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Map Update: Security Situation Is Deteriorating In Arish Area Of Egypt’s North Sinai


Map Update: Security Situation Is Deteriorating In Arish Area Of Egypt's North Sinai

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On June 26, ISIS cells carried out a series of attacks on security check points near the city of Arish in Egypt’s North Sinai. The terrorist group claimed that the attack had resulted in killing 9 security personnel and injuring 11 others. The country’s Interior Ministry deonounced this claims in own statement. According to it, 6 security personnel and 4 terrorists were killed in the attack.

The city of Arish is one of the most tense areas in this part of Egypt. ISIS cells conduct attacks on security and civilian targets in the area on a constant basis. On June 5, an ISIS attack killed 8 security personnel in the same area. In the following operation, security forces eliminated 5 terrorists involved.

On June 7, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq also released a photo showing an ISIS fighter armed with a Soviet-made Strela-2 man-portable air-defense system. Despite efforts of the Egyptian military and security forces, ISIS cells still remain active in North Sinai and appear to be capable of smuggling needed weapons and supplies.




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