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Map Update: Movement Of Syrian Army Within SDF-held Area

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Map Update: Movement Of Syrian Army Within SDF-held Area

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:

  • The US Defense Secretary announced that US troops will remain in the al-Tanf area and ‘elsewhere’, but not in northern Syria;
  • Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units continues entering into the SDF-controlled area;
  • Pro-Turkish forces continue developing Operation Peace Spring. They captured Iqsas, Ayn Arous, Badee’ and Jasim al-Ali, Darbasiyah and several other points;
  • Clashes in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn are ongoing.


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Concrete Mike

ALL US troops will leave syria in 3 months.

Uncle Meat

Or earlier!


What is the strategic significance in holding al-Tanf area. Can see absolutely none.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Staging area for a push towards Damascus with Israel comming in from the Golan´s?


To resupply and aid and abet the terrorists ISIS.

Human kind is doomed

For destabilisation of Syria… USA is there for a reason.


Its the main highway for trade between southern Iraq and Damascus.. The other road is for northern Iraq and Syria. It adds like an extra 1000KM to the trip.

Bill Wilson

From what I recall, the US went into that region before ISIS appeared in Syria and all the fighting was between the SAA and local rebel militias. At the time a huge number of refugees were trying to reach Jordan along the N-S and E-W highways that meet at al-Tanf plus those roads were being used by arms smugglers that were supplying the various rebel militias. The US decided to set up a base at al-Tanf where they could build a refugee camp since Jordan couldn’t absorb any more plus control the traffic on the two highways to force the smugglers to take more dangerous routes thru the desert or on roads still controlled by the SAA. The US expanded the area under their control to block lesser roads to the north that the smugglers were using and to have a zone for training new recruits for the FSA. Today the US is going to stay there to prevent Iran from using the highways.


Bill, what you recall are media reports with lots of information left out. The US aids, funds and trains extreme Islamic terrorists for the geopolitical purposes of Israel. They don’t care about refugees they just create them by systematically destroying nations that don’t conform to their concept of ‘democracy’.


Terrorist launching area


The refugees in Rukban must be strong to survive this they have already been there for 2 years I think. Soon they’ll be free.


Hardly any refugees left there, they were evacuated in the last few months. Only ISIS families living there now. oh yea the liars of the desert who also get paid by the US.


~20000 still live there.

Joe Dickson

More like 3 weeks. The French are pulling out because the US is stopping the logistics train.

Tommy Jensen

Out or more in? If you are pushing it more in, you are not pulling out.

Sasan Jamshidi

Get the hell out of there USA get out NOW traitor!


Curious, SAA is recovering much more territory without clashes than the Turks and their headchoppers are occupying with the clashes still going on. What this mean?


putin chess game? prffffttttttt


SF, Please get rid of those US flags. The are cluttering up the map! Replace them with Syrian. :)

Tommy Jensen

You cant live in an illusion but have to recognize facts which is also truth. Our boys are there, our boys cleaned out the terrorists, and our boys will still be in Syria for a looong looong time securing innocent civilians and freedom in Syria. These facts don’t become fake news because you delete US flags on a SF map!


just read that that US troops are taking positions on the highway to stop SAA from reaching Manjib. Turkish dogs are racing for the control of the city. US still playing a very dirty game there openly no same.


Elsewhere means Omar



– Syrian troops enter three towns after deal with Kurds –



I am firmly pro SDF. I used to be pro US. However, I must admit the US under previous presidents used to be a country I admired. The US under this president is a despicable international actor. Bent on getting small advantages for US at momentous costs to anybody else. But hey, America first, right?

America used to be influential, due to the many allies it had. Had as they do not have allies anymore. It will become their downfall, unless they mend their ways and president.


Fuck off kurd lover.


Ok, but your daughters were so nice to me last night. They said the same words only said me instead of off.

So I obliged them. Several times in fact.


You’re a Zionist Yinon plan shill.

Tommy Jensen

Viva la Revolucion, Viva America, Viva Trump!


Ever been to a southern Baptist megachurch or evangelicals? Their sermons are pukable to any sane and secular or even mildly religious person.


Erdogan will have the same fate as Saddam and Gaddafi, no doubt.


Tommy Jensen

Source white helmets?


– The Turkish advance is shown in blue. -https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d5d5cd7a84b4f450bb472d313cdc54c4d2941077062c91d1cbbb5a09d2cc5c6.png

– Syrian Civil War Map –



– The Turkish advance is shown in purple. – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7ca882a6aa0277f36eaf8df36c05ebb3894255c653408a2c558a65e9f9c778c.png

– Syria Live Map –



Syria Live Map is showing a larger Turkish advance today than Syrian Civil War Map. Syria Live Map is also beginning to show Syrian government control in former SDF areas where the SAA is now deploying.


– Kurdish majority areas – http://sahipkiran.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Kurdish-Majority-areas-in-Syria-.jpg


The Turkish advance is occurring in Kurdish minority areas. This is where the Turkish ethnic cleansing operation appears to be starting before it moves to the Kurdish majority areas.


– Turkish ethnic cleansing terrorist – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7c1e6de18821669b6cd8c2e27862b8e315c863b6c7e63a3c27b55e6e539e7b3.png

– Syrian Civil War Map –



“Ethnic cleansing

After the Turkish-led forces had captured Afrin District (Afrin Canton) in early 2018, they began to implement a resettlement policy by moving their mostly Arab fighters[43] and refugees from southern Syria[44] into the empty homes that belonged to displaced locals.[45] The previous owners, most of them Kurds or Yazidis, were often prevented from returning to Afrin.[43][44] Though some Kurdish militias of the TFSA and the Turkish-backed civilian councils opposed these resettlement policies, most TFSA units fully supported them.[44] Refugees from Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, said that they were part of “an organised demographic change” which was supposed to replace the Kurdish population of Afrin with an Arab majority.”

– Turkish occupation of northern Syria –



– The Turkish ethnic cleansing plan for northern Syria. – https://kyleorton1991.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/6.jpg



Tommy Jensen

Looks like methods from the old British book of colonisation.


Ethnic cleansing Turkish terrorists murdering unarmed people

Horrific +18 +18 video published by pro Turkey telegram channel (Jarablous alkabous) shows a field execution by TFSA against an unknown person. Important to mention @SDCPress announced that same thing happened to Hevrin Khalaf a female politician this morning #KurdishGenocide pic.twitter.com/V8JiLMgSlB— Dlshad Othman (@dlshadothman) October 12, 2019


– Translation excerpt from the above video. Showing ethnic cleansing Turkish jihadist terrorists murdering unarmed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Party members in northern Syria. -https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36e33b8a764d5159522001a06ccd0bd09c0051c2d94eecbc287500ae62af4027.png

Graphic +18. The same Video with English subtitle pic.twitter.com/NGZmC9CoFG— Dlshad Othman (@dlshadothman) October 12, 2019


“Article 8[^2] – War crimes …

viii. The transfer, directly or indirectly, by the Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies, or the deportation or transfer of all or parts of the population of the occupied territory within or outside this territory;”

– Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court –


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