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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Military Situation In Syria’s Southern Damascus Following Liberation Of al-Madaniya

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Syrian government forces have liberated the area of al-Madaniya from ISIS terrorists in southern Damascus.

This map provides a general look at the military situation in the area where government troops are developing their military operation against ISIS. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Military Situation In Syria's Southern Damascus Following Liberation Of al-Madaniya

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Well done. From Madaniya side advance will be quicker.

You can call me Al

After they finish ISIS off, do you know what they are going to do with the FSA (or whatever other vermin) side ?


They have all bought Green Bus Tickets to Idlib I think :)
Hand luggage only .

Michał Hunicz

Some of them will join the SAA as well. :-)

Gregory Louis

You mean NDF

Oscar Silva Martinez

Every terrorist who has given up so far has been sent to Idlib, The strategy of the SAA is clear to me, I guess Idlib will represent the ultimate fighting on the west part of Syria and I think the Russian air force will be delighted to pound them from the air when the time is right, I just hope Idlib is not so populated


Turkey will then need to address the massive influx of fleeing terrorists :)

Oscar Silva Martinez

Then we can say KARMA IS A BITCH!!!! hahahhaha


excellentes news bravo SAA!!!

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