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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Stalemate Near Libya’s Tripoli

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The military situation near the Libyan capital of Tripoli remains relatively stable. Units of the Libyan National Army (LNA) reached the vicinity of the city controlled by forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA). However, for over a month the LNA has not been able to deliver a decisive blow to the GNA defense near Tripoli.

Map Update: Stalemate Near Libya's Tripoli

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“Steady as She goes”, LNA , holds steady to the wind.


Alhamdolilah muslims are strong and each day they resist to this brutal neo colonial assault they win .thanks God


Yes we must fight again the colonial imperialist Turks, the Italians, the British, the Qataris and the evil Satan Wahhabi jihadis flying in by Turkish planes to assault Tripoli. Time for this gangster mafia GNA to run away back to their colonial masters


Don’t reverse the roles, wahabis are saudis and they support the traitor hafter’s assault against tripoli . This traitor plotted with cia against libya in nineties and his mercenaries are paid by al saoud and dubai . Go learn before speak. Legitimate government will win and dictators supported by dictators and west imperialist will fail with the permission of Allah.

Riyad Enakoua

I am frim libya and live in it , what you are saying is absolutely true .
What so called “LNA” i is losing his manpower each day , the UAE continuing bombing the capital using WINGLONG II , haftar give the airbase in the east to bomb his country , don’t know why even southfront is covering up facts and try to show something not true here !


Southfront is a russian site that dreams ,hoping hafter will give them influence and profits after they were riped out from libya by the west intervention on kaddafi.
Aid mobarak brother


Is it possible that this fight was arranged by the USA to stop Libyan oil being exported?
As the global economy declines the demand for oil is falling, and the US keeps targeting oil producers, to stop the price from falling.

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