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Map Update: Military Situation In Syria’s Quneitra Province On July 16, 2018

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Pro-government forces are rapidly developing their operation in southern Syria crashing militants in the provinces of Quneitra and Daraa.

On July 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies liberated the villages of Al-Harra, Nimer, Umm al-Awsaj and the hills of Harra and Ahmar. Separately, the Syrian state-run media reported that the SAA also liberated the villages of Kafr Shams, al-Taiha and Zamrin.

According to local sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allied radical armed groups have little resources to resist the ongoing SAA advance and their only hope is the so-called “international community” led by the US and Israel, which may take some military action against Syrian governemnt forces.

However, if the US-led bloc carries out another round of missile strikes on Syria, this will not likely change the strategic situation in the southern part of the country. The fate of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the area is pre-determined.

Map Update: Military Situation In Syria's Quneitra Province On July 16, 2018

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Israel will allow HTS to enter Golan heigts as a buffer.


excellent the tell al-harrah the point more most strategique of golan quneitra! libered houuurrraaah!! bravo SAA!!

leon mc pilibin

ISIS will soon be crossing into occupied GOLAN HEIGHTS,to get fresh orders from their luciferian zionist bosses.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Great SAA!!!, show the Israelis the middle finger when you see them up in the Golan heights.


‘From the Golan heights’ would be even better.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well there is heavy shelling in Tal Mahs Western Daraa so SAA is on a push probably 5th corps and the Homs reconciled FSA Qassem brigade now SAA militia.

Jim Prendergast

ISIS go home.

Promitheas Apollonious

the only home they can go to, is 6 feet under.

Jim Prendergast

The Subterranean Caliphate!

Kell McBanned

Yep leaving ISIS to last, I hope they can go right up to the border Quinetra et al without the nosebergs sticking their beaks in.

R PLobo

The so called ISIS will melt away at the end. Because they never existed and were nothing more than zionist mercs. Going right back to sitting in the cafe’s of Tel Aviv.


Good to see the plans of greater israel crumbling in front of their eyes.

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