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Map Update: Syrian Army Develops Advance Against ISIS East Of Golan Heights


Syrian government forces have captured the town of Abidin and advanced in the direction of the ISIS-held town of Shajarah in the area east of the Golan Heights in southern Syria. MORE HERE

Map Update: Syrian Army Develops Advance Against ISIS East Of Golan Heights

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  • ελευθεριος βενιζελος



    Crush that pocket of ISIL trash!
    Good to see only 67 KM2 left. :)

  • Rob

    This is very good news that Ahed Tamimi released from the prison of illegal Israeli migrants. The country of which children are so much brave that instead of so much brutality and kidnapping still they keep continue their struggle to liberate their country from foreign occupation then that country cannot be kept occupied for longer. The whole Palestinian nation prayers are with Ahed Tamimi and her family. God protect and soon set free all Palestine and its nation from all Israeli evils. Ameen.

    • Lupus

      I’d wish i could upvote u a 1000 times. A relative of this girl was shot in the face by soldiers. She slapt an armed soldier with her bare hand and was put in jail for weeks for it!

      • Rob

        Thanks. She and her mother and father served 8 months in Israeli jail.

  • Rob

    Israel is a fake state of illegal migrants. Palestinians have not invited them. Israel can go back to their native countries.

    Similarly US is a fake state of illegal migrants. The native Americans have not invited them. Therefore, the US migrants can go back to their native countries.

    • jorge

      Good theory, Rob, but a little hard to practice. By the way, how many countries in the world don’t recognize Israel?

      • Rob

        More than half. It is not the matter of recognition. It is the matter of facts and reality. In US and UK law it is illegal to steal but by corruption these politicians how much they steal. This is the question. These politicians are proper thieves and one day is coming in which they wiil be brought to justice.

        • jorge

          Yes, but for now they are institutionalized thieves, and I think they, their sons and grandsons will continue to be.

    • neil barron

      And your are a fake brain idiot so quit wasting electricity go back to the ether

  • jorge
  • Bob

    Good strategy – wedge the border flank and cut off the ISIS pocket from the safety of Israeli border – and thus cut off the ability of Israel to get involved in an internal Syrian anti-terrorist operation – by putting SAA between Israel and ISIS pocket.

  • antoun

    excellentes news!!! :)