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Map Update: Military Situation In Syrian City Of Deir Ezzor On October 30, 2017

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This map provides a general look after the recent advance of the Syrian Arab Army against ISIS in the city of Deir Ezzor.

Map Update: Military Situation In Syrian City Of Deir Ezzor On October 30, 2017

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Dirk Leinher

It looks like the US Coalition is running after oil and the SAA is liberating the people of syria.


U make a GREAT comment here! They (the US) also carpet bombed Raqqa because it was so well fortified! It was taking soooo long to liberate it! They couldn’t afford the losses in man power! There is no way in hell that the SDF fought tooth and nail in Raqqa simply because every single building has been blown up from the sky! This is very evident from the pictures provided! Any obstacle they came across they simply bombed it! Yes I’m sure they fought but not with the liberation of civilians in mind! They would have said “hey, they’re not Kurdish civilians, better them than me and certainly no American will risk their lives so why not just call in an air strike”!

Brandi Marie

Idk what you’re talking about but it sounds pretty stinking negative so maybe you can be more positive about the US troops that are there fighting for not only the freedom of the civilians in this area but for YOURS. Pipe up!


Nothing against US troops!

US govt / cia are there all along to oust assad, police the world and create a kurdish state who’s oil woukd benefit israel! The kurdish state could be used to launch attacks against iran in future!

Fuck the USA!

They are the ones creating terror!

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