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Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On July 17, 2018

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on July 17, 2018.

Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On July 17, 2018

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Michał Hunicz

Please remove that giant nonexisting Daesh pocket.


This desert area is not cleared from ISIS cells.


There isn’t any sign of ISIS activity in that area. Even in Abukamal, much more to south, in the last two weeks there is also no ISIS activity, second the news.

Pave Way IV

No ISIS attacks from the Deir EzZor desert, but there have been attacks north of Al Bukamal on both banks as the SDF attacks the 4000 head-choppers (ISIS claims) left in the Hajin pocket. ISIS also claimed to have hundreds of women ‘soldiers’ in al Bukamal ready for suicide bombings and such. Mostly wives of foreign ISIS – many supposedly Russian (Chechen?).

You can call me Al

Yes, their has been, keep up.

Pave Way IV

The black blob does seem to extend a bit further east than it was previously reported.

Going by the SAA’s announcement SYIAN ARMY CLEARED DEIR EZZOR DESERT FROM ISIS: GENERAL COMMAND two weeks ago, they had pushed the 1000 or so ISIS out of the Deir EzZor part of the desert and into the Homs Governate (Al Sukhnah subdistrict). The dividing line between Homs/Deir EzZor governorates should run roughly from T-2 northwesterly towards Tabqa. The western extent of the original blob remains unchanged.

Liveuamap still shows the old ISIS blob (not surprisingly)

Wikimapia shows the Homs piece, but the lines for the Deir EzZor Governorate part are gone.Somebody drew the new east boundary double-lines, but they’re sort of a mess.

You can call me Al

I must admit that, that is what I do not understand.

You can call me Al

I am with you on this. Once this campaign is completed and reinforced, I would go for that, leaving to clear the dessert area… personally I would just blast it to smithereens, but hey ho.

Reinforce around Idlib after that and then go back to Al-Tanf and make sure that the only area the Yanks have for the mo, is 50 KM as they stated. Personally I would then move into the East (after ISIS is defeated + ask the PMU join and work upwards regaining Syrian land + assets.

Once done…. Idlib + around and Al Tanf.



I thought the Der-Ezor desert was cleared of ISIS sometime back?


A part of the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert area is not cleared from ISIS cells.

[Q]uinn ✝ ♀ ??

could you mark in future ISIS cells more clearly on the map so we know when something has been techically cleared but not fully because of the remaining cells.



So Southfront is like “911” call for ISIS info? And why would you need that ? Going on the vacation in Homs-Deir Ezzor desert? Or is that maybe for photo shooting for new “Jihad” fashion line.. Created by some French fashion designer to get authentic Jihad environment?

ISIS normally moves around and they do not leave phone number either…and US refuses to say where they are…. It is going to be tough because Southfront’s satellite for Middle East that covers Syria has major problem with communication module. So for the moment no “real time” info on ISIS…. and for now… you must be patient like all other mortals….

You can call me Al

SF can always close down smart arse. If you know better discus it or fuck off.


I have no clue what the hell are you talking about?! And how you got my comment all upside down?!

I have found comment of that [Q]uinn guy completely out of order So I have decided to make fun out of that comment.

I would not expect such stupid reaction from you. And calling it “stupid” is even understatement. But than nobody is perfect.

I was not making joke out of SouthFront people (which is quite obvious I think) And it is mystery to me how did you get it completely opposite.

Maybe you are drunk or something but than that is not my problem. If you have something as stupid to say…. just don’t bother any more

You can call me Al

There you go then.

Sorry, if I missed the joke.

You first line was “So Southfront is like “911” call for ISIS info?”… and that set me off.

My apologies.


“So Southfront is like “911” call for ISIS info?”

It wasn’t even statement but the question ! And even so…. what the problem is, even if it was formulated as statement ?!? Excuse my stupidity Al your intelligence must be operating on stellar heights of perspicacity. I still don’t get it with my tiny autistic brain…. What was so insulting for you in those words to “set you off”?

You can call me Al

I apologised, if you do not take my apology, fuck off. Cheerio.


Thanks. That’s what I wanted to hear. The fact that you feel need to insult me again shows that your apologizing wasn’t sincere. So of course….. I can’t accept it to be insulted again.

You can call me Al

Fine. You are blocked.


So you have insulted me twice and blocked me?!

Why would I ever want to talk to you anyway? You are just showing to others how pathetic person you are.

You can call me Al

But does the map above, represent that area ?, as it is quite large on the map.

Julian Clegg

Maybe there are still some rat nests here and there.

King Tudor777

They must be destroyed before the Idlib operation, the later it is cleared, worse for Syria, more terrorist rats will sneak through the weak SAA lines in the desert

Promitheas Apollonious

and be killed like the rest of them.

getting back idlip and afrin, before going after what is left on the north to clear, is much more important than chasing some terrorists in small groups in the desert. In due process their time will come.

You can call me Al

Father of all bombs !!

Mustafa Mehmet

while saa in the areas. get the ragga first .then rest


As long as US, NATO and their proxies Israel, ISIS, SDF etc are there in Middle East then so long Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen etc cannot develop.


The Heroes of Syria the President Bashar Al Assad and President Putin. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/11/21/08/468F4BA700000578-5102959-image-a-15_1511252873527.jpg

Now Assad, Putin and Russian defense minister thinking that elimination of US, NATO and their proxies Israel and ISIS from Middle East is necessary to stop further bloodshed because the US and their allies main purpose is to take lands and Petrol from Middle East countries and stop them from education and development.


You are one of those who used to write about Putin being in bed with Bibi, or Putin being Jew or similar stuff….

I just wonder where do you people forge your character with such flip flopping ability….



What does the battle of Deraa symbolise?

by Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan does not accept the story of the beginning of hostilities in Syria as presented by the Western and Gulf Press over the last seven years. He is therefore returning to these events to examine them in the light of certain elements which have become known since then. As in all science, political science moves closer to the truth by questioning its previous conclusions and integrating new observations into its reasoning.

The Western powers present the battle of Deraa as a symbol of the failure of the combat they were supporting. This is absolutely exact, but not in the way they mean. Let’s return to the events which triggered the hostilities.

From 4 February 2011, a mysterious Facebook account called « Syrian Revolution 2011 » (in English in the original text) called for a demonstration every Friday against the Syrian Arab Republic. Using exclusively Sunni symbols, while pretending to speak in the name of all Syrians, it set the rhythm for events for several years.

According to Al-Jazeera, on 16 February, 15 adolescents (and then 8 of their friends) were arrested in Deraa for having tagged slogans hostile to President el-Assad. They were allegedly tortured, and the local representative for state Security allegedly insulted their parents. To this day, although it has been confirmed that the minors were held in custody for several hours by the police, the torture and the insults have never been proved. The videos and the interviews broadcast by the Anglo-Saxon Press are terrible, but they correspond neither to the original Qatari reports nor to what was verified on site.

John McCain is an elected US Senator, and is also president of one of the branches of the National Endowment for Democracy, one of the secret services of the « Five Eyes » (USA-UK-Australia-Canada-New Zealand) [1]. On 22 February, he was in Lebanon, where he tasked the transport of weapons in Syria to the Haririst deputy Okab Sakr. He also journeyed to Ersal in order to establish a future rear base for the jihadists.

On 15 March in Deraa, a traditionally Ba’athist town, a demonstration by civil servants presented various demands to which the President and the government responded, on 17 March, by way of large-scale social measures.

Still in Deraa, on Friday 18 March, an Islamist demonstration was staged at the exit of the Al-Omari mosque. The crowd chanted « Allah, Syria, liberty » – on the understanding that « liberty » should not interpreted in the Western sense, and is not meant to denounce a dictatorship. The term should be understood in the sense given by the Muslim Brotherhood, that of « the freedom to apply charia law ». During this demonstration, shots were fired both against the police and also against the demonstrators, without anyone knowing where they were coming from. It is probable, as we have seen in Venezuela [2], Libya and other countries, that the shooters were from a third force tasked with creating an atmosphere of civil war and preparing a foreign invasion. The situation deteriorated. The Palace of Justice and its archives were burned, while a group of rioters left the city in order to attack, not far from there, a centre of the services of Military Intelligence charged with observing the Israëli troops of occupation on the Golan Heights.

Thereafter, Senator McCain admitted that he was in permanent contact with the heads of the jihadists (including the commanders of Daesh) and compared his strategy against Syria with that of the war against Vietnam – any alliance is worth making in order to defeat the enemy [3]. Confronted with a recording of one of his telephone conversations, Okab Sakr admitted that he had supervised the transfers of weapons to Syria [4]. Saudi General Anwar Al-Eshki (his country’s official negotiator with Israël) bragged that Riyadh had previously delivered weapons to the Al-Omari mosque [5]. Although they were the only ones to have benefited from this, the Israëlis continue to deny their role in the attack on the centre of Military Intelligence which surveils the Golan Heights, which they occupy.

However we interpret these events, we are forced to note that they had nothing popular about them, but were the fruit of a conspiracy which implicated, at that moment in time, at least the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israël.

According to the Western Press, the « fall » of the « cradle of the revolution » marks the end of all « hope of overthrowing Bachar el-Assad ». No doubt, but would it not be fairer to say that the Syrian Arab Republic, its army, its people and its President « liberated » the « cradle of foreign aggression »?

Thierry Meyssan


Pete Kimberley


Al-Watan (Syria)

[1] “The networks of “democratic” interference”, “NED, the Legal Window of the CIA”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Оdnako (Russia) , Voltaire Network, 16 August 2016.

[2] Puente Llaguno, claves de una Masacre, Ángel Palacios.

[3] “John McCain admitted he is regular contact with Islamic State”, Voltaire Network, 20 November 2014.

[4] “Lebanese MP directing arms traffic to Syria”, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 13 December 2012.

[5] “Saudi admits that Syrian Revolution was armed”, VoltairenetTV.


The US proxy Netanyahu the child butcher feel that Israel cannot survive in such conditions.


I think this map is wrong since Syria has officially declare that there is not ISIS pocket any more in Dair Ezzor area (south-west to Euphrates river), Could southfront check this, please.


Syria was wrong! It has not been cleared.


Why is this military map so profoundly different from Al Jazeera’s? See their 26 June 2018 map at: https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/interactive/2015/05/syria-country-divided-150529144229467.html

Their pro-Qatar bias can’t explain why they show the Al Tanf pocket so much smaller than you do, and why they show large areas east of the Euphrates under SAA control. Al Jazeera must have completely different sources from you. Who knows what from whom? So many internet squirrels guarding their nuts. What is the real military-political picture?

Tommy Jensen

………..and we Americans stay in Al-Tanf! Here our US Marines will stand as Spartans against the wall and against Mordor, the seagulls and the orchs. Here we fight and here they die, because we have the right to own a place we won with our bare hands! When you break it, you own it and therefore we won!

Richard M

I thought US forces get periodic drug tests? You are either some exempt contractor or you will soon be on a flight back!

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