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JULY 2022

Map Update: Progress Of Syrian Army Advance Towards Abu al-Duhur Airbase

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On December 13, government forces resumed their military operation in the southwestern Aleppo countryside and liberated Syriatel Hill and the village of Rsm al-Kabarah from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Government troops also advanced on Rsm Sayala and Ramlah. According to reports, positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Tell al-Daman and Umm al-Amad were hit by Russian airstrikes. The HTS-linked agency Iba’a claims that 5 SAA troops were killed during the clashes in Syriatel Hill.

Map Update: Progress Of Syrian Army Advance Towards Abu al-Duhur Airbase

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La reconquista de todo Hama y la toma de Idlib esta en proceso, sin prisa pero sin pausa! Que curioso, que las FDS aprovechen los ataques del ISIS al ejercito sirio, para luego contratacar ellos y arrebatarles la zona. Si es que no es mas que una excusa para recuperarle las zonas de Deir-Ezzor al ejercito sirio, utilizando a los terroristas para ello





Why i have to write in english if my mother language is spanish?? I cant understand how english people like you are so racist and imperialist with the language. All the people have to respect the languages all over the world!

Moussa Saab

I prefer you writing in Spanish tbh.


I am not english! Don’t you get it? On english-speaking sites, we should all try to talk english so we can understand each other!

English is not my mother language either …


Yes, i think that english is a good way to talk with each other,but i think that you should respect the languages of mine, and if i want to talk in spanish i have the right to do it


Yes, by all means go back to Spanish. That way most people on this site will simply ignore your post. Good thinking :D


Most people on this site will simply ignore all the posts, so no change there :)


you are loosing the essence here……you have the right to write in any language you want and say whatever you want but what people are trying to say here is that they dont understand you so they just dont pay attention to what you say.simple as that. dont be stubborn. forums are ‘places’ to exchange opinions, thoughts etc. your actions are just preventing others form doing just that…..so stop whining about your rights and earn the respect of others not just because you are spanish (and noones gives a *& about that) but because of what you believe, your thoughts, your political opinions, etc.


Not racist, ’cause language has nothing to do with race. I say, write any language you want. Google Translate is working good enough for situations like this.

You can call me Al

It seems that the SAA and allies are getting there slowly, good luck lads, eliminate all IS, HTS and other terrorist fighters; take no prisoners.

John Marks



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You can call me Al

I love it; cheers.

Right, I am of to look at all the acronyms and see if I can get some decent descriptions – catch you later…..and brilliant.

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