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Map Update: Results Of Syrian Army Advance In Northwestern Hama


This map provides a general look at gains of the Syrian Arab Army in northwestern Hama since the start of the advance in the area.

Map Update: Results Of Syrian Army Advance In Northwestern Hama

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  • Barba_Papa

    Seems kinda small considering its going on for almost two weeks. And only in one sector. The Latakia sector seems to be stuck in full WW1 stalemate.

    • Gary Sellars

      Goat-fuckers are throwing their reserves in, so its all good. Create a little meat grinder and turn their foot-troops into dogfood. When they are exhausted, the rout begins and the advance speeds up.

  • Eskandar Black

    very small number of troops is involved in clearing out HTS from places the Turks do not wish to go.

  • gustavo

    Is Russia pleasing Turkey (NATO member) ?

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    There’s at least 100,000 SAA surrounding the rebels, 15,000 or more Hezbollah forces, regular Iranian troops, and several pro Assad Arab militias too, and this is all we have to show for it all, this map is such a disappointment really, not something to get excited about.
    The 15 to 20,000 HTS fighters in Idlib have taken the same magic potion the Isis fighters at Hajin took, they’ve now also become practically invincible too and superhuman. But who’s supplying this magic potion to the HTS fighters in Idlib now, in Hajin it was the Kurds themselves giving Isis the magic potion, but here in Idlib it’s someone else giving the rebels the magic potion, I used to think Erdogan was the supplier but not anymore, I know where the magic potion HTS is now using is really coming from, Putin the Alchemist.