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Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Syria After Liberation Of Nasib Border Crossing, Nearby Area

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Government forces have liberated the Nasib border crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian border as well as multiple nearby points in the southern Syrian province of Daraa. MORE HERE

According to reprots, local militants in the province of Daraa have also accepted an initial surrender agreement proposed by the Syrian-Russian alliance. MORE HERE

Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Syria After Liberation Of Nasib Border Crossing, Nearby Area

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As aspected – the card house of the terrorists is imploding!

Shadow Blade



SAA just got attacked by israel near golan

Kell McBanned




Doesn’t matter. It won’t stop the rain that counts.

Kell McBanned



NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL TAKING OUT THE TRASH! :DD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d3687c90c3a042453305d7bca12dcd4428035c560f8eef2132a5146a8522633c.jpg


I think you put that rather well.


That’s a big advance on the Jordan border. The SW has been cleared of half of the terrorist held area in just a few weeks. The other half will probably clear just as quickly. And then it’s probably on to Idlib where the terrorists there will face overwhelming force that they’l be unable to hold out against if they refuse to negotiate. It looks like the green bus rides may be coming to an end. Because there’s no place left for them to go.


Send them to zio land they will be well looked after!


Idlib is promising to be the mother of all battles. I cant yet imagine how it will go down due to its sheer expected size.

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

Idlib is a caliphate now it will stay and expand.


Dream on.

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

Assad has realized that he cannot just kill tens of thousands of his people so a secret deal was made with Turkey that they will help to move all the mujahedeen to Idlib to have their small Islamic state under protection of a big player of the region this time.


Well, I should say you are partially correct in my opinion. The main plan was to concentrate all the jihadis in Idlib, it’s true. But that was just an expedient to get the jihadis to leave other contested areas.

My guess is that Idlib is teeming with thousands of foreign jihadis, probably more than Syrian locals. Not to mention the fact that there is infighting among the jihadis in Idlib.

There’s no source of local revenue for the jihadis and I am pretty sure that their main source of supply is now only Turkey or from Turkey. The SAA will, in due course, move against Idlib and the jihadis will retreat through Turkey. No possibility of a caliphate or anything else. It’s over for them and Turkey is going to be exposed if it decides to hang on in its precious “buffer zone.”




Sure like the ISIS caliphate expanded lol where are they know?

The Farney Fontenoy

Ah, but it’s full of groups who hate each other & are in constant conflict, they won’t be expanding as there is no central authority to implement this strategy or any central structure at all. It’s been observed already, when the army attacks an area with different groups involved, at first they appear united, but as the SAA makes headway, they quickly turn on each other & defences collapse leading to total defeat.


I’m sure that the SAA will slowly take all the land up to the demilitarized zone with Israel, but the tent city in the demilitarized zone and the insistance of many SAA officers to include the Golan on the list of objective may ignite a larger war.


Your just having a wet dream, SAA is not about to launch against the Golan, there are still Al Qaeda and the other jihadists in Idllib to scrub clean from Syrian soil, then the Turks and Yanks. Then negotiations on shared revenue from the Golan oil and gas will happen. Sorry but this will not be the “final days” some warped Christians have been praying for.


US and Europe want to protect illegal Israeli migrants in Palestine and expend their foothold in the whole world but this is so expensive for US and Europe that now their economy is collapsing. Russia, China and other countries watching and enjoying their misery.


East Daraa has officially been Liquidated! and so was the entire Suwayda Province.

Battle Of Daraa is Next Cuzins!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The ones who refused to surrender are being green bused to Idlib along with the foreign Jihadis of ISIS/Al Qaeda and Falayq and Jaysh et al allies.Iraqi-Syrian residents have formed a new militia group of all faiths.Should be interesting maybe will be called a group from Iran in the MSM.

The district of Balada in Daraa will be needed to secure the crossing as it will be open to attacks from there.Which mans the 4th div. will be taking it from within the city, so far all UN and OCHA claims about refugees in the hundreds of gazillions have turned out to be bogus.


Eastern Daraa completely liberated. Now next is Western Daraa and Golan Heights.


Nicely done.

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

We have own “southfront” with always up to date news and info from the high command dawa HQ https://i.imgur.com/mgeNYJi.png

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

People in the discussions are always honest and friendly you have alot to learn here you russians https://i.imgur.com/0ObfEqa.png


Is there a version in English brudda?

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

Sadly no at the moment


If it ever does I’ll think about going there, But I don’t want to end up on the Watchlist!


By the Way. your brothers just blew up a Nusra Vehicle: https://twitter.com/MrKyruer/status/1015316458077937666

You can call me Al

If you see the comment below from “khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH”, he states “We have own “southfront” with always up to date news and info from the high command dawa HQ”.

Strangely enough, I could not log in on this site this morning, as it always went to the above. I cannot read Arabic, so if anyone can advise me if it is genuine or not, please just post it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Wouldn’t be bothered just click bait anyways they send viruses so avoid it like the plague, possibly a spooksville site from the US.

You can call me Al

NO NO, you misunderstood me. I read RT -> South Front – > AMN – > Daily Express (Dont ask) and then NEO + a few more EVERY DAY.

I COULD NOT GET ON THIS SITE, even by my saved site in “favourites bar” – it just went to some Arab shite. I clicked on nothing the dick stated.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Always watch out for these Hasbara trolls some direct you to garbage viral laden sites can never trust MOSSAD tech trolls.


Most of the time at coffee shop websites I can’t get on South Front. I can almost always on my phone though. South Front is the only site that these servers don’t like, which is probably a compliment to them.


The US controls the DNS system, and commonly makes sites that are not pro American difficult to reach. Free speech is the enemy of the American regime, and it’s not a new thing. Try reading up on John William Powell and how the US Government persecuted him and his family, because he dared to speak the truth.

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

You are most of the time using a cached lookups without need to connect to any of these backbone servers


Bugs everywhere…. my iPhone which is pretty new.. is completely trashed..slow working, echoes, things pop on and off, screen goes on/off automatically… Keyboard functions suck… They are definitely in there..got nothing to hide anyway…screw’m Knock, Knock who is it? Banana…. Banana Who?

CHECKLIST… https://topspying.com/phone-tapped/

You can call me Al

Thank you. I have just swatched machines as my last one, suddenly “slow working, echoes, things pop on and off, screen goes on/off automatically… Keyboard functions suck…” – never saw that before in my life…..for me, it was quite off putting.

Anyway, sort the pub out, Football is coming home.

khilafah BaQiya Bi iz nil LaH

Of course it is genuine the other official sites were blocked long time ago around year 2014-2015 https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/isis-dark-web-webiste-tor.png This new has improved design and it focuses purely on arabic content unlike the older with Deutsch, French, English and Russian translations by large teams

Luke Hemmming

Notice how the anti assad/anti russian fags are not commenting on this article. I think they got majorly ass fucked. Yeeeeaaaaaaa Boyeeeeeeeeee! :-) Farkin sweet as. Go Syria, kick some azz!

Smith Ricky

SAA middle east new super power.


marvellous news!

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