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Map Update: Progress Of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

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The Turkish Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army are advancing west, north and northeast of the YPG-held city of Afrin in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Map Update: Progress Of Turkey's Operation Olive Branch

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Syria insider

The YPG will be overwhelmed in 2 weeks because of constant loses on the ground and the disruption of the supply lines by Turkish airstrikes and artillery shelling.

Gregory Casey

Unfortunately, I tend to agree with you …… unless, of course the Syrian Arab Army comes to their aid. Turkey, meanwhile has another problem with the Commander of US-backed Forces & FSA advising this afternoon that they will not stand down in the face of Turkish Forces.

You can call me Al

Have a look at this: https://journal-neo.org/2018/01/26/oliver-branch-turkey-s-bid-to-modify-the-syrian-end-game/

Ishyrion Av

Turkey will attack Manbij even with US troops inside. That’s why they brought anti air and electronical warfare. US can’t make a difference there in military terms, their role is simply human shield.


You seem more like an outsider as we are now half way in the second week and Erdogan has been claiming daily to have taken mount Barsaya, did indeed take it two times, and got booted out also twice, both times within hours after tsking the summits.

Your predictions seem to lack substance. Is your real name Erdogan?


The Turks are using both proxies and probing assaults – it may well be their strategy right now is to attempt to draw wider SDF into Afrin battle – and thus justify moving north east as well.

Real Anti-Racist Action

For too long the Kurd’s have run the SAA away. I clearly see in the map that their is a difference between Kurdish control and Syrian government control. That makes Kurd’s a threat to a united Syria. If the SAA fights the Kurd’s then the UN will claim Assad kills his own people. So let NATO do the softening up part, then the SAA can go in and Kurd’s dreams of defeating the Damascus government and taking over 1/3rd of Syria will be over with. It was a mistake to allow the Iraqi-Kurd’s into Syria in the first place. Kurd’s work with Israel on every plot on the region. https://syrianfreepress.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/kurdisrael.jpg?w=529

Bill Wilson

The Ottomans relocated all sorts of nationalities to Syria and Palestine (Lower Syria), including Kurds to Upper Syria. That was done for various reasons, such as to replace a population that died off from famine and diseases, tribal warfare or to get people in areas that they wanted developed for farming or mining.

The Rojava Kurds are in the way of Sraels plans to add the rich oil/gas wealth of northern and eastern Syria to their growing Iraqi(Genel)[portfolio. That’s why the Turks – who have been on a shorter and shorter Sraeli leash since 2016, have been assigned to clear them out now.

And then – set up a second – puppet state Kurdistan like the Barzani Turco-Sraeli puppet state in northern Iraq. With direct pipeline access to the mothership.

The way modern internet psyops work however… they need agents like yourself to come aboard and pretend just the opposite.






The Zionist terror network Israel have kidnapped a 16 year old Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi with assaulting Israeli terrorists.

Israel is a Zionist terror network headquarter established in 1948 by illegal European migrants in Palestine. Israel have kidnapped a 16 year old Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi and her parents by gunpoints. Nobody knows where they are now. This is not just one case, each year Israel kidnap thousands of adults and small kids from the streets of Palestine and then smuggle them to different terror groups for terror activities in Middle East. This terror network using air strikes and land attacks on the citizens of the Middle East to protect and expand their terror network headquarter. This terror network headquarter Israel must be shut down now.

This terror network headquarter Israel have caused serious damage to the nations of Middle East. The allied forces of Russian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian played a key roll and rescued Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi nations from the Zionist terror network. Now they should have to dismantle this Zionist terror network headquarter (Israel) to set free all kidnap victims and save the nations from further suffering and bring durable peace to the whole region of the Middle East. ————————————————————————————————————————————


As I predicted SDF/YPG booted turkeys islamo fascists again out of Barsaya mountain, now for the second time.

As Erdogan has announced he will see that Afrin will be ethnically cleansed/genocided, the resolve of SDF forces is now even greater than before and reinforcements still have an easy access through SAA held areas.

Lossess are mounting on all sides and rumours about internal strife betweem TSK and TFSA and TFSA internally are growing.

The whole world would be, were it not so sad to see an complete area being destroyed with loss of many lives, laughing in the face of Erdogan and his vile cohorts.

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