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JUNE 2023

Map Update: Saudi-led Forces Retreat From More Areas In Yemen’s Baydha, Marib

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Map Update: Saudi-led Forces Retreat From More Areas In Yemen's Baydha, Marib

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The Houthis (Ansar Allah) continue their offensive operation against Saudi-led forces in the Yemeni provinces of Marib and Baydha. Over the past week, the Houthis have captured the al-Maheliyah district, Marib province from proxies of the Saudi-led coalition and advanced on their positions in the al-Rahba district.


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Liberal guy

Run u wahhabi coward zio slaves run

Assad must stay



You know what’s the difference between the KSA and the IDF? we don’t run away no matter what. We will leave under a political decision yes, but unless given an order to do so, we will stay and fight you to the death because that is the order we got. We are not another Arab army, yo ukeep bragging about how much you’re all coming to our border to kill us. I say – don’t use threats, come and meet us.

Icarus Tanović



Other than Dudaev I don’t remember a president who fought on the field.

Icarus Tanović

Zhukov. Haven’t you heard about him? Not known name to you.


Really… President Zhukov…

Icarus Tanović

‘Was president he not!’ Yoda.


“Presidents” who fought on the field?

Krushchev, Brezhnev.


Chiang Kai Shek.

Kim Il Sung.

Robert Mugabe.

Castro, both Fidel and Raul

Daniel Ortega.

Plenty of examples if you care to look.


I said presidents that fought for their countries. Your were not presidents when they fought. If I was asking that question, the list would be way longer with Charles De Gaulle and probably some american presidents too…


Saudi Arabia has the fourth largest military budget on earth, higher than Russia. On paper they should be able to CRUSH Yemen, but in reality they’re garbage. Do you know why ?

The Saudi royals are more afraid of their own military than any external foe. As a result they do not promote soldiers based on competence and capability but rather on loyalty or family ties. In many cases members of the Al Saud family with no military experience are promoted to high positions, while qualified candidates are purposely brushed aside.

Not only this but the Saudi’s being afraid of their own military, do not allow their units any amount of autonomy. Basically even when units are being attacked on the field and under severe pressure, they have to ask for permission from superiors before taking any proactive action.

So basically their military is handicapped and useless. They have the best weapons money can buy but their army is basically garbage.


blah blah blah…

The heroes of Hezbollah are THREE time the men you faggots are (Tel Aviv is the biggest faggot fudge-packer city on the planet).

Tom Tom

If Russia/Turkey decide to bring their allies against Israel, how could you possibly survive? Only God can save you now, and for most Israeli’s, that won’t happen. How many Messianic Jews are in Israel? That’s how many will survive.


It is always funny to see your ability to distort reality :-) what happned with the five Merkava tanks left behind recently? what was the issue with the Base in the north being fled fro m and leaving it behind open, that a russian TV team could arrange their own free sight seing tour? Remember the 2006 Lebanon campaign, when IDF just fled to the south? this was not an ordered retreat, as later on postulated, but mutiny. just accept reality, and don’t build your own bubble of lies.


You missed my point, all those incidents you wrote were ordered by the top brass and the political leadership, it’s not like IDF soldiers just ran away and left it behind. They got an order to do it, which in my opinion was a mistake. but still, that was the order. I’m talking about a real battle where our top brass tells us to keep fighting and don’t retreat no matter what, then we can see who wins it.

Jim Allen

What do you think war is ? If you had a snowballs chance in Hell of grasping the concept, I’d suggest you read Clauswitz. But that would just frustrate your short bus mentality, and short circuit your pea brain, and that could be permanent. Not that your current affliction can be treated.


Yet again, under an unrelated article you found a way to spew your threats. It was funny the first couple of times, but you had to ruin it, didn’t you? Write new things, make a joke or two. And take out that Mezuza if you are “secular”, whatever that means.

You too will run, faster than rabbits when you feel overwhelmed and you will leave your arms and weapons behind because they slow you down. So far I never saw a report that an Iranian official or non official brags about going near Syrian border or occupied Golan(you don’t have a border, don’t repeat this lie. You specifically don’t have a constitution so you don’t have to define your borders) and killing Israelis. Nobody is threatening you, yet all you do is throwing threats and crying that you are being threatened. I’m worried for you, do you hear voices? Like some people talk to each other and make fun of you or threaten you in your head, but no one else hears them? Be honest, it’s very serious.

Servet Köseoğlu



Excellent news. More slaves of the medieval Wahhabbi Shitstainia regime running in fear from the most righteous Yemeni freedom fighters :-)

Go the Houthis! Kill every last single one of the accursed foreign invaders.

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