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Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On October 28, 2018

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Over the past few days the situation in Syria has started rapidly escalating.

Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On October 28, 2018

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

SDF need to border with iraq thru isis to get their fighters in and out of syria

Jens Holm


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

USA just simulates fighting ISIS. ISIS cells are able to move freely within SDF/USA ‘territory’ .

R Trojson

Good to see the SDF fighting it out in the trenches with ISIS. Russia-Syria-Iran refuse to fight ISIS and just re-supplied ISIS in Al Safa. ISIS in Syria is funded by and taking orders from Russia-Syria-Iraq. Soon ISIS in Al Safa will be moved in those air conditioned busses to the east side of the Euphrates to fight Kurds and US.

You can call me Al

Satire, or stupidity ?

northerntruthseeker .

This one is JIDF/Hasbara just by the sheer stupidity of its comment!


Of course, Al-Safa area will take another couple of years or so.

Tommy Jensen

This map is a clear proof that US fighted and cleaned E-Syria for ISIS and provided PEACE.

On the same map you can see Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, SAA making WARS in W-Syria and left ISIS untouched in large areas and transported terrorists around in Helicopters.
And thats not the only thing they did on this map.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

East Syria is in no way cleared os ISIS.
Click the link and you will read that SDF and US is loosing more and more land to ISIS, so much in fact that Iraqi troops now are on alert, fearing ISIS infiltration FROM east Syria.

And if you are able to put two and two together, then you will see that ISIS is damn close to openly supported by the US.

And when have the US EVER brought peace and stability to a country after an (illegal) occupation?

The SAA is fighting for their OWN country, not for oil, not for serving someone else, not for secrets deals with other countrys, not for the Deep State, no one but their own familys and own lands.

Russia is, as far as i know, the ONLY legal outside participant in this war, US, France, UK, most of NATO, Israel and Turkey is there illegaly judged by the UN Security Council, but they dont give a flying duck,


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