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Map Update: Military Situation In Uqayrabat Pocket


This map provide a look at the military situation in the Uqayrabat pocket in the area east of the important government-held city of Salamiyah. Earlier this week, the Syrian Army and its allies encircled a notable ISIS force in Uqayrabat and its countryside.

Map Update: Military Situation In Uqayrabat Pocket

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  • Vidura

    Now slowly tighten the noose!

  • Joe Doe

    Close the other packet

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Suhleil took it with the Tigers , now it’s done!

  • FlorianGeyer

    I wonder how many are left in the pocket ?
    They all need to be eliminated in one way or another. I hope there area few Western Contractors there as well.

    • Richard Noel Hedditch

      I too hope so.

  • Lupus

    pls terminate all isis rats inside

  • Jesus

    ISIS is too weak to try to break the encirclement, identifying ISIS concentrations and exposing them to MLRs and carpet bombing by T22 and Bear bombers, would be a good prelude of what ISIS and foreign contractors can expect in the Euphrates valley. Russia can deplete its stock of dumb bombs by pulverizing ISIS, and replace the depleted stocks with smart bombs.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      you carpet destroyer, the carpet bimbing is the least effective thing.

    • Alex Black

      I think this will be a role for su-25s recently transition to t4, close air support rather than blanket bombardment. with roles for artillery and long range missiles for larger more dense targets.

  • Hrky75
  • Alex Black

    I think more likely SAA will secure the highway to as sukhnah before taking on this pocket. this would substantially shorten supply lines, and its not like encircled ISIS are going anywhere.

  • SOF

    Another great day against the real terrorists. The noose tightens around the child beheaders.