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Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On March 22, 2018

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on March 22, 2018:

Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On March 22, 2018

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Michał Hunicz

Finally some map made by SouthFront.

You can call me Al

I absolutely agree.


It was not president Assad that used chemical weapons against Syrians rather it was Obama and Trump brutal regimes that used chemical weapons against Syrians. I was a bit surprised that how a country leader use chemical weapons on its own people. So now its completely clear.

neil barron

You finally got to the truth. Trump has not got rid of the Obama military men that he installed and Trump wanted the military to run the show, whereas Obama micro managed the military> Obama and Valerie Jarret approve every drone attack when ,where, and how same as pulling the trigger. Trump needs to clean house and do what he promised get the hell out of Syria and leave them to there own shit hole. Now for more truth we don’t need your oil we are producing more than we use with gas that leaves oil for other important uses we are and will become a huge net exporter of oil and gas. It is the type of hydrocarbons one needs for different uses that get the world trade for oil going around . OKAY!!


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TnE3ZEdXgbw THE PUTIN DEADLY MESSAGE TO US AND NATO MILITARY

If you mess up with Russia then Russia will hit you so strong that their will be no recovery from that.

Washington should remove their illegal occupation on land and on sea around Russia. Regimes in Washington have wrongly accused nations and butchered millions of innocent civilians in the world and now it is time to disarm Washington completely for the safety of humanity and of our world.

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