it to stolen Iraqi oil the Kurds pipe to Ceyhan. Then it’s on to Haifa where Israel (well, US taxpayers probably) pay $35/bbl. It’s supposedly refined for domestic consumption, but everyone without an extra chromosome knows the Israeli receiver immediately resells it to European buyers for $65/bbl. Hey! Nothing wrong with making a few shekels from the goyim cattle. God said it was OK.


sounds like business, too bad it’s impossible on geography


They’ll just sit on it so the Syrians can’t get it. I’m sure some White House lawyer has told Trump that selling Syria’s oil is a war crime which would mean he would be unable to travel outside the USA after his term is up. Unless there is something in it for him I don’t see Trump doing anyone a favour that would negatively impact his life.


“selling Syria’s oil is a war crime which would mean he would be unable to travel outside the USA”

be a good boy, Santa is watching

Pave Way IV

Hey, don’t leave CENTCOM commanders and their Pentagon bosses off the war criminals’ list. We didn’t forget the German High Command at Nuremberg.

“In the Von Leeb case (The German High Command Trial) before the US Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1948, the accused, former high-ranking officers in the German army and navy, were charged, inter alia, with war crimes and crimes against humanity against civilians in that they participated in atrocities such as plunder of public and private property. The evidence showed that the looting and spoliation which had been carried out in the various occupied countries were not the acts of individuals, but were carried out by the German Government and the Wehrmacht for the needs of both…

…The Tribunal added that military necessity “does [not] justify the seizure of property or goods beyond that which is necessary for the use of the army of occupation. Looting and spoliation are none the less criminal in that they were conducted, not by individuals, but by the army and the State.”

I know we gave ourselves permission to go anywhere and do anything in our anti-Terror Jihad. I just don’t think our opinion is going to matter much during the military tribunal in the Hague. Don’t drop the soap in the prison shower, general. It may be a long 20 years.


You also need to mention that the laws and rules, founding the claim against the German accused, were made after their “wrong doing”. If you read about the proceedings in Nurmeberg, the torture to get the witnesses to talk (what they were expected to say) and the made up stories by fraud witnesses, proven fraud already in court, but still used in the verdict, You would not name this a fair proces, not even a process at all. It was similar to the processes held at the people’s court (Volksgerichtshof) by Roland Freisler.
Not to forget all the other proceedings in Nuremberg against the industry magnats, were hardly anyone was sentenced guilty, or executed.

Pave Way IV

One of the biggest war crimes of WWII was the obliteration of the truth by the US, Selbstdenker. Americans are left today with a cartoon-simple version:

“Evil Germany went insane one day and invaded Europe for some reason, slaughtering and imprisoning everyone and performing inhumane experiments on them. Then the US came in, kicked Germany’s ass an saved the world from evil. The end.”

Any Americans questioning those details too much is either a Nazi sympathizer, anti-semite or hates America and should leave. I would toss in being labeled a Russian asset, but there can’t be more than a small fraction of Americans that could say if the Soviet Union was involved in WWII at all and accurately say which side they were on.


It is not all about oil ….
USA want to create a “”quasi state””
If successful in creation of their desire “”state””
They will have a upper hand in all over the middle east,
A proto-state, also known as a quasi-state, is a political entity that does not represent a fully institutionalized or autonomous sovereign state
The boundaries of sovereign state do not often remain fixed over the generations..
USA will absolutely control everything in that state if successful and not being culpable.
Another America but this time the middle east

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Look at the depth of the 32km Turkish safe zone in purple, and compare it to the 2 or 3km border zone the SAA are securing, big difference, anyone just looking at the map would mistakenly believe the SAA’s only objective was to secure the northern border from any further Turkish incursions, not establishing a SDF 32km free safe zone for the Turks, LOL.
I wonder how the joint US/SDF patrols will coordinate with the joint Russian/SAA patrols that are both active in the same area now, since both groups using the same roads to patrol the border at the same time, very well I suspect with no problems at all.
Now the same thing needs to happen on the other side of the Turkish purple patch, and then finally the purple patch itself.
The map needs one change though, the red strip from Qamishli to the Iraqi border should be intermittent yellow and red instead of just SAA red, since both groups are operating there it should represent both the SAA/Russia and the US/SDF.

Pave Way IV

It’s not an SDF-free or even a Kurdish-free zone. Turkey has been pretty explicit about it being a YPG/YPJ-free zone, i.e., safe for the four million probably Kurd-hating Syrian Arab refugees mutually hated or soon will be by displaced Kurds. These are refugees that Erdogan 1) doesn’t want in Turkey anymore, and 2) intends to dump back in Syria whether they want to return or not, and whether Assad wants them back or not.

Erdogan didn’t intend to fight for every last scrap of Syrian land in the safe zone and doesn’t care who patrols what in the safe zone – even the SAA – as long as they’re not YPG and don’t interfere with the resettlement. Ultimately, Erdogan expects to be able to set up observation posts all along this zone to ensure (to Turkey’s satisfaction) that the YPG armed militias are really gone and do not return when the refugees arrive. He also assumes neither Syria nor the Kurds will help the relocated refugees (probably not) so he plans for Turkey to administer them (government, services, security) like in Afrin.

Of course there’s fighting and confusion for now, but Erdogan keeps reminding everyone of his earlier threat: if anything interferes with his resettlement plan for much longer, he will just release all the refugees on his western border so they can find their way to Europe. Syria wants the refugees back, but in a manner they control so they can verify citizenship and settle status. Not sure what they would do about the four million dumped into the safe zone, but they don’t want them just wandering back into the rest of Syria without being checked.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes most people don’t have any idea just how diverse the Kurdish population is when it comes to politics, Erdogan may be waging war against the Turkish PKK and Syrian YPG, but he gets along very well with the Syrian/Kurdish KNC and is even allied to the Iraqi and Turkish KDP Kurds.
And even though the Kurds only account for 45% of the SDF forces now, all the Kurds in the SDF are all YPG forces with none of their members coming from the other Kurdish groups like the KNC, so the SDF is a problem for Erdogan, and he keeps saying it is.

How many times has Assad asked the refugees to return to Syria, 2 or 3 times, I can’t remember, so why does Erdogan need to relocate the refugees to the safe zone using military force, already displacing more than 300,000 people in the process and eventually displacing over a million, when they could all just easily go back to their own homes instead courtesy of Assad and the UN’s help.
Most of Syria is a safe zone now, far safer than Erdogan’s safe zone will ever be, so there’s no legitimate reason most of them can’t just go back to their old homes. Of course a fair few of them were from Idlib and they won’t be able to go home yet, but most of the rest of them could.
Erdogan doesn’t want the refugees to go home yet, as you pointed out they’re a bargaining chip atm as well as an excuse, an excuse to take over the Syrian oil, and a tool to blackmail the EU and UN with.
Most of the refugees living in Turkey actually came from Idlib and Aleppo, why haven’t they already been sent home, Turkey’s already got most of Idlib and a quarter of Aleppo still under its control, why doesn’t Erdogan just send them there, he already has a safe zone set up there in those 2 governorates, why does he needs to setup a third one.


Russia for Syria

Mustafa Mehmet

Syrians for Syria no other nation…..


So why are the hasbara trolls interested in what happens in NE Syria I wonder?


The Kurds can only offer themselves as vassals of Israel, and establish itself as the second Israel in the Middle East.

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