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Map Update: Saudi Proxies Urgently Set Up Defenses In Face Of Incoming Houthi Attack On Marib City

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Map Update: Saudi Proxies Urgently Set Up Defenses In Face Of Incoming Houthi Attack On Marib City

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The Ansar Allah movement (more widely known as the Houthis) has been developing their advance on positions of Saudi-backed forces in the heart of Yemen’s Marib province. Over the past weeks, Saudi-backed forces have suffered a series of setbacks on the battleground, lost the strategic Maas base and now they are trying to secure the western flank of Marib city. However, it seems that pro-Saudi fighters will have serious difficulties with protecting it from the ongoing Houthi advance.

  • On November 29, Ansar Allah struck the Tadawin camp with a Badr P-1 missile reportedly killing 8 Saudi-led forces;
  • On November 29, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 3 airstrikes on Majzar district;
  • On November 30, clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continue in the Raghwan area.


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klove and light

no matter Who intervenes with WHAT,,,,,,………USA/ISRAEL/NATO direct bombing will lead to the same results on the BATTLEFIELD..defeat……..and I can assure you the MAIN reason for NO direct bombing by the above mentioned forces…….SCARED SHITLESS that sooner than later, one or more of their planes goes down, either by malfunction or houthi hits, and having a israeli or american or british fighter pilot paraded through Sanaa is a horror szenario for them.

as far as ground forces are concearned…lololololololol…….not in this lifetime will there ever be direct ground intervention by israeli or usa or british soldiers in jemen…..never ever…….and i actually do believe that even if one of them political leaders makes such suggestions to their generals…they would get a LOUD and BIG NO way by their own generals……..

for the houthis that would be a dream come true, fighting head on man to man against israeli or us or british troops…..but it aint never ever gonna happen.

Kenny Jones ™

True, just because Houthis haven’t used them yet, doesn’t mean they don’t have anti-ship missiles as well, Iran supplied them with everything secretly

Lost Empire

I ?% agree with you. Cowards US & C. are just able to bomb Houthis with planes. They are too scared to fight them on the ground. Against saudi camellias then on the ground there’s no match

Assad must stay

hopefully saudi proxies get slaughtered inshallah hahahhaha

Liberal guy

The defenders are coming so run u traitors run

cechas vodobenikov

saudi amerikan cowards require proxies to fight for them—ISIS, SDF, Sudanese, Colombian, Peruvians in Yemen


They have also tried Chad and Senegal, but the outcome was the same.

Icarus Tanović

Alright, just hit them from five sides. But take it easy. Take on ISIS first too. Than come back and do Maarib city.


Since Saudis are running out of oil revenue, they should diversify their economy by starting a war college for losers and offer graduate courses in how to be humiliated with flip flop sandal Houthi warriors.


Frankly, the Saudis are absolute disgrace at all levels.

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